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Psychology - Pedagogy - Sep 17
Children growing up in families with expensive homes have fewer emotional and behavioural problems, finds new research led by the UCL Centre for Longitudinal Studies (CLS) based at the UCL Social Research Institute. The study, published today in Child Development, is one of the first to look at the links between family wealth and children's development.
Social Sciences - Pedagogy - Sep 16

Emotional difficulties were consistently elevated among children and young people from low income households over a month of lockdown compared to those from higher income households.

Pedagogy - Aug 26

Children in Wales have some of the lowest levels of wellbeing among children across 35 countries, a team of Cardiff University researchers has found.

Pedagogy - Social Sciences - Aug 24

Multidisciplinary teams will address chronic challenges in education by targeting solutions to specific groups of learners. When the novel coronavirus shut down school campuses last spring forcing millions of students to learn at home, there was an immediate need for remote instruction.

Social Sciences - Pedagogy - Aug 18

Parents who are undocumented immigrants are more likely than documented parents to teach mistrust to their children and to be wary of interactions with law enforcement personnel and non-Latinos, say University of Michigan researchers.

Social Sciences - Pedagogy - Sep 8

Posted under: News releases , Population Health , Research , Social science New University of Washington research analyzes global fertility trends. Mustafa Omar/Unsplash Widespread use of contraceptives and, to a lesser extent, girls- education through at least age 14 have the greatest impact in bringing down a country's fertility rate.

Pedagogy - Aug 25

In working on individual cases, the researchers use the so-called Children's Register in the International Tracing Service set up by the Allies in 1948.

Pedagogy - Aug 18

A new research project will look at how touchscreens affect the way two and three year olds play and what impact this has on children's development.

Pedagogy - Career - Jul 30

The number of hours worked in Britain dropped significantly in lockdown, with mothers most likely to sacrifice work for home schooling and developmental play, according to new research from the UCL Centre for Longitudinal Studies (CLS).

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