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Health - Campus - Oct 19
Higher education institutions frequently offer mentored research experiences to increase undergraduate student interest, motivation and preparedness for research careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematic and Medicine (STEMM) fields. However, for participating students from historically underrepresented groups, unaddressed cultural factors may hinder engagement and result in a less effective mentoring relationship.
Health - Pharmacology - Oct 19

Initial findings from a study looking at the longer-term impact of COVID-19 has found that a large proportion COVID-19 patients discharged from hospital were still experiencing symptoms of breathlessness, fatigue, anxiety and depression two to three months after contracting the virus.

Life Sciences - Health - Oct 16

Five-year, $10 million research effort sponsored by National Institutes of Health. Carnegie Mellon University will direct a new multi-institution research center funded by the National Institutes of Health to develop a better understanding of the three-dimensional structure of cell nuclei and how changes in that structure affect cell functions in health and disease.

Life Sciences - Health - Oct 16
Life Sciences - Health

Droplets of fat inside our cells are helping the body's own defence system fight back against infection, University of Queensland researchers have discovered.

Health - Life Sciences - Oct 15
Health - Life Sciences

Many cells in the body must pass through tissue, which sometimes requires them to get out of tight corners. An international research team co-led by ETH Zurich has now examined how cells recognise and escape from such bottlenecks. Among the results of the team's work are new pointers for how to improve immunotherapy.

Health - Pharmacology - Oct 19

"His track record of quickly turning breakthroughs in the laboratory into new therapies is impeccable," Jonsson Cancer Center director Dr. Michael Teitell said of Ribas. Milo Mitchell/UCLA Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center "His track record of quickly turning breakthroughs in the laboratory into new therapies is impeccable," Jonsson Cancer Center director Dr. Michael Teitell said of Ribas.

Health - Oct 16

Our psychologists say e-cigarettes might not be a safer alternative to smoking during pregnancy and have called for more awareness of the risks. E-cigarettes are often considered a less harmful alternative to traditional cigarettes as they don't produce toxins, like carbon monoxide, but they do contain nicotine.

Life Sciences - Health - Oct 16
Life Sciences - Health

A study by the Brain Research Institute at UZH reveals that early trauma leads to changes in blood metabolites - similarly in mice and humans. Experiments with mice have show that these potentially harmful effects on health are also passed to the next generation. The researchers have identified a biological mechanism by which traumatic experiences become embedded in germ cells.

Health - Pharmacology - Oct 15

UC San Diego's fall plan continues to evolve, informed by the university's Return to Learn program. We invited students, faculty and staff to submit their questions, including how UC San Diego is involved in COVID-19 vaccine development, when a vaccine may be approved, the similarities and differences between the trials and how the campus community can take part.

Selected Jobs
Health - 14.10
Professeur-e ordinaire ou associé-e, médecin-chef-fe du service de gériatrie Université de Genève / Hôpitaux Universitaires de Genève HUG
Health - 13.10
Professeur-e ordinaire ou associé-e en orthodontie Université de Genève
Life Sciences - 19.10
Postdoctoral fellowship in neuronal circuits of movement University of Copenhagen
Health - 19.10
Postdoctoral Researcher in Epidemiology Karolinska Institute, Stockholm
Life Sciences - 09.10
Junior / senior postdoc neurobiology Katholieke Universiteit te Leuven (KU Leuven)
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