Chemistry - Pharmacology - Mar 22
Chemistry - Pharmacology
03/22/2019 - Direct coupling of two molecules of nitrogen: chemists from Würzburg and Frankfurt have achieved what was thought to be impossible. This new reaction is reported and opens new possibilities for one of the most inert molecules on earth. Constituting over 78 % of the air we breathe, nitrogen is the element found the most often in its pure form on earth.
Chemistry - Pharmacology - Mar 21
Chemistry - Pharmacology

Researchers from the University of Washington and Microsoft have demonstrated the first fully automated system to store and retrieve data in manufactured DNA - a key step in moving the technology out of the research lab and into commercial data centers.

Life Sciences - Chemistry - Mar 20
Life Sciences - Chemistry

In order for the heart to work properly, it must exert muscular force. This involves the coordinated contraction of numerous sarcomeres, the smallest contractile units of heart muscle.

Life Sciences - Chemistry - Mar 19
Life Sciences - Chemistry

Epigenetic memory of transcriptional gene silencing has been observed in several organisms. However, it was not known whether mechanisms exist that convey transgenerational memory of a silencing “experience”, without silencing the gene permanently.

Health - Chemistry - Mar 20

Ofer Levy '88, professor of pediatrics at Harvard Medical School and director of the Precision Vaccines Program at Boston Children's Hospital, can trace his lifelong interest in infectious diseases to the research he did at Yale under the mentorship of I. George Miller, Jr.

Life Sciences - Chemistry - Mar 19

In the blink of an eye, a squid's "smart skin" can switch color and pattern for the purpose of camouflage or sexual signaling-a virtuosic display that has long fascinated scientists.

Chemistry - Physics - Mar 18
Chemistry - Physics

Splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen presents an alternative to fossil fuels, but purified water is a precious resource.

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