Environment - Architecture - May 1
Environment - Architecture
European public spaces are becoming more original, but also more homogeneous. The author of an architecture thesis, written at EPFL, explains this paradox and calls on critics and public authorities to do something about it.
Environment - Architecture - Apr 24
Environment - Architecture

As cities grow at an ever-faster pace, concerns about global warming rise and fossil fuels become increasingly scarce, cities will have to adopt more sustainable energy solutions.

Business - Architecture - Feb 12

Research news - The Guggenheim Museum by star architect Frank Gehry led to an economic boom in the Spanish city of Bilbao.

Environment - Architecture - Mar 12
Environment - Architecture

Embodied carbon in the construction industry is a major factor of climate change, but it is rarely measured accurately.

Electroengineering - Architecture - Jan 15
Electroengineering - Architecture

Researchers at EPFL have developed a system that can be installed in a building to collect data on people's energy usage.

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