Environment - Architecture - Mar 25
Environment - Architecture
New insight into termites' architectural strategies could help us design more energy efficient self-sustaining buildings for humans. Many species of termite, whose societies are built on hierarchies of kings, queens, workers, and soldiers, live in towering nests that are ventilated by a complex system of tunnels.
Music - Architecture - Dec 13, 2018

An architect argues to stay the wrecking ball and reuse older buildings, a historian recalls Martin Luther King Jr.'s timeless economic message, a master storyteller brings a new set of tales, an engineer conjures a children's book with a robot's-eye view of the deep ocean..

Environment - Architecture - Oct 25, 2018
Environment - Architecture

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Architecture - Innovation - Oct 19, 2018
Architecture - Innovation

Architect Bernard Tschumi has donated the archives of his Bridge City project - developed for the City of Lausanne in 1988 - to EPFL.

Architecture - History - Aug 20, 2018

When the first skyscrapers soared into existence in the 1880s, Americans were fascinated by the new buildings on the block. Not everyone liked them, or believed the trend would last, but the towering structures-popularized in Chicago and New York, and exported worldwide-demanded attention.

Social Sciences - Architecture - Nov 8, 2018
Social Sciences - Architecture

For the past 15 years, EPFL's Urban Sociology Laboratory has been showing students and researchers the value of incorporating social-science related concepts into engineering and architecture.

Architecture - Oct 19, 2018

Lands, Buildings and Real Estate is making permanent a pilot program that distributed crew members throughout campus in four district offices. The reorganization is designed to put LBRE staff close to their customers, eliminate travel and speed delivery of services.

Environment - Architecture - Oct 10, 2018
Environment - Architecture

After years of relative neglect, timber construction is making a comeback. All over the world, architects are now using wood in designs of houses and even high-rise buildings.

Environment - Architecture - Aug 6, 2018
Environment - Architecture

MIT class designs a prototype building to demonstrate that even huge buildings can be built primarily with wood.