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Mathematics - Mar 25
Usain Bolt's 200m record has not been beaten for ten years and Florence Griffith Joyner's for more than thirty years. And what about if the secret behind beating records was to use mathematics' Thanks to a mathematical model, Amandine Aftalion, CNRS researcher at the Centre d'analyse et de mathématique sociales (CNRS/EHESS), and Emmanuel Trélat, a Sorbonne Université researcher at the Laboratoire Jacques-Louis Lions (CNRS/Sorbonne Université/ Université de Paris) have proved that the geometry of athletic tracks could be optimised to improve records.
Mathematics - Mar 19

A Research Fellow from the University of Sussex has worked with a team of mathematicians to help Natural England identify the most beneficial places to plant 10,000 hectares of new woodland.

Mathematics - Mar 6

Mathematicians show that sound can be used to locate flat surfaces One drone, four microphones and a loudspeaker: nothing more is needed to determine the position of walls and other flat surfaces within a room.

Mathematics - Feb 12

Secular cultures which are tolerant of minority groups and respectful of individuals' rights tend to have more wealth, education and democracy, a new study by University of Bristol scientists has found.

Life Sciences - Mar 11
Life Sciences

Using microscopy and mathematics, researchers have discovered the invisible pattern that growing neurons follow to form a brain.

Physics - Mar 4

With his unruly hair and rebellious streak, Albert Einstein is often remembered as the genius who worked alone.

Mathematics - Feb 11

In light of recent research findings, involving 9,000 pupils, that suggest attainment groupings may have an effect on pupils' self-confidence, Dr Becky Taylor (UCL Institute of Education) explains how schools may want to reflect on existing teaching practices.

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Dozentin / Dozent für (Finanz-) Mathematik und Statistik (40-80%) Hochschule Luzern - Wirtschaft
Mathematics - 03.04
Postdoctoral position, Computational Tomographic Imaging Universiteit Antwerpen
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PhD Candidate to graduate school within WASP Linkoping University
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211-0042/20-2K Professor of Mathematics University of Copenhagen
Mathematics - 03.04
Research Assistant - Cities Knowledge Graph Eidgenossische Technische Hochschule Zürich, ETHZ
Mathematics - 03.04
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Mathematics - 03.04
Junior Professor in Zuivere wiskunde (campus Kulak, Kortrijk) Katholieke Universiteit te Leuven (KU Leuven)
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Jeune chercheur H/F CNRS, Lille
Mathematics - 01.04
Statistiker inom läkemedelsepidemiologi Karolinska Institute, Stockholm
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