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History - Event Jun 21
History - Event
Three 11,500-year-old deer skull headdresses - excavated from a world-renowned archaeological site in Yorkshire - will go on display, one for the first time, at Cambridge University's Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology (MAA) from today.
History - Life Sciences Jun 20

Introduction: With the help of modern AI software, Koen Tanghe (UGent) and Mike Kestemont (UAntwerpen) have revealed the authors of two early papers on evolution.

Life Sciences - History May 31
Life Sciences - History

New research using ancient DNA finds that a population split after people first arrived in North America was maintained for millennia before mixing again before or during the expansion of humans into the southern continent.

History Jun 7

A lost world in a former empire in Europe has been brought to life thanks to University of Bristol researchers who used artificial intelligence (AI) techniques to analyse 47,000 multilingual pages from newspapers dating back to 1873.

History - Business May 17

A study published in PNAS offer new insights into how European civilisations and their economies developed over time - finding links between levels of lead pollution trapped in Greenland ice and significant historical events, such as plagues, wars and imperial expansion.

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History/Archeology - 18.06
Associate Professor in Premodern History University of Oslo
History/Archeology - 14.06
Associate Professor in Medieval History University of Oslo
Literature/Linguistics - 18.12.2017
Post-doctoral research fellowships in Arabic historiography University of Ghent
History/Archeology - 08.06
Professur Universität Leipzig
History/Archeology - 07.06
Full Professorship in the field of Coptology at the Institute of Egyptology and Coptology at the Faculty... Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster
History/Archeology - 22.06
Part-time Departmental Lecturer in the History of Science University of Oxford
Social Sciences - 19.06
Social Science / Humanities Research Associate I University of Texas at Austin
History/Archeology - 15.06
Assistant Professor University of Pittsburgh
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