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Pedagogy - Apr 17
Thrifty parents in low-income households could be inadvertently encouraging unhealthy fussy eating habits in their children. University of Queensland researcher Professor Karen Thorpe said parents in poorer households were keenly aware that uneaten food amounted to extra strains on household resources.
Pedagogy - Psychology - Mar 25
Pedagogy - Psychology

Time-out as a method of discipline for toddlers and young children is a hot topic among parents and educators.

Pedagogy - Mar 19

"I'm dyslexic and children's books have always been a safe haven for me.

Pedagogy - Innovation - Mar 12

The first study of the impact of digital mobile devices on different aspects of family time in the UK has found that children are spending more time at home with their parents rather than less - but not in shared activities such as watching TV and eating.

Health - Pedagogy - Feb 27
Health - Pedagogy

Measles is more than just a little rash. The highly contagious virus can pack a serious punch, landing as many as one in four infected people in the hospital and killing one in 1,000.

Pedagogy - Mar 23

Inside the Fitzwilliam Museum, the Armoury and Renaissance galleries are alive with the sound of chattering children. Eyes wide in amazement, noses pressed against cool glass and little feet padding across polished floors, Cambridgeshire pre-schoolers are excitedly discovering treasures found close to home and further afield.

Pedagogy - Mar 14

A report out today examines the factors that influence 'maths anxiety' among primary and secondary school students, showing that teachers and parents may inadvertently play a role in a child's development of the condition, and that girls tend to be more affected than boys.

Pedagogy - Psychology - Feb 28

Research led by Jelena Obradovi? singles out characteristics associated with stronger executive function skills in highly disadvantaged preschoolers. Preschoolers' ability to regulate their attention, behavior and emotions has been linked with their capacity to cope with difficult situations and thrive in the classroom.

Pedagogy - Feb 13

Parenthood can be a struggle, particularly for families with multiple children in need of care, nurturing, protection and attention.

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