Internship for Software Development in Applied Cryptography

Austrian Institute of Technology
WorkplaceWien, Wien, Austria

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We are Austria’s largest research and technology organisation and an international player in applied research for innovative infrastructure solutions. This makes us a powerful development partner for industry and a top employer in the scientific community. Our Center for Digital Safety & Security invites applications for an:

Internship for Software Development in Applied Cryptography

- Center for Digital Safety & Security -

The transition to cloud computing is introducing many new security challenges and requires novel cryptographic approaches for data protection. Together with industry partners we are developing novel privacy friendly cloud-based solutions to protect data at rest, on transit, and even during processing. During your internship, you will be part of our cryptography team , who is working on the development and standardization of novel secure cloud services based on modern cryptographic methods to realize highest security standards.

As you work with the latest technologies and methods, you will further develop your practical skills. You will not only gain insight into the latest topics in the field of information security research but will also have the opportunity to contribute to solving current challenges and answer research questions in the field of information security. You will support our team of cryptographers in implementing, integrating, and evaluating the latest methods in secure cloud computing and more. With your support, we will work on the development of innovative frameworks for secure data handling in the cloud with s specific focus on distributed multi-cloud solutions. You will learn how to conduct research as well as how to perform secure implementations of cryptographic systems.

You will gain (first) practical experience in one of Austria’s leading applied research companies. You will gain experience in the development and use of cryptography in current and future applications. You will collaborate with innovative industry partners and start-ups in the field. You will support us in our national and international research projects and will get exciting insights. You will have the opportunity to discuss with our experts about the latest developments in the cryptography field.

Your qualifications as an Ingenious Partner : You are studying in the field of: Computer Science, Informatics, IT-Security, Cryptography, Mathematics, or similar You are at the end of your bachelor’s study programme, or you are enrolled in a master’s study programme either at an Austrian or international university Good knowledge of one or more programming languages, preferably Python, C/C++, Rust or Java Knowledge of information security and/or distributed systems (at least one introductory course) Interest in the implementation of research-related cryptographic methods and their practical use Ability to communicate and work in a team Good verbal and written English or German skills
What to expect: Duration of the internship: between 2 and 6 months; weekly working hours: 38,5 hours (fulltime) or 20 hours (parttime). A remuneration of at least EUR 1,256 gross per month for 38.5 hours per week. In addition to our company benefits, we offer flexible working conditions and the opportunity to gain professional experience in a highly innovative environment. At AIT, the promotion of diversity is important to us - that’s why we are especially looking forward to hearing from female applicants!

Please submit your application including your CV and cover letter , online.

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