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Computer Science - Chemistry - Jun 24
In early 2020, the National Energy Research Scientific Computing (NERSC) Center will celebrate the arrival of the Perlmutter supercomputer , designed by Cray Inc. , and boasting the ability to hit a whopping 100 million billion floating point operations per second (FLOPS).
Computer Science - Microtechnics - Jun 24

Told to optimize for speed while racing down a track in a computer game, a car pushes the pedal to the metal... and proceeds to spin in a tight little circle. Nothing in the instructions told the car to drive straight, and so it improvised.

Computer Science - Jun 19

Computer vision researchers have demonstrated they can use special light sources and sensors to see around corners or through gauzy filters, enabling them to reconstruct the shapes of unseen objects.

Computer Science - Jun 18

After watching hours of video footage of former President Barack Obama delivering his weekly address, Shruti Agarwal began to notice a few quirks about the way Obama speaks. "Every time he says 'Hi, everybody,' he moves his head up to the left or the right, and then he purses his lips," said Agarwal, a computer science graduate student at UC Berkeley.

Computer Science - Jun 11
Computer Science

People moving in and out of photographs used to be reserved for the world of Harry Potter. But now computer scientists at the University of Washington have brought that magic to real life.

Computer Science - Innovation - Jun 20

On a frigid day in December 2015, more than 230,000 Ukrainian residents lost power for an afternoon. Lights went out, televisions shut off and heaters froze. Their power grid had been hacked.

Health - Computer Science - Jun 19
Health - Computer Science

Almost 500,000 Americans die each year from cardiac arrest , when the heart suddenly stops beating. People experiencing cardiac arrest will suddenly become unresponsive and either stop breathing or gasp for air, a sign known as agonal breathing.

Music - Computer Science - Jun 17

The Carnegie Library's newest tour guide fits into the palm of your hand. Carnegie's Monocle, an app created by Carnegie Mellon University students, leads library visitors through an augmented reality-driven scavenger hunt that highlights sights and sounds from Pittsburgh's history.

Health - Computer Science - Jun 7

Radiologists improved their diagnoses of brain aneurysms with the help of an artificial intelligence algorithm developed by medical experts and computer scientists. Doctors could soon get some help from an artificial intelligence tool when diagnosing brain aneurysms - bulges in blood vessels in the brain that can leak or burst open, potentially leading to stroke, brain damage or death.

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