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Life Sciences - Medicine Aug 17
Life Sciences - Medicine
Researchers from ETH Zurich and the University of Vienna have discovered a type of bacteria that uses tiny daggers to prevent itself from being eaten by amoebae. The scientists also resolved the three-dimensional structure of the mechanism that allows the micro-daggers to be shot quickly.
Life Sciences - Medicine Aug 17
Life Sciences - Medicine

CHAMPAIGN, Ill. — Researchers at the University of Illinois have discovered a mechanism that allows bacteria of the same species to communicate when their survival is threatened.

Life Sciences - Medicine Aug 16
Life Sciences - Medicine

A new test to show the properties of biologically important enzymes could help to streamline development of new treatments.

Agronomy - Medicine Aug 17

A study by researchers at King's College London has found that children who skip breakfast regularly may not be consuming the daily amounts of key nutrients for growth and development that are recommended by the UK government.

Careers - Medicine Aug 16
Careers - Medicine

MIT Technology Review has named University of Washington professor Franziska Roesner one of 35 "Innovators Under 35” for 2017 .

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