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History - Health - Apr 23
Framing Agnes weaves 1958 case study with rediscovered stories of gender nonconformity. Assoc. Prof. Kristen Schilt and filmmaker Chase Joynt have spent years chasing down the story of Agnes, a transgender woman whose 1958 case study has reverberated through decades of sociology.
History - Innovation - Apr 23

In an important first, EPFL and Vaud Canton's archeology office used X-ray scanning technology to unlock the mysteries of an extremely rare chainmail shirt dating from Roman times. The results will go on display at the Cantonal Museum of Archeology and History in Lausanne from 26 April to 25 August.

History - Apr 11

In a new spring course, students are excavating the location of the former living quarters of Chinese workers who helped build Stanford. In 2017, archaeologists with Stanford Heritage Services conducted archaeological testing at a site in the Stanford Arboretum.

History - Apr 2

Home villages of Chinese migrants who traveled to the United States and other countries during the 19th century are being excavated for the first time through a project led by Stanford anthropologist Barbara Voss.

Religions - History - Mar 27
Religions - History

The voice is a fleeting medium. As the primary means of human communication, it also plays an important role in religion.

Innovation - History - Apr 16
Innovation - History

Sussex research helps show how technology behind the V&A's Cast Courts underpins the modern world.

History - Social Sciences - Apr 9

Railroad workers construct a section of the First Transcontinental Railroad on the Humboldt Plains of Nevada.

History - Mar 29

A community archaeology dig in Govan has uncovered long-lost gravestones from the Middle Ages, when the area was a political and religious power centre on the Clyde.

History - Mar 25

Stanford's Ian Morris says the issues that led to Brexit, Britain's withdrawal from the European Union, have come up throughout British history, since rising sea levels separated the country from the continent 8,000 years ago.

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