History / Philosophy

History - Dec 14
Queensland's coastal shark numbers are continuing a 50-year decline, in sharp contradiction of suggestions of ‘exploding' shark populations, according to an analysis of Queensland Shark Control Program data.
History - Environment - Nov 26
History - Environment

"We are polluting the rivers and the natural elements, and even ruining the very thing that is essential to life - the air.

History - Environment - Nov 12
History - Environment

A new study from The Australian National University (ANU) has revealed new insights into ancient fishing throughout history, including what type of fish people were regularly eating as part of their diet.

Music - History - Nov 6
Music - History

Wide-ranging acoustic images could help researchers identify populations on the brink of collapse.

History - Earth Sciences - Nov 16

A new study has found ground-breaking evidence from an ice core in the Swiss-Italian Alps that proves the 7 th century switch from gold to silver currencies in western Europe actually occurred a quarter of a century earlier than previously thought.

Life Sciences - History - Nov 9
Life Sciences - History

Scientists have sequenced 15 ancient genomes spanning from Alaska to Patagonia and were able to track the movements of the first humans as they spread across the Americas at "astonishing" speed during the last Ice Age, and also how they interacted with each other in the following millennia.

History - Oct 18

New research conducted for the current independent inquiry suggests that - despite recent policy improvements - cultures of child abuse are liable to emerge while youth custody exists, and keeping children in secure institutions should be limited as far as possible.

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