Health - Psychology - Jan 19
Health - Psychology
Levels of depression and anxiety rose sharply over December in the UK, especially among young adults, reaching similar levels to lockdown at the start of 2021, according to new findings from the Covid-19 Social Study led by UCL researchers.
Health - Psychology - Jan 18

The relationships between young mental health patients and the nurses looking after them is an overlooked treatment in its own right, according to new research. The qualitative study of eight young people, eight family members and eight nursing staff by psychologists from The University of Manchester and Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust is published in high profile journal PLOS ONE.

Environment - Psychology - Jan 17
Environment - Psychology

A team from the UNIGE demonstrates that certain soft incentive techniques, known as «nudges», are effective in getting people to change their behaviour.

Psychology - Life Sciences - Jan 13

Family members of those with borderline personality disorder (BPD) show similarities in their brains and personalities­ - and even interpret some facial expressions similarly, according to a series of studies by researchers at the University of Toronto.

Psychology - Social Sciences - Jan 10

Postgraduate researchers at UK universities suffer from high rates of mental ill-health, with female, non-binary and LGBTQ+ communities faring particularly badly, new research suggests. The findings, published in the journal Current Psychology , are drawn from a survey of 479 postgraduate researchers (PGRs) working at 48 UK universities.

Psychology - Jan 7

Engaging with traditional media not associated with happiness or anxiety levels. Consuming traditional forms of media - including books, music and television - has little effect on short-term adult well-being, according to a new study by researchers from the University of Oxford and the University of Vienna, published in Nature Scientific Reports.

Psychology - Jan 18

There are over 10,000 collisions between vehicles and wildlife in Ontario every year. Most are not fatal for those in the vehicle, but the costs associated with such a collision in Canada total about $800 million annually.

Psychology - Jan 14

Scientists from Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität (WWU) Münster have developed a method to measure the full extent of eye movements during blinks for the first time.

Social Sciences - Psychology - Jan 11

Kids have struggled throughout the pandemic-from attending school by Zoom video conferencing to quarantining from family and friends-but surprisingly having children at home may help adults feel less distressed.

Social Sciences - Psychology - Jan 10

With pandemic school closures in place in Ontario, Québec , Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island until Jan. 17, and other provinces on watch , music could be important for maintaining the well-being of children and families.

Life Sciences - Psychology - Jan 7
Life Sciences - Psychology

Our actions are motivated by the goals we want to achieve. However, little is known about the mechanism in our brains that allow us to make the right decisions to reach our goals. Researchers at the Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research (FMI) and the University of Basel now identified the sequence of events taking place in a mouse brain when the mouse behaves in a certain way to obtain a reward. And how it can adapt its behavior when the reward is not the one expected.

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