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Health - Pharmacology - Dec 12
Health - Pharmacology
A new blood test is being developed at The Australian National University (ANU) that can detect patients at risk of dry age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and potentially save millions of people from going blind.  Dry AMD is a common eye disorder that is caused by damage to the macular - the part of the eye that is responsible for our sharpest vision.
Pharmacology - Health - Dec 11
Pharmacology - Health

A widely used diabetes medication combined with an antihypertensive drug specifically inhibits tumor growth - this was discovered by researchers from the University of Basel's Biozentrum two years ago.

Health - Dec 11

Four published papers co-authored by University of Bristol researchers are ranked in this year's Altmetric Top 100 papers.

Health - Life Sciences - Dec 11
Health - Life Sciences

Research in recent years has linked a person's physical or social environment to their well-being. Stress wears down the body and compromises the immune system, leaving a person more vulnerable to illnesses and other conditions.

Health - Dec 11

A new study from the University of Bristol supports body mass index (BMI) as a useful tool for assessing obesity and health.

Health - Pharmacology - Dec 11
Health - Pharmacology

The well-known drug tamoxifen could exploit a weakness in the physical 'scaffolds' around tumours, according to research led by Imperial.

Health - Pharmacology - Dec 11

Scientists have identified and modelled a distinct biology for paediatric acute myeloid leukaemia, one of the major causes of death in children.‌ ‌‌ The breakthrough research, from the

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