Humanities and Social Sciences

Social Sciences - May 20
Teams focusing on the needs of individual groups within the Stanford community have been hard at work collecting input and data. Development and refinement of recommendations comes next. Affordability is a challenge across groups at Stanford and within the Bay Area.
Social Sciences - May 16

Imprisonment has virtually no effect on violent crime rates, new study finds. (Cartoon by J.D. Crowe/Press Register) Locking away people who have committed assault, robbery and similar felonies may keep them off the streets for a period of time, but it does not affect whether they will commit violent crimes after their release, according to new research from UC Berkeley.

Social Sciences - May 15

Stanford sociologists find that when progressive candidates talk about how their policies are aligned with values commonly associated with conservative ideals - as opposed to liberal ones - they receive greater support from conservatives and moderates.

Psychology - May 8

Adolescents who self-harm experience heightened sensations across their skin and misjudge bodily cues such as hunger and headaches, University of Queensland -led research has found. UQ Centre for Clinical Research PhD candidate Emily Hielscher said adolescents who self-harmed lacked self-awareness about their bodies.

Social Sciences - May 3

Inspirational stories of how people have overcome their struggles with mental illness can help others on the road to recovery, a study by researchers at The University of Nottingham has found. However, first-hand accounts that include specific details of harmful behaviour may have a negative impact on some groups, including those battling an eating disorder.

Social Sciences - May 16

Since studying abroad in Mexico last year, senior Celene Bolaños has been immersed in research about Haitian migration across the Americas.

Health - Social Sciences - May 14

Increasing rates of drug-related incarcerations are perpetuating tuberculosis (TB) infection among Brazil's general population, a new report, Reservoirs of Injustice, from the Yale Global Health Justice Partnership (GHJP) at the Yale School of Public Health and Yale Law School finds.

Life Sciences - Psychology - May 7

Renowned auditory neuroscientist Barbara Shinn-Cunningham has been named the 2019 recipient of the Helmholtz Rayleigh Interdisciplinary Silver Medal in Psychological and Physiological Acoustics and Speech Communication "for understanding the cognitive and neural bases of speech perception in complex acoustic environments.

Environment - Social Sciences - May 3

Editor's note: This is the latest in a series of stories spotlighting how faculty, students and alumni at the Harris School of Public Policy are driving impact for the next generation.

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