History / Philosophy

6,000 years ago, men and women had equal access to resources

History & Archeology

A team from the University of Geneva shows that all the people who lived and were buried in Barmaz necropolises (Switzerland) during the Neolithic period had the same access to food resources. Using isotope geochemistry, a team from the University of Geneva has uncovered new information about the Barmaz necropolis in Valais (Switzerland): 14% of the people buried 6,000 years ago at this site were not locals.

Origin and spread of malaria

Health - History

Scientists reconstruct ancient genomes of the two most deadly malaria parasites, Plasmodium vivax and Plasmodium falciparum.

St Giles’ Cathedral Reinvented: Unlocking 900 Years Through Cutting-Edge Gaming  

History & Archeology - Innovation

St Giles' Cathedral Reinvented: Unlocking 900 Years Through Cutting-Edge Gaming.

Building or greening? Making space for urban plants

History & Archeology - Environment

Dense settlement on one side, nature on the other. When space is short, we need to think hard about how to use it. What are the important criteria here? A historian from the University of Basel is writing a doctoral thesis on the fads and social development that have influenced green spaces in urban planning.

The silent heroins of World War II

History & Archeology - Politics

As the Allies commemorate the 80th anniversary of D-Day, the CNRS historian Denis Peschanski takes a look behind the scenes and celebrates the vital y

The unexpected origins of a modern finance tool

Discounting calculations are ubiquitous today - thanks partly to the English clergy who spread them amid turmoil in the 1600s, an MIT scholar shows.

Blood sausages and yak milk: Bronze Age cuisine of Mongolian nomads unveiled

History & Archeology

Bronze cauldrons were used by the inhabitants of the Mongolian steppe around 2,700 years ago to process animal blood and milk. This is shown by a protein analysis of archaeological finds from this period.

Ritual sacrifice at Chichén Itzá

History & Archeology - Social Sciences

Ancient Maya genomes reveal the practice of male twin sacrifice and the enduring genetic legacy of colonial-era epidemics.

A study of art and architecture revisits Swiss colonial history

History & Archeology - Art and Design

In her PhD thesis, carried out jointly at EPFL's Arts of Science Laboratory and the HEAD-Genève school of art in Geneva, Denise Bertschi examines Switzerland's role in establishing a slavery-based colony in Brazil. Bertschi, who is also an artist, will display her work at both the Swiss National Museum and the Neuchâtel Art Center in September.

Coach Babb says 46th season will be his last

Sport - History

Johns Hopkins baseball coach Bob Babb says 46th season will be his last

University of Warwick to restore unique historical Venetian document as part of new Marco Polo International Programme launch

Researchers at the University of Warwick's Warwick Venice Centre, will restore a significant historical document that has been lost for more than 70 years, revealing a new perspective on global exchange in the decade after Marco Polo's death.

Documenting the world’s largest prehistoric rock art in South America

History & Archeology - Environment

Writing in The Conversation, Dr José Oliver explains his visit 2015 visit to Cerro Pintado in Venezuela that led to the world's largest prehistoric rock art.

Revolutionary method for establishing time between Neanderthal fires

New study develops revolutionary method for establishing time between Neanderthal fires. Santiago Sossa-Ríos, from the Universitat de València, excavating a hearth at El Salt.

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Post-doctorat en archéologie islamique (H/F) CNRS, Lyon
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F Postdoctoral Fellow in proteomics of silks CNRS, Paris
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University Assistant Professor Post-1800 US History [Temporary Cover] University of Cambridge
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