Natural sciences

Natural sciences

Earth Sciences - Astronomy Mar 28
Earth Sciences - Astronomy
Scientists have presented the first direct, observational evidence of atmospheric currents - similar to Rossby waves found on Earth - on the sun. The discovery has the potential to help predict solar storms that affect everything from orbiting satellites to telecommunications systems and the energy grid on Earth.
Physics - Chemistry Mar 28
Physics - Chemistry

Using sunlight to drive chemical reactions, such as artificial photosynthesis, could soon become much more efficient thanks to nanomaterials.

Life Sciences - Chemistry Mar 27

Ronald R. Breaker, newly named as a Sterling Professor of Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology, is one of the world's experts on the diversity and function of RNAs, which are crucial to carrying out a host of life processes.

Life Sciences - Chemistry Mar 28
Life Sciences - Chemistry

In order for a fuel cell to work, it needs an oxidising agent. TU Wien has now found a way to explain why oxygen does not always enter fuel cells effectively, rendering them unusable.

Earth Sciences - Media Mar 24
Earth Sciences - Media

Media releases, information for representatives of the media Media Relations (E) The striking North Face of the Bernese Alps is the result of a steep rise of rocks from the depths following a collision of two tectonic plates.

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