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Health - Dec 1
A procedure that may help personalise anticancer therapies has just been developed by the CNRS, INSERM, and Aix-Marseille University scientists at the Centre d'Immunologie de Marseille-Luminy, in association with colleagues from the University of California San Francisco and the Marseille Public University Hospital System (AP-HM), with support from Canceropôle Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur.
Health - Dec 1

Method is a 'game changer' that should become the standard of care, say researchers from both universities who validated its effectiveness Method is a 'game changer' that should become the standard of care, say researchers from both universities who validated its effectiveness The University of California's two nationally ranked medical centers,

Pharmacology - Dec 1

High-resolution mass spectrometry promotes new methods for analysis

Pharmacology - Nov 27

There are encouraging signs that people in treatment for drug addiction can manage their medication when they are entrusted with a substantial quantity of opiate substitutes and told to take it in small daily doses, finds a new 'early insight' report from researchers at the Universities of Bristol and Bath.

Health - Dec 1

Dolutegravir, the current first-line treatment for HIV, may not be as effective as hoped in sub-Saharan Africa, suggests new research published on World AIDS Day.

Pharmacology - Nov 30

Scientists have developed a cancer treatment method that destroys tumor cells using the mechanical force of our bodies- own T cells. They have just completed a proof of concept for their novel immunotherapy approach.

Life Sciences - Nov 27

(C) Image of the hippocampus (blue cells) showing the innervation it receives from medial septum inhibitor axons (red). Under normal conditions, the innervation of the medial septum (GABA) limits the activation of interneurons (PV) in the hippocampus during the memories, thus allowing the reactivation of neurons (pyr) that encode memory.

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Pharmacology - 20.11
Pharmacien ou chimiste (h/f) Institut Fédéral de la Propriété Intellectuelle (IPI), Bern
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Leiter / Leiterin des Sekretariats der Eidgenössischen Qualitätskommission Bundesamt für Gesundheit BAG, Liebefeld
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Doctoral (PhD Candidate position in inflammation and autoimmunity Karolinska Institute, Stockholm
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Lecturer Universität Graz
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Chemical Process Engineer m/w/d Technische Universität Wien
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Assistant Trial Manager University of Oxford
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Head of Quality (maternity cover) University of Oxford
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Research Assistant in Data Analytics University of Leeds
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