Natural sciences

Natural sciences

Medicine - Mathematics Mar 22
Medicine - Mathematics
How fast could a new flu epidemic spread? The results of the UK's largest citizen science project of its kind ever attempted, carried out by thousands of volunteers, predict that 43 million people in the UK could be infected in an influenza pandemic, and with up to 886,000 of those infected expected to be fatalities.
Computer Science - Microtechnics Mar 22

On World Water Day, a University of Glasgow computer scientist is highlighting how residents of a remote Indian village have benefited from social robot which helped them with their daily burden of water-gathering.

Life Sciences - Chemistry Mar 22

ANN ARBOR-Proteins are the worker bees of the cell, mainly ganging up to form macromolecular, multicomponent complexes to perform intricate cellular tasks.

Medicine - Chemistry Mar 22
Medicine - Chemistry

Research news - In an outbreak of Legionnaires' disease, finding the exact source as quickly as possible is essential to preventing further infections.

Chemistry - Innovation Mar 22
Chemistry - Innovation

It seems like getting something for nothing, but you really can get drinkable water right out of the driest of desert air.

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Pedagogy/Education Science - 21.03
Dozentin / Dozent für Elektrotechnik / Energietechnik Hochschule Luzern, Horw/Luzern
Business/Economics - 20.03
Doktoranden im Bereich Corporate Finance (70-85%) Hochschule Luzern, Zug
Environment - 20.03
Faculty Position in Extreme Environments EPFL, Lausanne
Adjunct Professor University of Oslo
Education/Continuing Education - 22.03
1-2 four-year Postdoctoral fellowships in Educational Assessment and Measurement University of Oslo
Environment - 19.03
Faculty Position in Extreme Environments EPFL, Lausanne
Mechanical Engineering - 22.03
Stiftungsprofessur "Smart Materials / Industrie 4.0" Fachhochschule Kärnten, Spittal
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