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Health - Apr 1
Scientists at the Healthcare Technologies Institute, University of Birmingham and King's College London are working on a solution to improve the seal and fit of facemasks used in hospitals during the COVID-19 crisis. Since the onset of the crisis the subject of personal protective equipment (PPE) has become a key discussion point.
Environment - Mar 20

The Tech4Dev program connects EPFL researchers with NGOs in order to develop technologies able to address specific needs in the global South and withstand local conditions.

Social Sciences - Feb 28
Social Sciences

Humans began developing a complex culture as early as the Stone Age. This development was brought about by social interactions between various groups of hunters and gatherers, a UZH study has now confirmed.

Physics - Feb 10

The development of a quantum computer that can solve problems, which classical computers can only solve with great effort or not at all - this is the goal currently being pursued by an ever-growing number of research teams worldwide.

Business - Mar 10

Market concentration in the form of "superstar" firms has been lowering labor's share of GDP in recent decades, a new study finds.

Social Sciences - Feb 22
Social Sciences

The acclaimed exhibition on Jan Van Eyck, recommendations on drug policy, relevant campaigns on sexual health, etc.

Physics - Feb 5

The calcification of blood vessels and other soft tissues is problematic. Researchers at ETH Zurich and ETH spin-off Inositec have discovered a substance that prevents vascular calcification. Researchers at ETH Zurich and ETH spin-off Inositec have developed a new substance to prevent vascular calcification, which affects many patients suffering from chronic kidney disease.

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Pedagogy - 06.04
Lecturer in Animation University of Dundee
Innovation - 06.04
Helpdesk 1st und 2nd Level Support (w/m) Technische Universität Wien
Innovation - 06.04
Technology Expert for Logging, Monitoring and Observability (m/w/x) Technische Universität Wien
Business/Economics - 06.04
Trainee Human Resources mit Interesse an Technologie (w/m) Technische Universität Wien
Innovation - 06.04
Junior Network Engineer Technische Universität Wien
Pedagogy - 03.04
Lecturer in Product Design University of Dundee
Innovation - 03.04
Lecturer in Graphic Design/ Communication Design University of Dundee
Business/Economics - 03.04
Lecturer in Design Enterprise/ Creative Economies University of Dundee
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