Medicine - Psychology Mar 9
Easy access to a gun at home is bad for a child's mental health, particularly for girls -bad enough, according to a new examination of a study of American schoolchildren from the 1990s, to suggest parents think carefully before making the decision to bring a gun into the home, especially one that may be accessible by the children in the household.
Medicine - Psychology Mar 6

In the United States, depression affects 16 million people annually, and according to the World Health Organization it's the leading cause of disability across the globe.

Social Sciences - Psychology Feb 16

Autistic adults are not being effectively diagnosed with depression due to a lack of assessment tools, a new study has found.

Psychology - Social Sciences Mar 5

Whether idolised as heroes or demonised and labelled terrorists, throughout history people have been willing to die for their groups and the causes they believe in.

Medicine - Psychology Feb 8

Researchers at University of California San Diego School of Medicine found a significant number of children across four regions in the United States were determined to have fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD).

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