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Computer Science - Apr 23
It sounds like a plot out of a spy novel, with a touch of cyberpunk: An agent approaches a secure location, protected by a facial recognition system, accessible only to a head of state or CEO. Flashing an unusually shaped earring, the agent tricks the system into thinking they're that VIP, opening the door and exposing the secrets inside.
Life Sciences - Computer Science - Apr 18
Life Sciences - Computer Science

UCLA computer scientists and their collaborators have devised a plan for the use of cloud computing and big data analysis to allow scientists in developing countries to jumpstart bioinformatics research programs.

Linguistics - Computer Science - Apr 17

With every text message sent, every email, every item purchased online, consumers blindly rely on the process of encryption, the scrambling of data that protects it from unwanted eyes. But encryption is hard to get right.

Materials Science - Computer Science - Apr 15

Empa CEO Gian-Luca Bona on the opportunities and risks of digitalization - and the question as to how a materials research institute needs to gear itself up for this future. Which IT project at Empa do you find the most fascinating?

Physics - Computer Science - Apr 12

The photonic switch is built with more than 50,000 microscopic "light switches" etched into a silicon wafer. Each light switch (small raised squares) directs one of 240 tiny beams of light to either make a right turn when the switch is on, or to pass straight through when the switch is off.

Computer Science - Apr 18
Computer Science

About 3.6 million adults in the United States use a wheelchair to get around, according to census data.

Computer Science - Apr 15

Infrared images from the weather satellite GOES show the Camp Fire spreading during the four hours after ignition on Nov. 8, 2018, during which time it burned through the town of Paradise. Such images, downloaded quickly, could be used to alert fire, police and residents of developing wildland fires.

Computer Science - Innovation - Apr 12

Inside the John Crerar Library, you might catch a glimpse of the future. Just off the lobby, University of Chicago computer scientists and artists are using digital fabrication tools in the  Media Arts, Data and Design Center to create stretchable electronics that could power tomorrow's wearable devices.

Computer Science - Innovation - Apr 11

In the course CS 181: Computers, Ethics and Public Policy , Stanford students become computer programmers, policymakers and philosophers to examine the ethical and social impacts of technological innovation.

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