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Health - Social Sciences - Aug 19
Health - Social Sciences
Differences in the health of rural residents compared to their urban neighbors are startling. In Washington, for instance, rural residents are one-third more likely to die from intentional self-harm or 13 percent more likely to die from heart disease. However, while statistics like these help guide public health policy and spending, they can hide even greater health disparities within those rural communities, said Betty Bekemeier , director of the UW School of Public Health's Northwest Center for Public Health Practice and a professor in the UW School of Nursing.
Life Sciences - Social Sciences - Aug 16

Prof. Lauren Berlant is a renowned thinker, one who has earned acclaim not only as a leading voice in the study of gender and sexuality, but as an incisive cultural critic. Still, the University of Chicago scholar considers herself first and foremost a teacher-a collaborative spirit whose classroom is driven by the interactions between diverse ideas.

Social Sciences - Aug 13
Social Sciences

University of Queensland researchers have published the first ever global dataset of mining-induced displacement and resettlement , giving mining companies an evidence base to develop best practice.

Social Sciences - Aug 9
Social Sciences

A new study from the University of Bristol has linked bone strength to the timing of puberty.

Social Sciences - Aug 9

Children who are constantly moved around the social care system are more likely to be vulnerable to sexual exploitation, new research concludes. Dr Sophie Hallett of Cardiff University led the study, which used case records to track a cohort of 205 children involved with social services in one Welsh local authority.

Social Sciences - Aug 14

Frequent, heavy social media use can disrupt activities which promote positive mental health in girls, new research suggests. The findings come from the first comprehensive observational study into how very frequent use of platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and WhatsApp may harm the mental health of young people.

Environment - Social Sciences - Aug 13
Environment - Social Sciences

Deforestation in Colombia has been linked to armed conflict and forests' proximity to coca crops, the plant from which cocaine is derived.

Music - Social Sciences - Aug 9

[Music: "Contrarian” by Blue Dot Sessions] Anne Brice: This is "Berkeley Talks,” a Berkeley News  podcast that features lectures and conversations that happen at UC Berkeley. You can find more talks at

Social Sciences - Business - Aug 8
Social Sciences - Business

Firearm retailers around Washington state are willing to learn about suicide prevention and to train their employees in how to spot and act on suicide warning signs, a new University of Washington study finds.

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Social Sciences - 08.08
Dozentin und Projektleiterin / Dozent und Projektleiter (80 %) Hochschule Luzern - Soziale Arbeit
Social Sciences - 08.08
Dozentin und Projektleiterin / Dozent und Projektleiter (40 - 60%) Hochschule Luzern - Soziale Arbeit
Social Sciences - 16.07
Professor in social sciences and governance of health systems UNIL - Faculté des SSP, 1015
Career - 15.08
Postdoctoral Research Fellow University of Queensland
Social Sciences - 19.08
Stipendiary Lecturership in Social and Cultural Anthropology University of Oxford
Life Sciences - 15.08
Postdoctoral Research Assistant University of Oxford
Social Sciences - 19.08
Research Associate University of Maryland
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