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Media - May 28
On: on on Facebook on edIn EXPERTS ADVISORY The University of Michigan has experts who can comment on the regulation of media and an expected executive order from President Trump targeting media companies.
Media - Innovation - May 12

Moving images in the newspaper as in Harry Potter, or digital weather forecasts in the Bern dialect? New media technology is transforming journalism. The Media Technology Center at ETH Zurich supports media companies on their path to the future.

Media - May 11

Techniques that personalize media messages in real-time have become increasingly sophisticated. This enables new personalization strategies, such as when people receive an ad on their mobile device that is simultaneously advertised on the TV commercials they're watching.

Media - Mar 30

Two Stanford scholars discuss strategies for reporters and editors to write about disinformation, leaked material and propaganda in a responsible and timely way.

Environment - Media - Mar 26

In crises such as coronavirus, the value of research and facts becomes clear. Even when experts don't (and can't) have all the answers, we've got to listen to what they have to say, says Reto Knutti.

Health - Media - May 11

When a story in the Los Angeles Times recently claimed that the novel coronavirus behind COVID-19 had mutated into a more contagious version, it was quickly amplified by other outlets and stoked fears that the virus was becoming more dangerous.

Media - Health - Apr 17

Gabriele Balbi, associate professor in media studies at the Faculty of Communication, Culture and Society, talks, in a short video, about technology in the broadest sense of the term, as a form of cure in these times of coronavirus.

Media - Health - Mar 30

From newspapers to television, from the internet to social media, we experience an overload of information on the Covid-19 pandemic. Science journalism has become an important source to help individuals understand what is true and what is false. In this video Philip Di Salvo, a post-doc researcher at USI Institute of Media and Journalism, proposes four key words to comprehend what is happening to the media. What good practices should readers adopt?

Media - Feb 27

In a complex news environment, Stanford professors urge voters to be careful consumers of political information and to think hard about where information comes from and how it reaches them. This year, California will join more than a dozen states in holding its primary elections on Super Tuesday, March 3, three months earlier than in 2016.

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Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin / Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter (80%) Hochschule Luzern - Design & Kunst
Media - 06.03
Associate Professorships, Centre for Journalism University of Southern Denmark
Media - 24.06
Professur (W3) Bauhaus-Universität Weimar
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