Natural Sciences - Criminology/Forensics

Trust levels in the police are falling in England

The University of Glasgow has contributed to research that finds only 40% of people in England trust their police force. The study, commissioned by the Economic and Social Research Council (ERSC), spotlights London's Metropolitan Police as the area where women trust the least - and Conservative voters have higher levels of trust in the force.

Astro detectives solve the murder mystery of planet-eating stars

Astronomy & Space - Criminology

New research substantiates the mind-bending astrophysics behind the famous sci-fi novel turned Netflix saga, The Three-Body Problem, and solves an

Fraud in the age of cryptocurrency: protecting your digital wealth

Criminology & Forensics - Innovation

XueFei Liu, undergraduate English student, shares what she learnt about the intricacies of cryptocurrency and ways to safeguard your finances during National Student Money Week.

The University of Warwick’s report on rape prosecution welcomed by the Crown Prosecution Service

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has welcomed a report by the University of Warwick into the handling of rape and serious sexual offence (RASSO) cases.

Drink spiking and staying safe on nights out

Criminology & Forensics - Health

There are thousands of reports of 'spiking' incidents across the UK every year. We want you to have knowledge about spiking and know the support available to you so that you feel safe on a night out.

What the conviction of a school shooter’s parent could mean

Criminology & Forensics

While it's unlikely that the recent conviction of a Michigan mother in her son's school shooting will be a watershed moment for parental liability, it underscores the role of safe storage and Child Access Protection laws in preventing gun violence, a Johns Hopkins expert says.

Art and Forgery

A show in the Kurpfälzisches Museum deals with faked artworks and the question of how to recognise them. Usually, exposed and confiscated art fakes disappear in the storerooms of state criminal investigation bureaus.

Celebrating three decades of quantitative criminology at Manchester

Conference celebrates the legacy of quantitative criminological scholarship in Manchester.

Bodycams in court get broad police approval: survey

An UdeM criminologist looks at Quebec provincial police attitudes towards the potential use of bodycamera footage in legal proceedings - and finds most think it's a good idea, up to a point.

Analysis: Flight MH370 is still missing after ten years - forensic experts explain what we know

Criminology & Forensics

Ten years on from the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines flight MH370, Professor Ruth Morgan (UCL Security & Crime Science) and colleagues from Quee

Decomposition under the microscope

Criminology & Forensics

Researchers at the University of Bern have investigated the process of decomposition on pig carcasses left in nature. The researchers discovered that the previous standard method for assessing decomposition in Switzerland needs to be adapted - with an impact on forensic analysis. The method presented by the researchers aims to better determine the post-mortem interval.

Majority of women experience abuse while running

A project to learn about women's experiences of abuse whilst out running has found that more than two-thirds of them have been abused in some way.

Detroit residents’ trust in police shaped by history of police contact

Full report (PDF): Personal Experiences with Police and the Policing Views of Detroit Residents (2020).

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(Senior) Specialist, Asset Recovery Policy University of Basel
Criminology/Forensics - 19.04
Técnico/a de Gestión de Colonias para el pool de Técnicos/as de la Oficina de Investigación (baja por IT) Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Cardiovasculares, Madrid
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Neuro-ophthalmology faculty University of Iowa
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Técnico/a de Gestión de Colonias para el pool de Técnicos/as de la Oficina de Investigación Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Cardiovasculares, Madrid
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Departmental Lecturer in Criminology University of Oxford
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Faculty, division of vascular surgery University of Iowa
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Supportive and palliative care faculty University of Iowa
Health - 12.04
General obstetrics and gynecology division faculty University of Iowa
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Corporal University of Toronto
Computer Science - 02.04
PhD Candidate in Machine Learning Linkoping University
Administration - 02.04
Director of Security Operations California Institute of Technology - Caltech, Pasadena
Criminology/Forensics - 01.04
Ayudante de investigación /Research Assistant - 2024 Politechnic University of Madrid
Health - 25.03
Associate hospital epidemiologist University of Iowa
Criminology/Forensics - 22.03
Associate Professor in Criminal Justice / Criminology University of Leeds
Criminology/Forensics - 22.03
Enfermería Farmacia Universidad Loyola, Córdoba
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