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Physics - Aug 19
UAntwerp researchers from the CMT group, Dr Jonas Bekaert and Prof Milorad Milosevic, in collaboration with Swedish researchers have predicted that a atomically thin layer of hydrogen will boost the critical temperature of a thin superconductor to above a hundred kelvin. Hydrogen-rich bulk superconducting materials have recently exhibited record-breaking critical temperatures, nearing the ambient temperature and thereby promising a major technological impact on the society.
Health - Aug 15

One million Australians have undergone joint replacement surgery and the numbers are growing. University of Sydney researchers have developed a bone implant coating that could lead to improved implant outcomes.

Physics - Aug 13

Innovative new electron spectroscopy technique pushes the limits of Nanospectroscopy for materials design In order to understand advanced materials like graphene nanostructures and optimize them fo

Physics - Aug 9

At human scale, controlling temperature is a straightforward concept. Turtles sun themselves to keep warm.

Physics - Aug 14

Physics experiments are often time-consuming and expensive. Sometimes scientists do not realize until the very end that they have been using the wrong calibration for measurements the whole time. What if there were a way to go back in time to the start of the experiment and re-examine the data?

Chemistry - Aug 12

An international team of scientists, including a professor of chemistry from the University of Bristol, has worked out a way to improve energy storage devices called supercapacitors, by designing a new class of detergents chemically related to laxatives.

Materials Science - Aug 9

For nearly 100 years, scientists thought they understood everything there was to know about how metals bend. They were wrong. Materials science and engineering researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have demonstrated that the rules of metal-bending aren't so hard and fast after all.

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Postdoctoral Research Assistant Queen Mary University of London
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Physics - 16.08
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Postdoc: Quantum Accelerometers for Inertial Navigation (3mE19-68) Delft University of Technology
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Energy Storage Laboratory Manager University of Oxford
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