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Health - Jul 17
The 18-year life expectancy gap between people with mental illness and the general population can only be bridged by protecting patients' physical and mental health, according to a new study. As part of a Lancet Psychiatry Commission into mental illness, University of Queensland researchers found patients' physical health was often overlooked in pursuit of treating the mind.
Health - Jul 3

On behalf of social security institutions, psychiatrists assess to what extent people with mental health problems are still able to work. However, the work capability assessments tend to be far too dissimilar.

Psychology - Jun 27

The fastest-growing racial group in the United States - Asian Americans - is also one that is consistently perceived as "foreign." But for Asian Americans who are gay or lesbian, their sexual orientation may make them seem more "American" than those who are presumed straight.

Veterinary Science - Jun 17

Aggressive behaviour in pet dogs is a serious problem for dog owners across the world, with bite injuries representing a serious risk to both people and other dogs. New research by the University of Bristol has explored the factors that influence how owners manage aggressive behaviour in their dogs.

Psychology - Jun 28

To create optimal collaboration in a work group, organizations should strike the right balance of different cognitive styles among the participants, according to new research from Carnegie Mellon University.

Psychology - Jun 26

Psychologists at Münster University estimate the prevalence of post-traumatic stress disorder and depression after wars in the total population Wars leave their marks on people - the physical damage i

Psychology - Jun 13

New Stanford research on emotions shows that people's motivations are a driving factor behind how much they allow others to influence their feelings, such as anger. In a new study, Stanford psychologists examined why some people respond differently to an upsetting situation and learned that people's motivations play an important role in how they react.

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