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Literature - Oct 10
Scientists at McGill have found the answer to a question that perplexed Charles Darwin. So much so, that it actually led him to doubt his own theory of evolution.
Literature - Mathematics - Aug 3

Have you heard the one about the linguist, astrophysicist, playwright, cancer researcher and screenwriter getting together to vigorously debate the validity of storytelling in science? This is not fiction, but a true story.

Literature - Jul 4

New research from The Australian National University (ANU) has shown people demonstrate unconscious negative biases when they encounter a person of ethnic appearance or hear a foreign accent.

History - Literature - May 9
History - Literature

For 250 years, the extensive set of manuscripts and papers lay unnoticed in the University Library's basement.

History - Literature - Jul 12
History - Literature

Since the 16th century, Basel has been home to a mysterious papyrus. With mirror writing on both sides, it has puzzled generations of researchers.

Literature - Jul 4

This year's convention is entitled 'The Literary Interface' because of the connections literature has to so many parts of our lives.

Health - Literature - Mar 22

With X-ray imaging at SLAC's synchrotron, scientists uncovered a 6th century translation of a book by the Greek-Roman doctor Galen.

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Lecturer, Legal Writing University of Maryland
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