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Music - Aug 7
A beautiful landscape painting, a beautiful piano sonata - art and music are almost exclusively described in terms of aesthetics, but what about math? Beyond useful or brilliant, can an abstract idea be considered beautiful? Yes, actually - and not just by mathematicians, reports a new study in Cognition.
Life Sciences - Aug 7

Many animals have to move around in their environment to find resources to live and reproduce. Scientists have studied particular examples of this for many years but there are not many unifying frameworks to understand the general organising principles of animal movement.

Physics - Jul 5

A new computational method, based on neural networks, can simulate open quantum systems with unprecedented versatility.

Physics - May 28

Researchers from EPFL have found the mechanism that lies behind a mysterious physics phenomenon in fluid mechanics: the fact that turbulence in fluids spontaneously self-organizes into parallel patterns of oblique turbulent bands - an example of order emerging spontaneously from chaos.

Mathematics - Jul 10

UNIGE researchers have shown that our general knowledge about the world interferes with our ability to solve basic mathematical problems, even among experts in the field.

Mathematics - Jul 3

Perfumes that use the most popular scents do not always obtain the highest number of ratings, according to an analysis of online perfume reviews. A study of 10,000 perfumes and their online ratings reveals which odours are likely to bring success, with some surprising combinations providing a boost to ratings.

Palaeontology - May 8

Statistical analysis of fossil data shows that it is unlikely that Australopithecus sediba , a nearly two-million-year-old, apelike fossil from South Africa, is the direct ancestor of Homo , the genus to which modern-day humans belong.

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Faculty Position in Mathematics EPFL, Lausanne
Mathematics - 07.08
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SQL Developer/ Data Scientist University of Oxford
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Wissenschaftliche*r Mitarbeiter*in am Institut für Mathematische Logik und Grundlagenforschung Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster
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Postdoctoral Research Assistant in Applied Machine Learning University of Oxford
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