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Materials Science - Jul 9
Materials Science
In certain alloys, exposure to proton irradiation can extend the material's lifetime, study finds. Radiation nearly always degrades the materials exposed to it, hastening their deterioration and requiring replacement of key components in high-radiation environments such as nuclear reactors. But for certain alloys that could be used in fission or fusion reactors, the opposite turns out to be true: Researchers at MIT and in California have now found that instead of hastening the material's degradation, radiation actually improves its resistance, potentially doubling the material's useful lifetime.
Physics - Jul 8

New technique developed by scientists at Berkeley Lab, UC Berkeley could help find silicon's successor in race against Moore's Law A research team led by the Department of Energy's Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) has developed a

Materials Science - Jul 6
Materials Science

Researchers have developed a human cell 'membrane on a chip' that allows continuous monitoring of how drugs and infectious agents interact with our cells, and may soon be used to test potential drug candidates for COVID-19.

Life Sciences - Jul 6

A team led by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University has created a new technology that enhances scientists' ability to communicate with neural cells using light. Tzahi Cohen-Karni, associate professor of biomedical engineering and materials science and engineering , led a team that synthesized three-dimensional fuzzy graphene on a nanowire template to create a superior material for photothermally stimulating cells.

Materials Science - Jul 7
Materials Science

Additively manufactured fractal structures with closely spaced voids dissipate shockwaves five times better than solid cubes.

Materials Science - Jul 6
Materials Science

Researchers at ETH Zurich have coaxed tiny spheres made of polymer gels into forming complex patterns by themselves through a two-step process. Surfaces with tailor-made optical and mechanical properties could be realized in this way.

Chemistry - Jul 2

It is one of the key technologies for high-performance batteries of the future: the lithium metal battery (LMB).

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