Database Administrator

WorkplacePasadena, California, USA
Database Administrator Caltech is a world-renowned science and engineering institute that marshals some of the world’s brightest minds and most innovative tools to address fundamental scientific questions. We thrive on finding and cultivating talented people who are passionate about what they do. Join us and be a part of the diverse Caltech community. Job Summary IPAC has an opening for a database administrator to support scientific data processing for several NASA and NSF funded space missions and ground-based telescopes. We are part of the Physics, Math, and Astronomy Division at Caltech (?" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"> and provide science operations, user support, data and archive services, and scientific vision to maximize discovery with observatories both in space and on the ground. Job Duties Activities and missions supported by the database administrator will include: IRSA (?" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">, the steward of scientific data sets, ancillary data products, and documentation delivered by NASA’s Infrared and Sub-millimeter missions. IRSA operates a variety of database systems supporting public science users, and is expanding services for data science applications. SPHEREx, a recently approved NASA Astrophysics Explorer mission which will conduct a spectroscopic, infrared survey of the entire sky. IPAC is developing and operating a science data pipeline for SPHEREx. The Near-Earth Object (NEO) Surveyor mission, a NASA Planetary Defense mission that will launch in the mid-2020s. IPAC is developing the science data processing system and will provide science operations, data access and archive services, and user support. The NASA Exoplanet Science Institute (NExScI) at IPAC which operates several exoplanet oriented services including the Exoplanet Archive, the Keck Observatory Archive, and the NEID Pipeline Operations and Archive. The Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope includes science objectives in exoplanet exploration, dark energy research and Galactic and Extragalactic surveys. IPAC provides high level science data processing, proposal solicitation and management and operations support. The Zwicky Transient Facility (ZTF, ?" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"> ), an NSF-supported time domain survey led by Caltech using the Palomar 48-inch telescope. IPAC operates the realtime science data pipelines. Your role as a database administrator at IPAC will be to: Protect the integrity of the organization’s data: guarding against data corruption and developing strategies to recover from database failures. Proactively monitor the state and health of the database using a centralized database monitoring system. Tune database servers as needed based on access patterns and system limits. Provide support regarding access and software debugging and tuning. Facilitate the release of new content by staging and publishing from a staging/test database to the operations database. Handle database backup and recovery: writing scripts for backups and validating them through periodic recoveries. Develop auditing scripts based on each project’s requirements. Maintain the database, including purging expired objects, archiving old logs, and refreshing stale statistics; performing software updates, supporting hardware upgrades and regression testing. Support the project development, operations, and systems teams to design and implement database schemas for existing and new endeavors at IPAC and NExScI. Provide consultation and assistance to applications developers regarding performance or functionality needs; advise on proposed system changes, upgrades, and optimization. Collaborate with other IPAC database administrators to share methods and tools across projects and consult on solutions to problems. Write and maintain documentation on procedures and recipes for managing a project’s database. Basic Qualifications If you have the following in your background, then we want to hear about your interest in joining our team: Bachelor’s degree or equivalent with at least 3 years of related experience. Demonstrated ability in installing and administering relational database management systems, especially Oracle and PostgreSQL. Experience with scripting and programming languages. System administration skills. Beyond these basic qualifications, there are a set of skills and experiences which will add to your ability to contribute to the roles and responsibilities of an IPAC Applications Developer. The following might give you a head-start here, but even if these do not describe you or your experience, we would still like to hear from you: Experience maintaining all database-related server and client software, including user accounts and roles. Ability to perform regression testing following all DB software, operating system, and hardware upgrades. Design of schema with optimization of structures according to use cases. Experience with implementing stored procedures and functions. Familiarity with using database performance monitoring tools, vacuuming (periodic refreshes according to scheduled maintenance), and backup / replication strategies. Demonstrated ability to write and maintain documentation for procedures and recipes. Experience with parallel and/or non-relational database technologies. Experience operating database instances in a cloud environment. Required Documents Resume Life at Caltech/IPAC IPAC is located on the campus of the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, California by the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains. Caltech is small, but has an extraordinary science impact, with 39 Nobel Prizes awarded to faculty and alumni. Caltech manages the Jet Propulsion Laboratory for NASA, the leading US center for the robotic exploration of the Solar System. Caltech also operates large-scale research facilities such as the Palomar and Keck Observatories, and LIGO, which in 2016 observed gravitational waves from colliding black holes for the first time. Pasadena is a city known for its contributions to science and technology, and its rich history, cultural treasures, scenic beauty, and year-round comfortable weather create a desirable environment for life and ideas to thrive. See Bill Nye’s take on our city. People choose to work at IPAC for many reasons, and the casual, employee-centric culture often leads to fulfilling, long-term careers and lasting relationships. Caltech’s benefits program offers a quality, competitive benefits package that is affordable for you and the Institute. The program provides a strong base of coverage for you and your dependents, and the ability to choose the plan and the level of coverage that best meet your needs. We also offer a 403(b) defined contribution plan to eligible staff as well as a Voluntary Retirement Savings (TDA) Plan. IPAC staff have access to the Institute’s facilities, including the athletic center, libraries, on-site daycare, professional development and enrichment classes, and Athenaeum club membership.
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