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Computer Science - Dec 7
Computer Science
Merging different types of location-stamped data can make it easier to discern users' identities, even when the data is anonymized. A new study by MIT researchers finds that the growing practice of compiling massive, anonymized datasets about people's movement patterns is a double-edged sword: While it can provide deep insights into human behavior for research, it could also put people's private data at risk.
Computer Science - Dec 3

A transformative educational app developed by onebillion that was researched by the University of Nottingham has moved from trials in Africa to schools across England.

Computer Science - Life Sciences - Nov 27

Picture yourself going to an unfamiliar supermarket for the first time. If you are a person who can see, you can simply look around to guide yourself and identify objects and obstacles.

Computer Science - Veterinary Science - Nov 21

EPFL researchers have developed a hydrogel - made up of nearly 90% water - that naturally adheres to soft tissue like cartilage and the meniscus.

Innovation - Computer Science - Nov 28

The project by the Universities' Police Science Institute evaluated South Wales Police's deployment of Automated Facial Recognition across several major sporting and entertainment events in Cardiff

Health - Computer Science - Nov 27
Health - Computer Science

Searching through the mountains of published cancer research could be made easier for scientists, thanks to a new AI system.

Environment - Computer Science - Nov 14
Environment - Computer Science

ESA - Observing the Earth - Understanding Our Planet Securing Our Environment - Benefiting Our Economy 14 November 2018 As ESA's -week continues to provoke and inspire participants on new ways of u

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