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New Course Harnesses AI To Kindle Creativity

Generative artificial intelligence models, like ChatGPT, have introduced AI to a new audience. With growing demand for user-friendly chatbots and virtual assistants, AI's influence is rapidly expanding beyond the science and tech fields. To harness this technology for good, a new course at Carnegie Mellon University guides the next generation to prepare for the impact of AI from a human perspective.

VUB professor and art historian Hans De Wolf dies on 17 June

Art and Design - Campus

Anyone who met him was invariably amazed by his boundless energy, enthusiasm and passion for art and artists.

Beading the Tract

Art and Design - Environment

Amid the construction of Waterloo's Longhouse Labs (LLabs) in 2023, a group of Haudenosaunee artists gathered in the space to plan and design "Bead th

Review: Rachel Cusk’s Parade: a daring work of experimentation that strikes out against conformity

Art and Design - Linguistics

Dr Scarlett Baron (UCL English) described Parade, Rachel Cusk's latest experimental novel, as "daring and difficult book" in The Conversation.

Portraiture allows everyone to be a critic - just ask King Charles

Art and Design

In an age of selfies, portraiture is still one of the most talked-about art forms. Associate Professor Robert Wellington explains why.

Seven new shows at the Chau Chak Wing Museum

Art and Design - Event

As the University of Sydney's Chau Chak Wing Museum farewells the Biennale of Sydney, it's thrilled to announce a suite of new exhibitions opening in the second half of 2024.

Rare portrait discovered of ’England’s Lost Queen’ – a cousin of Elizabeth I and a threat to her throne

Rare portrait discovered of 'England's Lost Queen' - a cousin of Elizabeth I and a threat to her throne.

Campus - Art and Design - Jun 19

A racist diary and kingfishers

Campus - Art and Design

The Werkschau is the celebrated graduation of a design, film or art course at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts. This year's graduation exhibition focuses on works on the subject of digitality.

Machine Dazzle and his ouroboros of sustainability

There is nothing small about Machine Dazzle. A self-proclaimed "queer maximalist,- Dazzle is an artist and designer whose stories come alive through his work, and at the University of Michigan Museum of Art, his latest story is..

A study of art and architecture revisits Swiss colonial history

History & Archeology - Art and Design

In her PhD thesis, carried out jointly at EPFL's Arts of Science Laboratory and the HEAD-Genève school of art in Geneva, Denise Bertschi examines Switzerland's role in establishing a slavery-based colony in Brazil. Bertschi, who is also an artist, will display her work at both the Swiss National Museum and the Neuchâtel Art Center in September.

Berry Gordy, music trailblazer, visits UCLA

Music - Art and Design

The new UCLA Berry Gordy Music Industry Center brings the music mogul's commitment to artistic excellence and social justice to campus Arts + Culture

Hopkins launches major effort to elevate the arts

Art and Design - Campus

Across the university, art and arts programming abound. A new initiative led by Dan Weiss, former president of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, aspires to boost the arts through a synergistic vision, enriching the institution and the broader community

Event - Art and Design - Jun 2

Impetus for a holistic view at Ernst Haeckel

Event Knowledge Transfer and Innovation - Published: Ernst Haeckel (1834-1919) was regarded as the "German Darwin" and was both highly praised and controversial as an evolutionary researcher and university lecturer.

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