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Physics - Electroengineering - Sep 14
Physics - Electroengineering
In a very unusual way, the electrical and magnetic properties of a particular crystal are linked together - the phenomenon was discovered and explained at TU Wien (Vienna).
Electroengineering - Environment - Sep 10
Electroengineering - Environment

Researchers have created a single chip that combines a transistor and micro-fluidic cooling system. Managing the heat generated in electronics is a huge problem, especially with the constant push to reduce the size and pack as many transistors as possible in the same chip.

Physics - Electroengineering - Sep 7
Physics - Electroengineering

Researchers from EPFL's Photonics Systems Lab have come up with a way of reconfiguring microwave photonic filters without the need for an external device.

Materials Science - Electroengineering - Aug 19
Materials Science - Electroengineering

By introducing defects to a common material, Berkeley Lab researchers create a highly efficient capacitor with dramatically increased energy density Capacitors that rapidly store and release electric energy are key components in modern electronics and power systems.

Life Sciences - Electroengineering - Aug 17
Life Sciences - Electroengineering

The ocean floor and the ground beneath our feet are riddled with tiny nanowires - 1/100,000 the width of a human hair - created by billions of bacteria that can generate electric currents from organic waste.

Physics - Electroengineering - Sep 7
Physics - Electroengineering

Physicists at the University of Basel have developed a minuscule instrument able to detect extremely faint magnetic fields. At the heart of the superconducting quantum interference device are two atomically thin layers of graphene, which the researchers combined with boron nitride. Instruments like this one have applications in areas such as medicine, besides being used to research new materials.

Computer Science - Electroengineering - Aug 27

Extremely energy-efficient artificial intelligence is now closer to reality after a study by UCL researchers found a way to improve the accuracy of a brain-inspired computing system. The system, which uses memristors to create artificial neural networks, is at least 1,000 times more energy efficient than conventional transistor-based AI hardware, but has until now been more prone to error.

Physics - Electroengineering - Aug 18
Physics - Electroengineering

The discovery of an unprecedented physical effect in a new artificial material marks a significant milestone in the lengthy process of developing "made-to-order" materials and more energy-efficient electronics.

Physics - Electroengineering - Aug 6
Physics - Electroengineering

Researchers at the University of Basel in collaboration with colleagues from Pisa have developed a new concept that uses the electron spin to switch an electrical current. In addition to fundamental research, such spin valves are also the key elements in spintronics - a type of electronics that exploits the spin instead of the charge of electrons. The results were published in the scientific journal Communications Physics.

Selected Jobs
Electroengineering - 18.09
Entwicklungsingenieur/in Optoelektronische Systeme (m/w), 80-100% CSEM - Centre Suisse d’Electronique et de Microtechnique, Landquart (GR)
Physics - 16.09
Hochschulpraktikant/in Forschung armasuisse, Thun
Electroengineering - 28.08
Faculty Position in Low-Power Analog Electronics EPFL, Lausanne
Electroengineering - 28.08
Faculty Position in Control for Intelligent Systems EPFL, Lausanne
Electroengineering - 27.08
Leitung Geschäftsstelle FSM, 80-100% (w/m) Forschungsstiftung Strom und Mobilkommunikation (FSM), Zurich
Electroengineering - 13.08
Leiterin / Leiter des Kompetenzzentrums Autonomous Systems & Robotics (80-100%) Hochschule Luzern - Technik & Architektur
Electroengineering - 25.08
Universitätsprofessur - BesGr. W3 (befristet auf 5 Jahre mit Entfristungsoption) Technische Universität Berlin
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