Life Sciences - Chemistry Feb 24
Life Sciences - Chemistry
Research news - The genome molecule contains the blueprint for life. The manner in which the blueprint is packed into the cell determines which genes are active and which are set to inactive. Disturbing this structure can result in illnesses such as cancer.
Chemistry - Environment Feb 24
Chemistry - Environment

Scientists led by a team at Caltech have developed a new method for potentially removing nearly all sulfur compounds from gas and diesel fuel.

Physics - Chemistry Feb 22
Physics - Chemistry

Research news - Rechargeable lithium batteries with cathodes comprising nickel, manganese, and cobalt, are viewed as the most potent today.

Life Sciences - Chemistry Feb 22
Life Sciences - Chemistry

A common strategy to create high-yielding plants is hybrid breeding - crossing two different inbred lines to obtain characteristics superior to each parent.

Physics - Chemistry Feb 21

Findings Will Help Guide Nanoparticle Construction, Could Lead to New Materials, Drugs. By Jocelyn Duffy Graphic shows Au246's hierarchical assembly into an artificial solid.

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Research Associate (Fixed Term) University of Bath
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