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Computer Science - Dec 13
Computer Science
"You missed something yesterday. Tim fell in our pool!" "Now really @Tim?- Thought you didn't want to drink anything"? "Haha tim :D" What sounds like banal chit-chat among a group of young people about what happened at a party is of great interest to linguists at the Institute of German Language and Literature at the University of Münster.
Physics - Dec 12

Science enthusiasts and the general public have become accustomed to finding out about cataclysmic events in space such as black holes colliding, as though spotting them was as easy as riding a bike.

Astronomy - Dec 12

A new image from NASA's Hubble Space Telescope provides important new details about the first interstellar comet astronomers have seen in our solar system. The comet, called Comet 2I/Borisov (the “I” stands for interstellar), was spotted near a spiral galaxy known as 2MASX J10500165-0152029.

Astronomy - Dec 11

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Physics - Dec 12

Scientists at Berkeley Lab convert diamonds' atomic flaws into atomic sensors with front-row seats to a quantum world of materials under extreme pressure S ince their invention more than 60 years ago

Physics - Dec 11

In a surprising new study, University of California, Berkeley, researchers show that heat energy can travel through a complete vacuum thanks to invisible quantum fluctuations.

Computer Science - Dec 11

Researchers at the University of Birmingham have identified a weakness in Intel's processors: by undervolting the CPU, Intel's secure enclave technology becomes vulnerable to attack. Modern processors are being pushed to perform faster than ever before - and with this comes increases in heat and power consumption.

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Astronomy/Space Science - 13.12
Research Associate in Theoretical Cosmology University of Manchester
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Postdoctoral Research Assistant in Gravitational Wave Astrophysics University of Oxford
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Postdoctoral Research Assistant in High-redshift Astrophysics (up to 3 posts) University of Oxford
Astronomy/Space Science - 11.12
Associate Professor of Space Instrumentation University of Oxford
Astronomy/Space Science - 10.12
Postdoctoral Fellow Australian National University
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