Physics - Chemistry - Sep 17
Physics - Chemistry
Physicists propose a new path to detect infrared radiation with outstanding sensitivity, allowing detection of signals as low as that of a single quantum of light. When using our webcam or cell phone camera, we experience the tremendous capabilities of cheap and compact sensors developed in the past decades for the visible region of the electromagnetic spectrum.
Health - Chemistry - Sep 15
Health - Chemistry

Immunofluorescence staining of the muscle tissue of a chronically diseased human heart under the confocal microscope.

Materials Science - Chemistry - Sep 14

A new model offers a way to predict the condition of a battery's internal systems in real-time with far more accuracy than existing tools. In electric cars, the technology could improve driving range estimates and prolong battery life.

Life Sciences - Chemistry - Sep 11
Life Sciences - Chemistry

Researchers have discovered that they can use light-sensitive molecules to switch genetic networks on and off as required. Their finding gives rise to an easy method for dynamically controlling biotechnological substance production.

Materials Science - Chemistry - Sep 3
Materials Science - Chemistry

How can the lithium-ion battery (LIB) be further improved? To answer this question, MEET scientists around Lenard Hanf developed new methods for capillary electrophoresis.

Astronomy - Chemistry - Sep 14
Astronomy - Chemistry

A UK-led team of astronomers has discovered a rare molecule - phosphine - in the clouds of Venus, pointing to the possibility of extra-terrestrial 'aerial' life.

Chemistry - Social Sciences - Sep 11

The residue in these seven La Chamba pots retained evidence of all the meals prepared in them. (Photo courtesy of Melanie Miller) If you happen to dig up an ancient ceramic cooking pot, don't clean it.

Physics - Chemistry - Sep 4
Physics - Chemistry

Researchers, working at the boundary between classical and quantum physics, have developed a method for quickly spotting molecules with particularly interesting electron properties.

Environment - Chemistry - Sep 2

Asphalt is a near-ubiquitous substance - it's found in roads, on roofs and in driveways - but its chemical emissions rarely figure into urban air quality management plans. A new study finds that asphalt is a significant source of air pollutants in urban areas, especially on hot and sunny days.

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