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Computer Science - Oct 21
Computer Science
The Giotto project, launched by EPFL startup Learn to Forecast, intends to revolutionize the way we use artificial intelligence. Drawing on the science of shapes, Giotto pushes AI forward by making it more reliable and intuitive in areas such as materials science, neuroscience and biology. Giotto is open-source and available free of charge on GitHub, and it's already being used by some EPFL scientists.
Computer Science - Oct 20
Computer Science

A new interface developed by researchers in Bristol and Paris takes touch technology to the next level by providing an artificial skin-like membrane for augmenting interactive devices such as phones, wearables or computers.

Computer Science - Oct 15

An interdisciplinary group of researchers from Carnegie Mellon University has received a $2.8 million DARPA grant to enhance machine-human team collaborations Three Carnegie Mellon University researchers - the lead investigator, Anita Williams Woolley at the Tepper School of Business , alo

Life Sciences - Oct 14

Molecular dynamics simulations represent an increasingly important cornerstone of modern scientific research, thanks to their unparalleled ability to meticulously describe fundamental aspects of complex systems.

Business - Oct 15

Text analytics software developed by The University of Queensland will be available as a ‘Software as a Service' product to individual subscribers for the first time.

Social Sciences - Oct 15

An increase in hate speech on social media leads to more crimes against minorities in the physical world, a study shows. Academics from Cardiff University's HateLab project collected Twitter and police recorded crime data from London over an eight-month period to analyse whether a significant association existed.

Computer Science - Oct 10
Computer Science

Sensitive synthetic skin enables robots to sense their own bodies and surroundings - a crucial capability if they are to be in close contact with people.

Currently 397 Job in field Computer Science/Telecom.
Selected Jobs
Mathematics - 17.10
Dozentin / Dozent für angewandte Mathematik (70-100%) Hochschule Luzern - Informatik
Computer Science/Telecom - 09.10
Bioinformatician (100%) Zurich University of Applied Sciences ZHAW
Computer Science/Telecom - 04.10
Collaboratrice / Collaborateur scientifique eHealth Suisse OFSP (Office Fédéral de la Santé Publique), Liebefeld
Computer Science/Telecom - 04.10
Dozentin / Dozenten Master Digital Ideation (60%) Hochschule Luzern
Computer Science/Telecom - 04.10
Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin / Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter eHealth Suisse BAG (Bundesamt für Gesundheit), Liebefeld
Computer Science/Telecom - 03.10
Faculty Position in Data-Driven Engineering Design EPFL, Lausanne
Computer Science/Telecom - 03.10
Faculty Manager (50%) pour le Master en Intelligence Artificielle FernUni Schweiz, Brig
Art and Design - 02.10
Leiterin / Leiter Bachelor Data Design & Art (60-80%) Hochschule Luzern, Horw bei Luzern
Computer Science/Telecom - 20.09
2 Collaboratrices / Collaborateurs scientifique eHealth Suisse Bundesamt für Gesundheit BAG, 3097 Liebefeld
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