Chemistry - Materials Science - Feb 26
Scientists at UCL and the IIT -Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (Italian Institute of Technology) have created a temporary tattoo with light-emitting technology used in TV and smartphone screens, paving the way for a new type of "smart tattoo" with a range of potential uses.
Environment - Chemistry - Feb 25
Environment - Chemistry

Researchers at the Paul Scherrer Institute PSI and the partner institute Empa have started a joint initiative called SynFuels. The goal is to develop a process for producing kerosene from renewable resources. In this way liquid fuel mixtures of the highest quality, which would allow the most residue-free combustion possible and thus be suitable for aircraft propulsion, should be obtainable using carbon dioxide and hydrogen from renewable resources.

Environment - Chemistry - Feb 24
Environment - Chemistry

Terrestrial ecosystems help mitigate climate change by absorbing large amounts of carbon from the atmosphere. A new study now confirms that changing climate conditions could reduce this effect because in warmer and wetter areas, carbon stored in the soil is released back into the atmosphere more quickly.

Physics - Chemistry - Feb 24
Physics - Chemistry

Symmetry is an important underlying structure of nature, present not only in mathematics and art, but also in living organisms and galaxies.

Physics - Chemistry - Feb 23

Quantum experiments that could previously only be performed with photons are now also possible with atoms: Beams of entangled atoms have been produced at TU Wien (Vienna).

Chemistry - Feb 18

For the first time, biologically-relevant organic molecules have been detected in Archaean fluid inclusions, which most likely served as nutrients for early life on Earth.

Physics - Chemistry - Feb 25

New method could advance next-generation applications in medicine, cosmetics, and petroleum recovery

Chemistry - Environment - Feb 24
Chemistry - Environment

Recerca Air pollution from fuel combustion is one of the greatest environmental problems, especially in urban environments.

Chemistry - Physics - Feb 23
Chemistry - Physics

Researchers including Göttingen University discover biologically-relevant organic molecules in fluid inclusions

Chemistry - Materials Science - Feb 19

Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering research could help make hydrogen useful, sustainable fuel

Environment - Chemistry - Feb 18

Chemical pollution is a global threat that demands for global action, says Zhanyun Wang. An interface body similar to the IPCC could help bridge the gap between science and policy.

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