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Law - Linguistics - Aug 9
At first glance, the cartoon in the French law book on Lyonette Louis-Jacques' desk in the D'Angelo Law Library seems almost funny, in a banana-peel-pratfall kind of way. For starters, there's actually a banana peel in the picture, two slippery slivers making their mischief beneath the foot of a well-dressed redhead.
History - Linguistics - Jul 19

A new one-week course, called Humanities Research Intensive , teaches firstand second-year undergraduate students what research in the humanities could be and what skills are needed to do it.

Linguistics - Health - Jun 28

Prof. Emeritus Kenneth Northcott lived a vibrant existence, which was often filled with drama-in the classroom, on the stage, and in the British Intelligence Corps after World War II. A renowned University of Chicago scholar of Germanic studies, actor and translator of significant authors, Northcott passed away June 4 in Chicago at age 96.

Linguistics - Health - May 20
Linguistics - Health

Playwright Alana Valentine has been delighted by responses from scientists to her work Made to Measure, now playing at the Seymour Centre.

Linguistics - Music - May 14

Playwright David Auburn, AB'91, returns to Court Theatre to debut Augie March - Playwright David Auburn, AB'91, slouches on a couch in director Charles Newell's office at Court Theatre , trying to decide if there's a way to get a talking eagle on stage.

Linguistics - Jul 10

Starting today (Wednesday, July 10), Elsevier, the world's largest provider of scientific, technical and medical information, has shut off the University of California's direct access to new articles.

Linguistics - Jun 25

New research examined how Republicans and Democrats express themselves online in an attempt to understand how polarization of beliefs occurs on social media. New Stanford linguistics research has analyzed how Republicans and Democrats use different language when discussing mass shootings on social media and found that Republicans talk more about the shooter and Democrats focus more on the victims.

Linguistics - May 16

A University of Bristol academic appears to have succeeded where countless cryptographers, linguistics scholars and computer programs have failed - by cracking the code of the 'world's most mysterious text', the Voynich manuscript.

Linguistics - May 3

David Lanster with his project advisor Cristina Favretto, head of Special Collections for UM Libraries. David Lanster with his project advisor Cristina Favretto, head of Special Collections for UM Libraries.

Selected Jobs
Career - 05.08
Assistant Professor in English Language and Communication University of Southern Denmark
Linguistics/Literature - 25.07
Postdoc position on the grammar of drum languages (0.8 FTE) Utrecht University
Linguistics/Literature - 16.08
UniversitätsassistentIn - Postdoc Universität Innsbruck
Linguistics/Literature - 31.07
Senior Lecturer ohne Doktorat Universität Innsbruck
Pedagogy - 18.07
Professur (W1) Didaktik der Romanischen Schulsprachen (Tenure Track auf W2) Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena
Linguistics/Literature - 17.08
Lecturer in English - Grade 7 (Part Time) University of Liverpool
Linguistics/Literature - 15.08
Postdoctoral Research Assistant Queen Mary University of London
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