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Social Sciences Mar 16
Social Sciences
Social media provides a new environment that makes it possible to carefully edit the image you want to project of yourself. A study from Lund University in Sweden suggests that many people are prepared to pay to "filter out" unfavorable information.
Medicine - Psychology Mar 9

Easy access to a gun at home is bad for a child's mental health, particularly for girls -bad enough, according to a new examination of a study of American schoolchildren from the 1990s, to suggest

Medicine - Social Sciences Mar 8

Research led by the University of Oxford has revealed how the complex cultural and social environment in developing countries can complicate the use of new diagnostic technologies to fight the global superbug crisis.

Law - Social Sciences Mar 9

38/18 A higher number of men with learning disabilities are victims of forced marriage than previously thought, suggesting that better education and training is needed to recognise those at risk.

Social Sciences - Media Mar 8

A new study by three MIT scholars has found that false news spreads more rapidly on the social network Twitter than real news does - and by a substantial margin.

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Pedagogy/Education Science - 17.03
Dozentin / Dozenten für Game Design (40 %) Hochschule Luzern, Emmenbrücke/Rotkreuz ZG
Business/Economics - 16.03
Dozent/in für Corporate Finance mit Schwerpunkt M&A (60-100%) Hochschule Luzern, Zug und Luzern
Pedagogy/Education Science - 16.03
Mitarbeiterin / Mitarbeiter Museumspädagogik (50 %) Naturmuseum St.Gallen
Medicine/Pharmacology - 15.03
Open Rank Professorship Additive Manufacturing for Medical Applications University of Bern
Life Sciences - 14.03
Head of Liver Solutions Group InSphero AG, 8952 Schlieren
Medicine/Pharmacology - 18.03
Assistant professor / associate professor/ professor in Traffic Medicine University of Helsinki
Computer Science/Telecom - 16.03
Universitätsassistent/in - Postdoc Technische Universität Graz
Medicine/Pharmacology - 16.03
Lecturer / Researcher Technische Universität Wien
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