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Health - Social Sciences - Apr 22
As if adolescence isn't difficult enough, imagine the many complicated feelings around being diagnosed with five cancers starting at age 11, resulting in needing to have your left leg amputated at age 14.
Social Sciences - Apr 22

Aliens, video games and brain patterns provide insights into adult learning. As a baby listens to her parents talk, her brain somehow sorts the sounds into specific sound categories. This happens even though mom and dad say the word "hello," slightly differently because of accents or pitch.

Social Sciences - Apr 12

Despite the recent spate of knife violence and homicide in some UK cities, the number of people injured in serious violence in England and Wales dropped by 1.7% between 2017 and 2018, according to a report published by Cardiff University.

History - Social Sciences - Apr 9

Railroad workers construct a section of the First Transcontinental Railroad on the Humboldt Plains of Nevada.

Health - Social Sciences - Apr 8
Health - Social Sciences

Health is more than the genes we inherit from our parents, the food we eat or the exercise we sweat through at the gym.

Social Sciences - Apr 18

Students sit in a lecture hall on UC Berkeley's campus. A new set of findings from UC Berkeley researchers found that rates of anxiety among young people have doubled since 2008.

Health - Social Sciences - Apr 10

A new system for sharing health information has the potential to change how healthcare and services are delivered to patients, say experts.

Social Sciences - Apr 9
Social Sciences

Australians' willingness to accept immigrants and asylum seekers is heavily influenced by the neighbourhoods they live in, a University of Queensland researcher has found.

Social Sciences - Health - Apr 8
Social Sciences - Health

Bristol's world-renowned Children of the 90s generational health study reached a landmark this week with a first look at new mums and their children in its 2000th published paper.

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