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one Postdoc and 2 PhD positions in Metamorphic Networking Software / Mobile Code for Trustworthy Computing

WorkplaceBasel, Spiegelgasse 1, North West Switzerland, Switzerland
Job Startimmediately

The Computer Networks group of the University of Basel is seeking candidates for

one Postdoc and 2 PhD positions in Metamorphic Networking Software / Mobile Code for Trustworthy Computing


Information dissemination and processing have become hostile places: computers, networks and their operators cannot be trusted anymore, individually and combined, and are rightly seen as a threat. We want to reverse this situation and research communication paradigms and execution environments where users are put back in control.

This requires alternatives to Internet-based networking (which is too easy for politicians or military adversaries to bring down), following decentralized operations principles, and the use of code swarms that can defend themselves against malicious hosts and avoid the brittle deployment conduits in use today (e.g., app stores).

Our research is situated at the crossroad of active networking (code-carrying packets), trustworthy data structures (Secure Scuttlebutt’s append-only logs) and cryptography (homomorphic encryption).


Candidates for the open positions should have a solid background in Computer Science and have excellent knowledge and knowhow in several of the following areas: computer networking and signaling (from data center and HPC networks to fountain codes), security (from proof-carrying code to CPU enclaves), operating system kernels (from NIC to shared memory and kernel bypasses), compilers and virtual machines, as well as CRDT algorithms and related data structures.

PhD positions: A Master’s degree (or equivalent) in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or Mathematics, and a Master Thesis in one of the topical areas mentioned above. Experience in carrying out research projects independently and writing scientific articles will be considered a plus; must be fluent in English (oral and written).

PostDoc Position: A PhD thesis in one of the topical areas mentioned above, experience with the scientific publication process and the academic teaching environment (tutor supervision); must be fluent in English (oral and written). Lecturing options can be arranged.

Speaking German is not required.

We offer

Successful candidates are expected to contribute to and help shape the green field research of metamorphic software that can shift its form and execution places when under attack.

All three open positions are secured for four years. The intitial contract will be for one year (two years for the PostDoc position) and then extended. The positions do not depend on EU research grants. We point this out because the European Union excluded Switzerland from participating in the "Horizon Europe 2021-27" research framework at the same level as EU countries, and fully from other venues (ERC grants), for political and negotiation bargaining reasons. Having said this: we are proud to run without EU-filtered money and to put science first - applications from EU countries are warmly welcome!

Contact and Address

All positions are full-time positions, work place is Basel, Switzerland. Application deadline is August 29, 2021 or until all positions are filled. The positions can start immediately. Applications must be submitted as a single PDF file at https://www.jobs.ch/en/­vacancies/­detail/10549166/ with the following information: brief personal motivation statement, CV, degree documents, MSc or PhD thesis, contact info of two professors that can recommend you upon request (no direct recommendation letters).

Inquiries about these positions can be sent to the head of the Computer Networks group, Prof. Dr. Christian Tschudin



Warning: this advert is not valid anymore. ()
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