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Social Sciences - Jan 20
Nightclubs and bars must create a supportive environment that cracks down on unwanted sexual attention and allows women to enjoy their nights out, according to a new study. Increasing numbers of women are prepared to speak back to sexual harassment whilst enjoying a night out with female friends by confronting the men responsible and telling them clearly and robustly that their behaviour is unacceptable.
Pharmacology - Jan 20

Disparities in drug prescribing suggest that black and Asian people with dementia are not receiving the same quality of care as their white peers, according to a new UCL-led study in the UK. Asian people with dementia are less likely to receive anti-dementia drugs, and take them for shorter periods, according to the findings published in Clinical Epidemiology .

Environment - Jan 16

Researchers from the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs and the University of Sussex analysed USD 1.3 trillion of research funding around the world.

Social Sciences - Jan 16

A new review of previous studies into suicide worldwide has highlighted the effects of individual and environmental risk factors over a lifetime.

Social Sciences - Jan 17

Older adults from ethnic minority groups report having fewer close friends and fewer friends who live locally than older white people, according a new UCL study.

Social Sciences - Jan 16

Far-right agitators in Portugal now have different reasons to their 1970s predecessors for becoming radicalised and committing acts of political violence - a new study shows.

Pedagogy - Jan 16

Stay-at-home parents are likely to tweet anti-spanking beliefs and desires, but those 280-character messages may not always convey what's happening in homes.

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