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Astronomy - Jan 28
In 1966, two Caltech scientists were ruminating on the implications of the thin carbon dioxide (CO2) Martian atmosphere first revealed by Mariner IV, a NASA fly-by spacecraft built and flown by JPL. They theorized that Mars, with such an atmosphere, could have a long-term stable polar deposit of CO2 ice that, in turn, would control global atmospheric pressure.
Environment - Jan 24

Very occasionally, Earth gets bombarded by a large meteorite. But every day, our planet gets pelted by space dust, micrometeorites that collect on Earth's surface.

Astronomy - Jan 20

Under the leadership of astrophysicist Kathrin Altwegg, Bernese researchers have found an explanation for why very little nitrogen could previously be accounted for in the nebulous covering of come

Astronomy - Jan 20

Material falling into a black hole throws X-rays out into space - and now, for the first time, the European Space Agency's (ESA) XMM-Newton X-ray observatory has used the reverberating echoes of this light to map the dynamic behaviour and surroundings of a black hole itself.

Astronomy - Jan 24

Astronomers have found a 'vampire' star in the midst of a feeding frenzy, with the help of an automated program that is sifting through archived data from the decommissioned Kepler Space Telescope.

Astronomy - Jan 20

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Astronomy - Jan 15

Astronomers from UCLA's Galactic Center Orbits Initiative have discovered a new class of bizarre objects at the center of our galaxy, not far from the supermassive black hole called Sagittarius A*. They published their research in the Jan.

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Astronomy/Space Science - 28.01
PhD Candidate in Astronomy and Astrophysics, PA2019/4125 Lund University
Astronomy/Space Science - 28.01
Post-doctoral Researcher in Astronomical Instrumentation Eidgenossische Technische Hochschule Zürich, ETHZ
Astronomy/Space Science - 28.01
Chercheur en astrophysique - H/F CNRS, Bordeaux
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Chercheur en logiciel pour l’IoT (H/F) CNRS, Sophia-Antipolis
Physics - 24.01
Harmoni Optical Engineer and Procurement Manager University of Oxford
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F Ingenieur en controle commande CNRS, Marseille
Astronomy/Space Science - 24.01
Chercheur en astrophysique des hautes énergies (H/F) CNRS, Annecy
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Postdoctoral fellowship in cosmochemistry and planetary sciences University of Copenhagen
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