Physics - Chemistry - Dec 13
Big Brains Podcast. Climate change's human cost with Michael Greenstone Nano-sized particles already make bicycles and tennis rackets lighter and stronger, protect eyeglasses from scratches, and help direct chemotherapy drugs to cancer cells. But their usefulness depends on being able to precisely sculpt them into the right configurations-no easy task when they're so tiny that thousands of them could fit into the thickness of a sheet of paper.
Materials Science - Chemistry - Dec 13
Materials Science - Chemistry

Conventional lithium ion batteries, such as those widely used in smartphones and notebooks, have reached performance limits.

Physics - Chemistry - Dec 11
Physics - Chemistry

[ Florian Aigner - "Frequency combs" are optimally suited for chemical sensors. A revolutionary technology developed at TU Wien (Vienna) now produces these laser frequencies in a much easier and more robust way.

Physics - Chemistry - Dec 7
Physics - Chemistry

Process that modifies semiconductor material atom by atom could enable higher-performance electronics.

Life Sciences - Chemistry - Dec 12
Life Sciences - Chemistry

Brain scientists have plenty of ways to track the activity of individual neurons in the brain, but they're all invasive.

Physics - Chemistry - Dec 10
Physics - Chemistry

High-power, tunable design could be used for chemical detection in outer space, medical imaging, more.

Physics - Chemistry - Dec 7

Researchers have discovered a 'blind spot' in atomic force microscopy - a powerful tool capable of measuring the force between two atoms, imaging the structure of individual cells and the motion of biomolecules.

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