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Materials Science - Health - Nov 22
Materials Science - Health
A protective membrane for cardiac pacemakers developed at ETH Zurich has proved successful in animal trials in reducing the undesirable build-up of fibrotic tissue around the implant. The next step is to test the protective membrane in patients. ETH scientists have developed a special protective membrane made of cellulose that significantly reduces the build-up of fibrotic tissue around cardiac pacemaker implants, as reported in the current issue of the journal Biomaterials.
Health - Life Sciences - Nov 21

A shift in surgical practice over the last decade towards the earlier removal of a type of slow-growing but ultimately fatal brain tumour has led to dramatic improvements in survival and seizure control for patients, a study at UCLH and UCL has found.

Life Sciences - Health - Nov 21

In the last decade, genome sequencing has provided a wealth of information about risks for certain diseases. But should parents be able to get all of the sequence results of their children's genomes, especially if the variants would not cause illness or symptoms until adulthood?

Pharmacology - Health - Nov 21

An analysis of patients' heart data has shown that even a small increase in a protein linked to heart attacks is linked to an increased risk of death. Clinicians use troponin testing, alongside other investigations, to determine whether a patient is having a heart attack and to inform treatment choices.

Health - Pharmacology - Nov 20

Scientists from Imperial and the University of Bergen have found a new way to predict how a disease will likely progress in individual patients. This could help patients receive more targeted treatments earlier in the progress of their disease.

Health - Pharmacology - Nov 21

For Dr. Patrick Dowling, volunteering at the 2019 Care Harbor free clinic for people who are uninsured or who lack access to health care is a sharp break from his norm of treating people at UCLA Medical Center, Santa Monica.

Health - Life Sciences - Nov 21
Health - Life Sciences

The world's largest study on babies with brain injuries will start in India this week to help prevent epilepsy.

Health - Administration - Nov 20

The Scar Free Foundation is the only medical research charity which focuses solely on scarring, and today [20 November] announced plans to establish the world's largest cohort of children with burns, in partnership with University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust (UH Bristol).

Health - Pharmacology - Nov 20
Health - Pharmacology

The introduction of a digital alert system to monitor patients with sepsis has led to a reduction in deaths and hospital stays.

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Health - 11.11
Responsable de la section Développement des professions de la santé Office fédéral de la santé publique, OFSP, Bern
Health - 07.11
PhD position in electrical / biomedical engineering Bern University Hospital, Inselspital / University of Bern
Health - 20.11
Jane Sherrard Research Fellow University of Sydney
Health - 13.11
Postdoc in machine learning in echocardiography Katholieke Universiteit te Leuven (KU Leuven)
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Postdoc (Biomedical Engineering - Neural Interfaces) Technische Universität München
Life Sciences - 19.11
Jeune Chercheur / Post-doc avancé H/F CNRS, Paris
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