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Social Sciences - Environment - Oct 19
Research team including agroecologists from Göttingen University study conditions in Peruvian cocoa agroforestry systems. Worldwide demand for food from the tropics that meets higher environmental and social standards has risen sharply in recent years.
Social Sciences - Innovation - Oct 19
Social Sciences - Innovation

Ten years ago, ETH took the bold step of establishing a presence abroad in the form of its very own research centre. This year, the Singapore-ETH Centre launched its third research programme - and new insights are already making their way back to Switzerland.

Social Sciences - Politics - Oct 15
Social Sciences - Politics

If both camps take a more empathetic approach when there's an argument, it generally makes it easier to listen to what the other side is saying and alleviate tension. This isn't the case, however, when the conflict is about immigration.

Social Sciences - Psychology - Oct 13

Thousands of police detentions and voluntary interviews of vulnerable people may have been carried out without an ‘appropriate adult' (AA) present, a report has found.

Social Sciences - Oct 12

A pioneering study into people's experience of bereavement during the COVID-19 pandemic has been launched by researchers from the universities of Cardiff and Bristol. The study is calling for participants, particularly those from black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) backgrounds following the disproportionate effect COVID-19 has had on ethnic minority groups.

Social Sciences - Career - Oct 15

A single adult in Seattle needs to earn more than the state minimum wage to make ends meet - and if they have an infant, they'll need to make more than twice that: $34 an hour, according to new research from the University of Washington.

Social Sciences - Economics - Oct 14

Researchers at Cardiff University, Queen Mary University of London, and University of Exeter have revealed the significant impact of austerity on rural areas.

Pedagogy - Social Sciences - Oct 12
Pedagogy - Social Sciences

A year and a half ago, when researchers at the  Yale Child Study Center  (CSC) began developing a virtual program to train parents how to manage children's tantrums, they had no idea just how popular telehealth treatments would become in the face of a looming pandemic.

Health - Social Sciences - Oct 10
Health - Social Sciences

Despite significant progress in prevention and therapy, millions of people still get infected with HIV every year. The main burden of HIV/AIDS falls on Africa. To contain the epidemic, innovative methods are needed to enable early diagnosis of all those affected. A Basel research group has now been able to significantly improve the success of "door-to-door" testing campaigns thanks to HIV self-tests.

Selected Jobs
Pedagogy - 19.10
Professor of food culture University of Helsinki
Social Sciences - 19.10
Tenure Track or Full Professor in Economics University of Helsinki
Social Sciences - 13.10
Full Professor of »Highly Equipped Buildings and Research Infrastructures« Technische Universität München
Social Sciences - 19.10
Post-doctrant.e H/F CNRS, Paris
Social Sciences - 14.10
Research Fellow - PALS Study University of Southampton
Research Management - 14.10
Outreach and Research Associate University of Lancaster
Social Sciences - 16.10
Research Specialist University of Illinois at Chicago
Social Sciences - 16.10
Assistant or Associate Professor University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
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