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History - Literature May 9
History - Literature
For 250 years, the extensive set of manuscripts and papers lay unnoticed in the University Library's basement. Now, linguists from the University of Basel are providing access to Johann Jakob Spreng's Grosses Glossarium der deutschen Sprache (Great Glossary of the German Language) for the first time.
Medicine - Literature Mar 22

With X-ray imaging at SLAC's synchrotron, scientists uncovered a 6th century translation of a book by the Greek-Roman doctor Galen.

Literature - History Feb 21

When and where did humans develop language? To find out, look deep inside caves, suggests an MIT professor.

Media - Literature Mar 1

A new research project from The Australian National University (ANU) has uncovered more than 21,000 forgotten novels, novellas and short stories, including thousands of unknown Australian works, published in newspapers in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Literature Nov 1, 2017

A new report by Darnell Hunt, dean of social sciences of the UCLA College, takes a critical look at the harmful and far-reaching effects of television writers rooms that do not employ black writers, or employ small numbers of black writers to meet diversity hiring requirements.

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Assistant Professor / Associate Professor / Professor in English Language University of Helsinki
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Lecturer Universität Graz
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Post-doctoral research fellowships in Arabic historiography University of Ghent
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/W1 (with tenure track) Professorship in Teaching English as a Foreign Language Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn
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Full Professorship (W3) of Nordic Philology (Chair) Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
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Part-time Departmental Lecturer in Phonetics University of Oxford
Literature/Linguistics - 22.06
Postdoctoral Research Assistant - A Consolidated Library of Anglo-Saxon Poetry University of Oxford
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Visiting Assistant Professor, English & Modern Languages / Spanish (97771) University of Illinois at Springfield
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