Natural sciences

Natural sciences

Computer Science - Business - Sep 20
Computer Science - Business
Model extracts granular behavioral patterns from transaction data to more accurately flag suspicious activity. Have you ever used your credit card at a new store or location only to have it declined? Has a sale ever been blocked because you charged a higher amount than usual? Consumers' credit cards are declined surprisingly often in legitimate transactions.
Earth Sciences - Environment - Sep 19

Imperial experts have predicted that sustained Antarctic warming of just 2°C could melt the largest ice sheet on earth.

Earth Sciences - Environment - Sep 18
Earth Sciences - Environment

Study finds end-Permian extinction, which wiped out most of Earth's species, was instantaneous in geological time.

Computer Science - Sep 18

A mobile app that guides pedestrians along the safest instead of quickest route to their destination is being developed by researchers at Cardiff University.

Palaeontology - Earth Sciences - Sep 17
Palaeontology - Earth Sciences

A new study published today in Nature, using research carried out at the University of Bristol, shows that getting smaller was a key factor contributing to the exceptional evolution of mammals over the last 200 million years.

Currently 5055 jobs in fields Chemistry, Computer Science/Telecom, Earth Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Mathematics, Physics / Astronomy.
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Computer Science/Telecom - 20.09
Faculty Positions in Computer and Communication Science EPFL, Lausanne
Mechanical Engineering - 18.09
Projektleiter/in Anlagenbau Nagra - Nationale Genossenschaft für die Lagerung radioaktiver Abfälle, Wettingen
Music - 14.09
Dozent / Dozentin Klavier (60-80%) Hochschule Luzern
Music - 14.09
Dozent / Dozentin Klavier (60-80%) Hochschule Luzern
Literature/Linguistics - 19.09
Temporary position as Senior lecturer in Computational Linguistics Uppsala University
Environment - 18.09
UniversitätsassistentIn - Postdoc Universität Innsbruck
Business/Economics - 13.09
Assis­tant Professor, non-­tenure track Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien
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