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Cancer Research and Animal Models

On Saturday, June 15th, the second edition of the National Day of Information on Laboratory Animals will be held. This event is promoted by the Swiss Association of Veterinarians in Industry and Research (SAVIR) in collaboration with the Swiss Society for Laboratory Animal Science (SGV) and Forschung für Leben (FfL). The aim is to provide transparent information on animal experimentation and raise awareness about its ongoing importance for scientific research. This year's theme is cancer research. Remembering that USI, along with other universities and Swiss organizations, adheres to the Swiss Transparency Agreement on Animal Research (STAAR), we present an interview with Professor Francesco Bertoni, Deputy Director of the Institute of Oncology Research (IOR, affiliated with USI) and Head of the Lymphoma Genomics Group.

A ’pseudo-prion’ molecule protects the brain from Alzheimer’s disease in mice

Life Sciences - Health

A research team 1 led by scientists from CNRS and Université Grenoble Alpes has discovered that the injection of a modified "pseudo-prion" protein int

Vitamin B6: New Compound Delays Degradation

Pharmacology - Life Sciences

A low vitamin B6 level has negative effects on brain performance. A research team from Würzburg University Medicine has now found a way to delay the degradation of the vitamin.

Life Sciences - Jun 13

Brain regions that bias the brain’s response to pleasure in bipolar disorder identified

Life Sciences

Momentary shifts in mood, even those lasting just a matter of seconds, profoundly alter the brain's response to pleasurable experiences in people wit

Impact of high-temperature heat storage on groundwater

Environment - Life Sciences

In a recently launched project, the aquatic research institute Eawag is investigating how the use of borehole thermal energy storage (BTES) affects the surrounding soil, the groundwater and the microorganisms living in it. In collaboration with Empa and its Demonstrator Energy Hub (ehub), a project is being developed in a unique setting on the campus in Dübendorf.

With programmable pixels, novel sensor improves imaging of neural activity

New camera chip design allows for optimizing each pixel's timing to maximize signal-to-noise ratio when tracking real-time visual indicator of neural voltage.

Scientists preserve DNA in an amber-like polymer

Life Sciences - Chemistry

With their "T-REX" method, DNA embedded in the polymer could be used for long-term storage of genomes or digital data such as photos and music.

The genetic ’switches’ of bone growth

Life Sciences - Health

Scientists at the University of Geneva have identified the genetic sequences that regulate the activity of the genes responsible for bone growth.

Life Sciences - Jun 13

The science of procrastination

Life Sciences

Procrastination, the deliberate but detrimental deferring of tasks, has many forms. Sahiti Chebolu of the Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics uses a precise mathematical framework to understand its different patterns and their underlying reasons. Her insights could help tailor individual strategies to tackle the issue.  

Gaining a better understanding of brittle bone disease - without animal experiments

Life Sciences - Health

Researchers at ETH Zurich have developed a cell-based bone model to help investigate the cause of this genetic condition.

Visionary cognitive neuroscientist Susan Courtney dies at 57

Psychology - Life Sciences

Courtney's research focused on understanding the neural basis of higher cognitive function, and she was especially interested in how brain structure was affected by aging or disease.

New insights into the brain regions involved in paranoia

Life Sciences - Mathematics

Through a novel approach, Yale researchers translate data from monkeys to better understand how paranoia arises in the human brain.

Healthcare services must prepare for a world where Alzheimer’s disease is treatable

Health - Life Sciences

Drugs with the potential to change the course of Alzheimer's disease are expected to be approved by mid-year in the UK.

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