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Physics - Jan 7
A physicist suggests that the mathematical language spoken by classical physics should be changed to make room for indeterminism and an open future. Classical physics is characterised by the precision of its equations describing the evolution of the world as determined by the initial conditions of the Big Bang - meaning there is no room for chance.
Mathematics - Jan 2

With help from spaghetti and color-changing fibers, a new mathematical model predicts a knot's stability.

Mathematics - Dec 17, 2019

From mobile phone photo to static calculations - Cracks in the ankles of Michelangelo's David statue, damaged columns in the cistern of the Hagia Tekla Basilica: Are these ancient structures in danger of collapsing?

Mathematics - Nov 5, 2019

Wes Pegden's expert testimony has changed the future of how states draw electoral districts - As U.S. courts debate gerrymandering - the process of carving up electoral districts to disproportionately benefit one political party - Wes Pegden's work is helping to shape redistricting maps more fairly.

Mathematics - Dec 23, 2019

UNIGE researchers oversaw a new system of maths learning whose purpose is to promote the use of arithmetic formulas at an early age.

Computer Science - Dec 11, 2019
Computer Science

Computer scientists from imec-DistriNet (KU Leuven), the University of Birmingham, and TU Graz have shown that the possibility to adjust the operating voltage of Intel processors makes them vulnerable to attack.

Health - Oct 29, 2019

Using the information theory, researchers at UNIGE aim to better understand the cancerous development of cells through a mathematical approach and propose innovative therapeutic strategies.

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Business/Economics - 16.12.2019
UAS Lecturer in Business Statistics HES-SO Geneva
Mathematics - 17.01
Postdoctoral Research Fellow University of Queensland
Mathematics - 17.01
Rouse Ball Professorship of Mathematics University of Oxford
Computer Science/Telecom - 17.01
Senior Research Associate on Power of Algorithms in Discrete Optimisation University of Oxford
Computer Science/Telecom - 17.01
Research Associate on Verified Reinforcement Learning in Automotive University of Oxford
Mathematics - 17.01
Statistical Consultant University of Oxford
Mathematics - 17.01
Postdoctoral Research Associate in Geometric Group Theory University of Oxford
Life Sciences - 17.01
Postdoctoral Researcher in Machine Learning for Brain Imaging University of Oxford
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