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Pre-ERC Postdoc Program in Cellular, Molecular and Digital Medicine

Closing Date
WorkplaceVienna, Wien, Austria
Job StartSeptember/October 2020 or earlier

CeMM is an international research institute of the Austrian Academy of Sciences and a founding member of EU-LIFE. The mission of CeMM is to achieve maximum scientific innovation in molecular medicine to improve healthcare. It has an outstanding track record of top-notch science (last few years: >10 papers in Nature/Cell/Science/NEJM, >25 papers in Nature/Cell sister journals) and medical translation. At CeMM, an international and creative team of scientists and medical doctors pursues free-minded basic life science research in a large and vibrant hospital environment of outstanding medical tradition and practice. CeMM’s research is based on post-genomic technologies and focuses on societally important diseases, such as immune disorders and infections, cancer and metabolic disorders. We operate in a unique mode of supercooperation, connecting biology with medicine, experiments with computation, discovery with translation, and science with society and the arts. The goal of CeMM is to pioneer the science that nurtures the precise, personalized, predictive and preventive medicine of the future, and to train a modern blend of biomedical scientists to make great contributions.

We are recruiting a group of postdocs who are eager to pursue groundbreaking biomedical research, and we will help them to establish themselves as future scientific leaders. This postdoc program is designed to prepare postdoctoral researchers for a successful ERC Starting Grant application and for an independent research career in top research organizations in Europe and around the world.

The postdoc program is based at the CeMM Research Center for Molecular Medicine of the Austrian Academy of Sciences in Vienna, one of Europe’s leading centers for basic biomedical research – with clinical translation in mind. Selected candidates will join one of CeMM’s research groups for 3 to 6 years, addressing ambitious research questions in areas such as cancer, immunology, chemical biology, epigenetics, metabolism, and genomic medicine. Research projects will focus on medically relevant problems, including disease mechanisms, modern therapeutics and diagnostic strategies. On top of this, postdocs will receive extensive career development and leadership training from the entire CeMM Faculty and additional experts in a highly collaborative and supportive environment


  • Cancer immunology (Bock Lab). Single-cell analysis of the tumor immune microenvironment in patients, (humanized) mouse models and immune-enriched organoids
  • Human synthetic biology (Bock Lab). Developing new cell-based therapies (CAR T etc.) using combinatorial bioengineering and machine learning / artificial intelligence
  • Maintaining genome integrity (Loizou Lab). Mechanistic investigations into how cells maintain their genomes and what goes wrong in cancer
  • Systems biology (Menche Lab). The arithmetic of combinatorial perturbations in molecular networks
  • Cellular transporters (Superti-Furga Lab). Shaping biology by modulating access to chemical matter
  • Systems biology (Superti-Furga Lab). Regulation of the human transportome
  • Targeted protein degradation (Winter Lab). Novel strategies to treat cancer
  • We are open to other ideas that fit into the broader scope and mission of the CeMM Research Center for Molecular Medicine


  • Candidates who want to pursue innovative biomedical research and substantially advance their scientific career
  • Open to both PhD (natural sciences) and MD (medical sciences) holders
  • From a variety of academic backgrounds: molecular biology, biomedical research, bioinformatics, biochemistry, bioengineering, etc.
  • With the motivation, skills, experiences, and initial achievements (subject to academic age) to qualify for a competitive postdoc program
  • Required are scientific quality and originality, as well as a collaborative and interdisciplinary mindset

We offer

  • An international group of highly collaborative colleagues that will help you achieve your scientific and career goals
  • Top-notch environment with the ideas, projects, resources, infrastructure, collaborations, and mindset for groundbreaking research
  • Excellent track record of past postdocs who have become internationally successful principal investigators, professors, entrepreneurs
  • Strong focus on disease biology and translational research: cancer, metabolic disorders, inflammation/infection, drug discovery
  • Interdisciplinary projects connecting biology with medicine, experiments with computation, and discovery with translation
  • Unique opportunity to engage close interactions with physicians and clinical researchers at the Medical University of Vienna on one of Europe’s largest medical campuses
  • Opportunities to collaborate with industry (biotech/pharma) and to get involved in academic startup/spin-off companies
  • Training program in project management, scientific writing, visual communication, entrepreneurship, leadership and data science
  • Special training for writing successful ERC Starting Grants as a ‘ticket’ to an outstanding academic career
  • Mentoring Program within EU-LIFE (?url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.eu-life.eu&module=jobs&id=1125361" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">https://www.eu-life.eu), an alliance of 14 top research centers in life sciences to support and strengthen European research excellence
  • Being part of a thriving academic and social community in Vienna, one the cities with the best quality-oflife in the world
  • A competitive postdoc salary according to the Austrian Science Fund (?url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.fwf.ac.at&module=jobs&id=1125361" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">https://www.fwf.ac.at), which amounts to an annual gross salary slightly above EUR 50,000. The CeMM employment contract includes full insurance (health, accident, pension) and a one-off payment for moving
  • CeMM’s HR department and administrative team offers support with relocation, visa applications, onboarding, family support, etc.

Contact and Address

Please apply online with:
  • A cover letter including a short summary of research interests
  • Curriculum vitae (CV)
  • Academic transcripts
  • Contact details of three referees.
Applications received by 15 March 2020, 17:00 CET will be considered. The preferred starting date
is September/October 2020 or earlier.

Selection Process:
All submitted applications are reviewed by the CeMM Faculty and selected candidates are invited to participate in a video interview. Shortlisted candidates are then invited to Vienna for a two–day event at the beginning of May, where they will be asked to introduce themselves through a presentation followed by panel interviews with CeMM Faculty members. Faculty will introduce tentative projects to the postdoc candidates, and there is extensive opportunity to meet research group members and attend an informal dinner. At the end of the selection process, candidates will be asked to submit their preference regarding which research groups they would like to work with, which may be identical or different from the original choice indicated in the cover letter.


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In your application, please refer to myScience.org and reference JobID 1125361.

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