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Social Sciences - Jun 25
A report aiming to improve safeguarding in international development research has been produced by Sussex academics after they were commissioned by the UK Collaborative on Development Research (UKCDR). Dr David Orr from the School of Education and Social Work (ESW), Dr Synne Dyvik and Dr Gabrielle Daoust from the School of Global Studies, along with Sushri Sangita Puhan and Professor Janet Boddy also at ESW, were commissioned to conduct an independent evidence review into safeguarding issues that may arise in the international development research context.
Environment - Social Sciences - Jun 24
Environment - Social Sciences

Methods from 1,400 years ago could boost water availability during Lima's dry season, according to new Imperial College London research.

Social Sciences - Jun 24
Social Sciences

Research shows that LGBTQ older adults are at higher risk for many chronic medical conditions, yet are also resilient and proactive when it comes to taking care of their health.

Life Sciences - Social Sciences - Jun 20
Life Sciences - Social Sciences

Faced with potential violence from rival factions, dwarf mongoose groupmates pull together and behave more co-operatively, according to a new study by University of Bristol researchers published today [Thursday 20 June].

Social Sciences - Life Sciences - Jun 18

Guns recovered from crimes are often a decade old, but knowing when a gun was manufactured doesn't reveal how many times it may have changed hands. A new study co-authored by University of Chicago scholar Harold Pollack examines the time elapsed between the acquisition of a gun and when it was used in a crime.

Life Sciences - Social Sciences - Jun 24

Monarch butterflies purchased from a commercial breeder did not fly in a southward direction, even in offspring raised outdoors, in a new study conducted by scientists at the University of Chicago. Wild-caught monarchs bred indoors under simulated outdoor conditions also did not orient south, suggesting that captive breeding disrupts the monarch's famous annual migratory behavior.

Social Sciences - Health - Jun 20
Social Sciences - Health

Currently, around 910,000 Rohingya refugees live in Cox's Bazar District in Bangladesh after having fled violence faced in Myanmar, resulting in one of the most rapid exoduses in modern history.

Business - Social Sciences - Jun 18

The total fertility rate is a measure of the expected number of children a woman will have during her lifetime. American women's fertility has generally been declining along with the decrease in manufacturing jobs.

Social Sciences - Health - Jun 17
Social Sciences - Health

A fMRI study shows the effect of social support on the social exclusion experience. Social belonging is a fundamental need for the life of human beings.

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