Life Sciences - Chemistry - Jun 14
Life Sciences - Chemistry
Researchers at Münster University find out that dandelion possesses enzymes that have untypical abilities for plants / Study in "Angewandte Chemie' Plants possess enzymes called polyphenoloxidases, which can oxidize certain chemical compounds and thus produce the typical brown colour that we know, for example, from freshly cut apples.
Chemistry - Environment - Jun 13
Chemistry - Environment

Chemists at EPFL have developed an efficient process for converting carbon dioxide into carbon monoxide, a key ingredient of synthetic fuels and materials.

Chemistry - Materials Science - Jun 12

Researchers from Carnegie Mellon University's Mellon College of Science and College of Engineering have developed a semiliquid lithium metal-based anode that represents a new paradigm in battery design.

Chemistry - Environment - Jun 10

To find Room B63 in the nondescript, industrial basement of UC Berkeley's Hildebrand Hall, it's best to follow your ears. On a recent afternoon, the Troggs' 1966 rock hit "Wild Thing" led the way. But once inside the door, don't expect a party, despite the non-stop music and abundant glassware.

Physics - Chemistry - Jun 7
Physics - Chemistry

Physicists develop new strategy to separate molecules In our daily lives, the purpose and function of an item is defined by either its material, e.g. a rain jacket is fabricated of water-proof material, or its shape, e.g. a wheel is round to enable a rolling motion.

Chemistry - Jun 13

Why do some people take to the streets to protest against corruption in their society.. and others don't? Researchers from the Centre for the Study of Corruption at the University of Sussex have found that people who experience corruption first hand are more likely to protest, but only up to the point where it becomes routine.

Pharmacology - Chemistry - Jun 11
Pharmacology - Chemistry

Natural products, or their close derivatives, make some of our most potent medicines, among which macrocycles with their large carbon-rich ring systems are one class.

Pharmacology - Chemistry - Jun 10

Stanford chemists have identified and synthesized two new healing compounds in scorpion venom that are effective at killing staph and tuberculosis bacteria. A scorpion native to Eastern Mexico may have more than just toxin in its sting.

Environment - Chemistry - Jun 4
Environment - Chemistry

Huge floating solar islands on the ocean that produce enough energy to enable CO2-neutral global freight traffic - what sounds like "science fiction" researchers from ETH Zurich, the Paul Scherrer In

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