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Electroengineering - Art and Design - Aug 8, 2018
Electroengineering - Art and Design
Researchers incorporate optoelectronic diodes into fibers and weave them into washable fabrics. cloth that has electronic devices built right into it. Researchers at MIT have now embedded high speed optoelectronic semiconductor devices, including light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and diode photodetectors, within fibers that were then woven at Inman Mills, in South Carolina, into soft, washable fabrics and made into communication systems.
History - Art and Design - Jul 5, 2018
History - Art and Design

Why is UC Berkeley Assistant Professor Stephanie Syjuco sewing American historical garments - all of them bright green - at her Richmond Field Station art studio while researching Hollywood Civil War movies?

Life Sciences - Art and Design - May 7, 2018
Life Sciences - Art and Design

Plants know how to do a neat trick. Through photosynthesis, they use sunlight and carbon dioxide to make food, belching out the oxygen that we breathe as a byproduct.

Computer Science - Art and Design - Apr 20, 2018

ANN ARBOR-From digital analysis of Bach sonatas to mining data from crowdsourced compositions, researchers at the University of Michigan are using modern big data techniques to transform how we understand, create and interact with music.

Art and Design - Careers - Jun 25, 2018
Art and Design - Careers

Many studies have shown that musical training can enhance language skills. However, it was unknown whether music lessons improve general cognitive ability, leading to better language proficiency, or if the effect of music is more specific to language processing.

Art and Design - Business - May 2, 2018

In a database released today, the MARI online portal, research findings are collected and made accessible for researchers, museums, and the public. No 086/2018 from May 02, 2018 The estate of German publisher, arts patron, and philanthropist Rudolf Mosse (1843-1920) included thousands of paintings, sculptures, craft objects, books, and antiques.

Art and Design - Physics - Apr 11, 2018

Are golden tonsils born or made? A major international twin study hopes to investigate the relative roles of genetic and environmental influences on singing ability.

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