Humanities and Social Sciences

Religions - Nov 23
Archaeologists of the University of Münster have uncovered an early Christian basilica in south-eastern Turkey. The team of researchers led by Prof. Engelbert Winter spent eight weeks exposing richly ornamented mosaics with images of fish as well as painted marble reliefs. "These finds cast a new light on the development of church building in the Near East between the 4th and 7th centuries AD," explains Engelbert Winter, professor at the Minor Research Centre in the Department of Ancient History at the University of Münster.
Economics - Oct 30

Despite decades of progress in addressing gender discrimination, women across the globe face persistent legal barriers to participating in the economy on an equal basis with men,  according to a study  co-authored by Yale economist Pinelopi Goldberg.

Social Sciences - Sep 28

Berlin University Alliance funds six groundbreaking projects in the Social Cohesion funding line of its Grand Challenge Initiatives

Social Sciences - Sep 18

In a groundbreaking new study, a University of Chicago researcher used metabolomics-a big-data approach to study small molecules called metabolites-to uncover the relationship between plants and people before and after European colonization of North America.

Economics - Oct 19

The revenue model that has sustained the newspaper industry for centuries no longer works in the digital age, but another age-old concept with some modern adaptations could be the answer to profitability, says a University of Michigan researcher.

Earth Sciences - Sep 28
Earth Sciences

Researchers have shown that over the past two thousand years, volcanoes have played a larger role in natural temperature variability than previously thought, and their climatic effects may have contributed to past societal and economic change.

Social Sciences - Sep 18

A study is under way to investigate how ‘smart' devices may be helping to facilitate domestic abuse in Australia and the United Kingdom. A team from The University of Queensland , Queensland University of Technology and University College London is examining how domestic and sexual violence survivors are being impacted by Internet of Things (IoT) technology, which enables everyday devices to collect, send and receive data.

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