Physics - Chemistry - Dec 7
Physics - Chemistry
Process that modifies semiconductor material atom by atom could enable higher-performance electronics. Researchers from MIT and the University of Colorado have fabricated a 3-D transistor that's less than half the size of today's smallest commercial models. To do so, they developed a novel microfabrication technique that modifies semiconductor material atom by atom.
Physics - Chemistry - Dec 7

Researchers have discovered a 'blind spot' in atomic force microscopy - a powerful tool capable of measuring the force between two atoms, imaging the structure of individual cells and the motion of biomolecules.

Life Sciences - Chemistry - Dec 6

From kryptonite for Superman to plant toxins for poison ivy, chemical reactions within the body's cells can be transformative.

Pharmacology - Chemistry - Nov 29

A radical new method of producing drug molecules, which uses downloadable blueprints to easily and reliably synthesise organic chemicals via a programmable ‘chemputer', could be set to democratise the pharmaceutical industry, scientists say.

Materials Science - Chemistry - Dec 6
Materials Science - Chemistry

A new collaborative study led by a research team at the Department of Energy's Pacific Northwest National Laboratory , University of California, Los Angeles and the University of Washington could prov

Chemistry - Astronomy - Dec 6
Chemistry - Astronomy

Imagine not having to charge your phone or laptop for weeks. That is the dream of researchers looking into alternative batteries that go beyond the current lithium-ion versions popular today.

Chemistry - Pharmacology - Nov 27
Chemistry - Pharmacology

Science + Technology - UCLA chemist says new process is like 'going from riding a tricycle to driving a Ferrari' - Penny Jennings A UCLA-led team of scientists has developed a new technique that will

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