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Health - Social Sciences - May 22
Children and young people appear to be more than 50% less likely to catch SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, than adults but evidence remains weak on how likely they are to transmit the virus, finds a UCL-led review of test and tracing and population screening studies. Researchers say the findings, which are awaiting peer review and formal publication, provide further evidence on children's susceptibility to COVID-19, and the data will be important for governments making decisions about school reopening and easing lockdown restrictions.
Social Sciences - Health - May 21
Social Sciences - Health

The coronavirus pandemic is affecting everyone, including children. And the complexity of this situation is especially difficult for little ones to understand.

Health - Social Sciences - May 20

Black communities in the United States have been disproportionately affected by the number of coronavirus cases and deaths. At the same time, white nationalist activities have increased in the last months.

Health - Social Sciences - May 20

An alternating cycle of suppression interventions and relaxation could offer a pragmatic strategy - particularly for developing countries - to prevent health systems from being overloaded while reducing the economical and societal burden.

Environment - Social Sciences - May 19

Indigenous Peoples around the world are suffering disproportionately from the impacts of pollution. After surveying close to 700 articles covering different disciplines and regions of the world, a research team led by Helsinki University and involving McGill has highlighted key factors that contribute to this situation.

Pedagogy - Social Sciences - May 21

New research suggests enrichment programs help children solidify the information they have added to their wall of knowledge. How humans organize information plays an integral role in memory, reasoning and the ability to acquire new knowledge.

Health - Social Sciences - May 20
Health - Social Sciences

Around 70% of young people who report self-harming or suicidal thoughts are within normal or non-clinical range of mental distress.   Even modest improvements in mental health and wellbeing across the

Law - Social Sciences - May 20

Michigan's eviction filing rate was 17% in 2018-or the equivalent of one eviction case for every six occupied rental housing units in the state, according to new research from the University of Michigan and Legal Services of South Central Michigan.

Social Sciences - May 19

Stanford community members shared hundreds of "good things" on a recent poll. The top mentions were relaxing walks, no commutes, cooking fun, time with dogs, getting to know neighbors, gardening and virtual classes.

Selected Jobs
Social Sciences - 08.05
Dozent*in und Projektleiter*in (60%) Hochschule Luzern - Soziale Arbeit
Criminology/Forensics - 01.05
Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter (w/m/d) Deutsche Hochschule der Polizei (DHPOL), Münster
Criminology/Forensics - 29.04
Zwei wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiter (w/m/d) Deutsche Hochschule der Polizei (DHPOL), Münster
Social Sciences - 22.05
Indigenous Postdoctoral Fellowship (multiple Positions) University of Melbourne
Social Sciences - 20.05
Postdoc Design Research Enduring Rewards project (ATIO 0817) Delft University of Technology
Social Sciences - 23.04
Postdoc Position for the ERC Project Onlinerpol (one Year) (uni) Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
Social Sciences - 25.05
Postdoc H/F : En anthropologie romani CNRS, Villejuif
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