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Life Sciences - Dec 11
You probably behave differently when you are having a bad day than during a great one. For example, while you might politely smile at a neighbor you dislike on an otherwise pleasant Saturday afternoon, that same interaction will elicit a scowl when you are rushing off to work Monday morning. In other words, your brain takes recent experiences into account when coordinating your responses to external stimuli.
Psychology - Dec 9

"Clingy” spouses - whether spending every waking moment with their partners or constantly telephoning when they're not together - are at greater risk for heart problems and poor mental health after their spouses die, according to new research from psychologists at Rice.

Psychology - Dec 4

A newfound link between levels of "bad" cholesterol at birth and subsequent childhood behavior could help identify and treat people who are prone to experiencing depression and other mental difficulties.

Psychology - Nov 22

Scientists from Cardiff University have studied the sleep patterns of children and adolescents with one of the most common genetic conditions - 22q11.2 deletion syndrome (22q).

Psychology - Dec 6

Women who have symptoms of depression and anxiety during pregnancy do not report concerns with their infant sons' behaviour - but do with daughters, a Cardiff University study has found. As many as one in four women experience depression and/or anxiety in pregnancy and evidence suggests it can increase the risk of emotional and behavioural issues, particularly in boys.

Pharmacology - Dec 3

While opioids are often prescribed to treat people with trauma-related pain, a new UCLA-led study suggests doctors should use caution before prescribing the drug to those they believe may experience severe stress in the future, in order to reduce the risk the patient will develop PTSD.

Psychology - Nov 20

Math anxiety is far from uncommon, but too often, those who dread the subject simply avoid it. Research from the University of Chicago offers new evidence for the link between math anxiety and avoidance-as well as possible paths toward breaking that connection.

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Psychology - 19.11
Professor in psychology of career guidance UNIL - Faculté des SSP, 1015 Lausanne
Psychology - 19.11
Professor in statistics in psychology UNIL - Faculté des SSP, 1015
Psychology - 19.11
Professeur·e en statistiques en psychologie UNIL - Faculté des SSP, 1015 Lausanne
Psychology - 19.11
Professeur·e en psychologie clinique interculturelle UNIL - Faculté des SSP, 1015 Lausanne
Psychology - 19.11
Professor in intercultural clinical psychology UNIL - Faculté des SSP, 1015 Lausanne
Psychology - 18.11
Assistant Professor of Psychology Webster Vienna Private University
Psychology - 12.12
Postdoktor i klinisk psykologi Karolinska Institute, Stockholm
Psychology - 12.12
Teaching Fellow Royal Holloway University of London
Psychology - 12.12
International Student Health Improvement Officer (fixed term) University of Nottingham
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