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Health - Social Sciences - Dec 14
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Social Sciences - Dec 4
Social Sciences

Encouraging people to change their behavior through social marketing campaigns can help the recovery of threatened wildlife populations.

Social Sciences - Nov 23
Social Sciences

Latest research reveals the extent to which conspiracy theories have become "mainstream rather than marginal beliefs" across much of Europe and the US.

Social Sciences - Nov 22
Social Sciences

People are more likely to believe a true or false claim if it is paired with a photograph, a researcher from The Australian National University (ANU) has found.

Social Sciences - Nov 28

What makes people take risks' Not stunt women or formula 1 drivers. Just ordinary people like you and me.

Veterinary Science - Social Sciences - Nov 22
Veterinary Science - Social Sciences

Researchers at Cardiff University are working to understand a relatively common genetic condition that most people haven't heard of.

Health - Social Sciences - Nov 21
Health - Social Sciences

Opinion + Voices - Psychology professor Adriana Galván says the right pillow can serve as a relatively inexpensive solution - Adriana Galván Adriana Galván a professor of psychology at UCLA and holds the Jeffrey Wenzel Term Chair in Behavioral Neuroscience.

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