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Technique improves the reasoning capabilities of large language models

Combining natural language and programming, the method enables LLMs to solve numerical, analytical, and language-based tasks transparently. Large language models like those that power ChatGPT have shown impressive performance on tasks like drafting legal briefs, analyzing the sentiment of customer reviews, or translating documents into different languages.

Review: Rachel Cusk’s Parade: a daring work of experimentation that strikes out against conformity

Art and Design - Linguistics

Dr Scarlett Baron (UCL English) described Parade, Rachel Cusk's latest experimental novel, as "daring and difficult book" in The Conversation.

Libraries across Wales and England to house academic’s research on dementia communication

A book by a Cardiff University expert has been selected as part of The Reading Agency's Reading Well for dementia collection.

Celebrating the wonderful talent of Alice Munro, 1931-2024

Linguistics & Literature

Courtesy Libraries and Cultural Resources Digital Collections, University of Calgary. Legacy identifier 84 005_37 06_10a-11.

Risk perception influenced less by media than previously thought

Linguistics & Literature

For decades, researchers have assumed that people overestimate the risk of dramatic causes of death, such as road traffic accidents.

Désanne van Brederode new Writer in Residence at VU Amsterdam

Linguistics & Literature

As of June 1st 2024 Désanne van Brederode will be appointed Writer in Residence at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

Grey’s Anatomy or Me Before You helps in coping with death

People actively engaging with death, for instance by reading about it, and then watching a film where that subject is central, learn to deal with death better.

Campus - Linguistics - Jun 12

Chris Childers’ epic accomplishment

Campus - Linguistics

Ten years in the making, poet and Writing Seminars alum Chris Childers' 956-page translation of Greek and Latin lyric verse is a 'personal odyssey' gathering over 80 poets from across eight centuries.

Academics share their research at Hay Festival

Politics - Linguistics

Cardiff University academics are taking their research to the Hay Festival.

Orphan articles: the ’dark matter’ of Wikipedia

Media - Linguistics

Wikipedia is the largest platform for open and freely accessible knowledge online yet, in a new study, researchers have found that around 15% of the content is effectively invisible to readers browsing within Wikipedia. They have developed a new tool to help overcome this.

Variability in human body vocabularies

Linguistics & Literature

Linguistic analysis provides insight into the vocabularies for body parts in more than a thousand languages.

Film commissioned by UCLA professor earns spot at Directors’ Fortnight in Cannes

Linguistics & Literature

The animated short was conceived and brought to fruition by Yanai Initiative director Michael Emmerich Arts + Culture The animated short was conceived

Natural language boosts LLM performance in coding, planning, and robotics

Three neurosymbolic methods help language models find better abstractions within natural language, then use those representations to execute complex tasks.