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Agronomy - Sep 17
Göttingen University research team investigates behaviour and attitudes of consumers in Germany during the different phases of the coronavirus pandemic. Researchers at the University of Göttingen have been conducting a nationwide consumer survey since mid-April to find out how the coronavirus pandemic is affecting shopping, eating and cooking behaviour.
Economics - Sep 8

A fifth of carbon dioxide emissions come from multinational companies' global supply chains, according to a new study led by UCL and Tianjin University that shows the scope of multinationals' influence on climate change.

Economics - Aug 31

New research by two UC Berkeley experts tracked disagreeable people - those with selfish, combative, manipulative personalities - from college or graduate school to where they landed in their careers and found that being a "jerk" didn't get them ahead.

Environment - Aug 20

Atmospheric scientists have analyzed how the February near-total shutdown of mobility affected the air over China.

Social Sciences - Sep 4

The urgency of reducing single-use plastic in global supply chains has been highlighted by a University of Queensland study in collaboration with the Indonesian Institute of Sciences. UQ Business School researcher Dr Anna Phelan said the social and economic costs of plastic waste were often borne by coastal communities with limited waste management rather than by producers and manufacturers.

Health - Aug 20

Researchers at the University of Minnesota and University of Washington found a statistical relationship between the number of hospital beds (ICU and non-ICU) occupied by COVID-19 patients in a state and reported mortality.

Career - Aug 19

Motivating people to save for retirement isn-t easy. Fraught decisions around when to start a nest egg, how much to set aside, and where to invest can be so overwhelming that inertia often sets in. Increasingly, economists who study this paralysis have shown that minimizing the complexity surrounding retirement choices inspires workers to start saving - and at higher rates.

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