Natural sciences

Natural sciences

Mathematics - Life Sciences Jun 22
Mathematics - Life Sciences
A team of international scientists - including an archaeologist from the University of Bristol - have cracked the mystery of why bird eggs are shaped the way they are. According to the new research published today , egg shape in birds is related to adaptations for efficient flight and a mechanistic model reveals how different egg shapes may be formed.
Mathematics - Life Sciences Jun 22
Mathematics - Life Sciences

Sleek bird species adapted to flight lay more elliptical and asymmetric eggs, according to new research that overturns classic theories.

Physics - Chemistry Jun 21
Physics - Chemistry

Hydrogen is regarded as the energy source of the future: It is produced with solar power and can be used to generate heat and electricity in fuel cells.

Physics - Chemistry Jun 22

New research by physicists at the University of Chicago settles a longstanding disagreement over the formation of exotic quantum particles known as Efimov molecules.

Chemistry - Physics Jun 19
Chemistry - Physics

The problem is a fundamental incompatibility in communication styles. That conclusion might crop up during divorce proceedings, or describe a diplomatic row.

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Pedagogy/Education Science - 23.06
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