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Psychology - Careers - Nov 13
Psychology - Careers
Researchers have developed an emotional intelligence test for the workplace that can be used to assess and predict an employee's abilities in interpersonal relations and leadership capabilities.
Psychology - Life Sciences - Nov 12
Psychology - Life Sciences

Scientists at the University of Cambridge have completed the world's largest ever study of typical sex differences and autistic traits.

Psychology - Nov 9

Understanding psychotic-like experiences in young cannabis users is the focus of a new study at The University of Queensland.

Psychology - Health - Nov 8
Psychology - Health

Wanting your child to have the best chance in life is natural for any parent. But by focusing too much on the 'skill' of parenting, are we losing sight of things that matter more - how we talk to and play with children?

Social Sciences - Nov 12

Researchers are looking for people to take part in a new study to better understand why autistic people may be more likely to take their own life, to help shape new ways to prevent future deaths by suicide.

Health - Psychology - Nov 8
Health - Psychology

In a study that might enable earlier diagnosis, neuroscientists find abnormal brain connections that can predict onset of psychotic episodes.

Life Sciences - Psychology - Nov 6

Extreme angst is on the rise nationally and globally, especially among teens and millennials. Among other factors, preliminary findings from UC Berkeley sleep researchers point to a chronic lack of deep restorative sleep.