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Pedagogy - Computer Science - Sep 28
Pedagogy - Computer Science
Nearly 10% of elementary school students have trouble learning to write, with potentially lasting consequences on their education. EPFL researchers have developed a software program that can analyze these children's writing disabilities and their causes with unparalleled precision. Trouble learning how to write, called dysgraphia, affects some 10% of schoolchildren.
Pedagogy - Medicine - Aug 10

Men respond to their spouse's illness just as much as women do and as a result are better caregivers in later life than previous research suggests, according to a new Oxford University collaboration.

Pedagogy - Social Sciences - Jul 20

Teenagers who regularly clash with their parents are more likely to have given time to a charity or humanitarian cause, a study has shown.

Pedagogy - Medicine - Jul 31
Pedagogy - Medicine

Most students underestimate how much age affects the chance of having a baby, according to new research published today.

Life Sciences - Pedagogy - Jun 14
Life Sciences - Pedagogy

The early years are when the brain develops the most, forming neural connections that pave the way for how a child - and the eventual adult - will express feelings, embark on a task, and learn new skills and concepts.

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