Life Sciences - Chemistry - Jan 10
Life Sciences - Chemistry
Researchers of the University of Bern have discovered a new molecular regulatory mechanism in unicellular parasites which has never before been observed. RNA fragments do not act as brakes in the cell apparatus, but on the contrary as "stimulants": they boost protein production after periods of stress.
Physics - Chemistry - Jan 9

Detailed observations of iridium atoms at work could help make catalysts that drive chemical reactions smaller, cheaper and more efficient. Catalysts are chemical matchmakers: They bring other chemicals close together, increasing the chance that they'll react with each other and produce something people want, like fuel or fertilizer.

Chemistry - Innovation - Jan 9
Chemistry - Innovation

S-PPV polymers are suitable for use in a wide range of applications, from solar cells through to medicine but, until recently, they were almost impossible to produce.

Physics - Chemistry - Dec 27, 2018
Physics - Chemistry

"Magic-angle" graphene named 2018 Breakthrough of the Year; first ionic plane and earliest evidence of hydrogen gas named to top 10 breakthroughs.

Physics - Chemistry - Jan 9
Physics - Chemistry

Researchers develop design rules for self-assembling 2D nanocrystal/metal-organic framework-based materials for energy storage and catalysis applications.

Chemistry - Physics - Jan 8
Chemistry - Physics

Converting light into electrical signals is essential for a number of future applications including imaging, optical communication and biomedical sensing.

Physics - Chemistry - Dec 27, 2018
Physics - Chemistry

Why is water densest at around 4 degrees Celsius' Why does ice float? Why does heavy water have a different melting point compared to normal water? Why do snowflakes have a six-fold symmetry? A col

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