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Computer Science - Feb 12
Dating apps and websites could soon use computing algorithms that 'think' like humans to pinpoint fake profiles designed to con victims out of thousands of pounds. Researchers from across the UK, including experts from the University of Bristol Cyber Security Group , have developed new algorithms that can understand what fake dating profiles look like and then apply this knowledge when they scan profiles submitted to online dating services.
Physics - Computer Science - Feb 8

Two years ago, physicists at the University of Chicago were greeted with fireworks -atoms shooting out in jets-when they discovered a new form of quantum behavior. But the patterns underlying the bright jets were difficult to pick out from the noise.

Innovation - Computer Science - Feb 4

AI, crowdsourcing can identify insights that lead to breakthroughs. Investment in research is at an all-time high, yet the rate of scientific breakthroughs isn't setting any records. To resolve this quandary, scientists are turning to artificial intelligence and crowdsourcing for help in identifying a key inspiration for innovation - the perfect analogy.

Astronomy - Computer Science - Feb 1

A Stanford engineer is helping to develop an AI-based navigation system that would enable the space-borne equivalent of tow trucks to find and rescue satellites from so-called graveyard orbits.

Computer Science - Feb 6
Computer Science

Study uncovers language patterns that AI models link to factual and false articles; underscores need for further testing.

Physics - Computer Science - Feb 1
Physics - Computer Science

Researchers determine the performance of multi-dimensional bits Quantum computers are more powerful than classical computers since they work with coherent "quantum bits" instead of ordinary zeroes and ones.

Life Sciences - Computer Science - Feb 1
Life Sciences - Computer Science

Researchers pinpoint the "neurons" in machine-learning systems that capture specific linguistic features during translation tasks.

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