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Agronomy - May 15
Insects are a healthy and environmentally friendly food source. But how can people in the Western world be convinced to eat them? Consuming insects is already an everyday practice for two billion people worldwide, largely in the global east and south.
Life Sciences - Agronomy - May 9

Joao Dorea, faculty member in the UW-Madison Department of Dairy Science, explains to colleague Victor Cabrera results he observed using an automated computer vision system that was developed to monitor the behavior of dairy calves.

Life Sciences - Agronomy - May 8
Life Sciences - Agronomy

EPFL's Digital Epidemiology Lab held its first food DNA sequencing workshop last Saturday, in association with SwissDeCode and Hackuarium.

Health - Agronomy - May 1

University of Sydney researchers have examined whether there are any ongoing ramifications or potential side-effects from long-term high protein intake or from consuming certain types of amino acids.

Agronomy - Health - Apr 23
Agronomy - Health

Sweeping changes designed to make the food more nutritious in a federal assistance program for low-income families reduced the risk for obesity for 4-year-olds who had been on the program since birth, according to new research.

Agronomy - May 8

Obesity is increasing more rapidly in the world's rural areas than in cities, according to a new study of global trends in body-mass index (BMI).

Life Sciences - Agronomy - May 3
Life Sciences - Agronomy

New research using an approach called nutritional geometry sheds light on giant panda evolution, and their unusual transition from carnivorous ancestry to extreme specialised herbivory.

Life Sciences - Agronomy - May 1
Life Sciences - Agronomy

University of Queensland researchers are investigating the use of maggots, locusts and other alternative proteins in a range of specialty foods.

Civil Engineering - Apr 10

A new building goes up in New York City, overshadowing the old Katz's Deli on the Lower East Side. (Image courtesy David Shankbone ) The New York metropolitan area has seen tremendous economic growth, but many residents in rapidly gentrifying neighborhoods are struggling to afford living in the 31-county, tri-state region, University of California, Berkeley, researchers have found.

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Computer Science/Telecom - 18.05
Dozent/in Data Science in Marketing 80-100% Hochschule Luzern
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Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Health Economics for NHMRC WaND University of Queensland
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