Opinion: Bipolar disorder - we’ve pinpointed the brain areas which drive mood bias

Psychology - Life Sciences

New research to uncover the brain areas that bias mood and the brain's response in bipolar disorder could one day lead to better treatments, writes Dr Hestia Moningka (UCL Psychology & Language Sciences) in The Conversation. Moods and emotions play an important role in our day-to-day life. They even influence how we experience things - for instance, whether we start the day feeling hopeful and energised or grumpy and lethargic.

Festivals can be a powerful force for sustainable lifestyle changes

Environment - Psychology

Vegan festival study shows collective experience can motivate people to pursue social change.

Teens with behavioural problems, particularly girls, more likely to sext

Social Sciences - Psychology

Researchers say it's important to recognize and support youth who are vulnerable to sexual victimization.

The role of brain connections in insomnia explained

Life Sciences - Psychology

Insomnia is a common problem that also increases the risk of depression. Unfortunately, we do not yet sufficiently understand the underlying neurobiological mechanisms.

Why Gen Z are obsessed with looking young

Health - Psychology

Young people are increasingly turning to anti-ageing procedures, including Botox. ANU psychiatrist Neil Jeyasingam says the reasoning goes beyond the superficial.

Visionary cognitive neuroscientist Susan Courtney dies at 57

Psychology - Life Sciences

Courtney's research focused on understanding the neural basis of higher cognitive function, and she was especially interested in how brain structure was affected by aging or disease.

Symposium highlights scale of mental health crisis and novel methods of diagnosis and treatment

Co-hosted by the McGovern Institute, MIT Open Learning, and others, the symposium stressed emerging technologies in advancing understanding of mental health and neurological conditions.

Injuries of the moral kind

Health - Psychology

Making tough decisions that conflict with your values can result in what psychologists call 'moral injuries'.

Psychology - Jun 18

Predicting problematic pornography use

Using pornography compulsively. Using it to cope with negative emotions. Being disturbed by one's own choice of pornographic material. Feeling ashamed of using pornography.

Strengthening diversity in working life: G-VERSITY presents its results

Gender equality and valuing diversity in the workplace are the key to a just future for our societies: This is the main message of G-VERSITY, a four-year European research project led by the University of Bern. The network presented solutions to achieve this objective at its final conference.

Psychology - Jun 13

Social media bans don’t address youth mental health problems, say experts

As politicians in the US, France and other countries begin introducing legislation banning the free use of social media by young people, new research has found that these bans do not address youth mental health problems - and could actually cause more harm than good.

Just thinking about a location activates mental maps in the brain

MIT neuroscientists have found that the brain uses the same cognitive representations whether navigating through space physically or mentally.

Best Abstract Award for Tobias Schiffler and colleagues for ’CoMitMent project’

Tobias Schiffler from MedUni Vienna's Center for Public Health, together with his project colleagues Christopher Tupy and Lisa Kainzbauer, received the Best Abstract Award for their presentation of the CoMitMent project at the Sixth International Psychiatry Congress on Mental Health and Recovery in Bern.

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