Natural Sciences

Physics - Aug 23
A University of Queensland-led international team of researchers say they have discovered “a new kind of quantum time order”. UQ physicist Dr Magdalena Zych said the discovery arose from an experiment the team designed to bring together elements of the two big - but contradictory - physics theories developed in the past century.
Mathematics - Aug 23

One of the most challenging unsolved cryptograms of the Irish Republican Army - created in the 1920s - has been decoded for the first time by a University of Queensland data scientist.

Physics - Aug 22

Researchers at the Paul Scherrer Institute PSI have developed a new method with which strong magnetic fields can be precisely measured.

Computer Science - Aug 21

Over three-quarters of today's internet traffic comes from streaming video, a number that is only projected to rise over time. To meet this demand, internet service providers offer consumers faster data speeds at premium prices, with gigabit-per-second tiers available in some areas.

Astronomy - Aug 22

New research using data from NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope has provided a rare glimpse at the surface of a rocky planet outside our solar system. The planet may be similar to Mercury or Earth's moon, with little to no atmosphere.

Physics - Aug 22

The theories of quantum mechanics and gravity are notorious for being incompatible, despite the efforts of scores of physicists over the past fifty years.

Physics - Aug 21

Researchers at UCLA and NantWorks have developed an artificial intelligence-powered device that detects cancer cells in a few milliseconds — hundreds of times faster than previous methods. With that speed, the invention could make it possible to extract cancer cells from blood immediately after they are detected, which could in turn help prevent the disease from spreading in the body.

Currently 430 jobs in fields Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science/Telecom, Astronomy/Space Science, Materials Science.
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Computer Science/Telecom - 20.08
Senior Bioinformatics Scientist (Protein Bioinformatics) (m/f/d) Molecular Health GmbH
Computer Science/Telecom - 23.08
Lecturer in Computing and IT University of Newcastle
Computer Science/Telecom - 23.08
Software Developers - Battery Storage and Grid Integration Program Australian National University
Computer Science/Telecom - 23.08
Research Fellow Australian National University
Computer Science/Telecom - 22.08
Automtion Engineer University of Queensland
Computer Science/Telecom - 22.08
Computational Specialist, ACER University of Illinois at Chicago
Computer Science/Telecom - 21.08
Software Engineer (TNWQuT19-032) Delft University of Technology
Computer Science/Telecom - 21.08
Senior Software Engineer (TNWQuT19-031) Delft University of Technology
Career - 21.08
MakerSpace Coordinator Australian National University
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