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Pedagogy - Social Sciences - Jun 4
Pedagogy - Social Sciences
Researchers from UNIGE have shown that children lose their motivation to participate in physical activities in PE classes at school from the age of nine. Cardio-respiratory capacity in children has dropped by 25% in 20 years, according to a study by the University of Adelaide in Australia.
Pedagogy - May 23

The first ever study to assess secondary school choices made across all households in England has shown that the system is unfair to households in areas where they are given fewer options on the application form, with these parents having to make 'less ambitious' choices.

Pedagogy - May 14

Early childhood education programs can impact life outcomes in ways that span generations, according to new research from Nobel laureate James Heckman. In a pair of companion papers released this week , the pioneering University of Chicago economist found that the children of those who participated in a landmark 1960s study still saw improvements in education, health and employment.

Pedagogy - May 9

Bilingual children adapt to the needs of their communication partners better than monolingual children. According to researchers at the University of Zurich, this is because children growing up bilingually have to manage challenging communication situations more often and deal with the differing communication styles of their parents.

Pedagogy - Apr 17

Thrifty parents in low-income households could be inadvertently encouraging unhealthy fussy eating habits in their children.

Pedagogy - May 19

As GCSE exam season starts this week, new research has found a positive Ofsted rating can have a surprising negative impact on students. Parents with kids in schools that received a better than expected Ofsted report are much more likely to reduce help with homework and this can have a damaging impact on GCSE results.

Pedagogy - May 13

Toddlers who are picky about their food are not deficient in essential nutrients compared to their peers when they are teenagers.

Pedagogy - May 2

Stressed-out people make bad food decisions, eating higher-calorie foods and eating more often. Stressed-out parents may be making those unhealthy choices for the children who depend on their judgment, new research finds.

Pedagogy - Psychology - Mar 25
Pedagogy - Psychology

Time-out as a method of discipline for toddlers and young children is a hot topic among parents and educators.

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