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Age of organic carbon important factor in ocean carbon storage

Earth Sciences - Environment

The ocean can store carbon and act as a carbon sink, and it can be a carbon source. The difference in 'age' of the organic carbon already present in the ocean and the carbon that is supplied determines whether the ocean acts as a carbon sink or source. Researchers from Nanjing universities and Utrecht University created the first sink or source world map that can be used when deciding where to invest in organic carbon storage in the ocean. Their paper was published on 21 June in Nature Geosciences .

Climate models underestimate carbon cycling through plants

Environment - Earth Sciences

The carbon stored globally by plants is shorter-lived and more vulnerable to climate change than previously thought, according to a new study.

Titan’s lakes may be shaped by waves

Earth Sciences - Environment

MIT researchers find wave activity on Saturn's largest moon may be strong enough to erode the coastlines of lakes and seas.

Video analysis of Iceland 2010 eruption could improve volcanic ash forecasts for aviation safety

Earth Sciences - Environment

Video footage of Iceland's 2010 Eyjafjallajökull eruption is providing researchers from the University of Cambridge with rare, up-close observations o

NASA’s Perseverance Fords an Ancient River to Reach Science Target

Astronomy & Space - Earth Sciences

Originally thought of as little more than a route clear of rover-slowing boulders, Neretva Vallis has provided a bounty of geologic options for the science team.

Watery planets orbiting dead stars may be good candidates for studying life - if they can survive long enough

The small footprint and dim light of white dwarfs, remnants of stars that have burned through their fuel, may make excellent backdrops for studying planets with enough water to harbor life.

NASA Funds Study of Proposals to Investigate Space Weather Systems

Astronomy & Space - Earth Sciences

Aurora and airglow are seen from the International Space Station in 2015.

Why Scientists Are Intrigued by Air in NASA’s Mars Sample Tubes

Astronomy & Space - Earth Sciences

Tucked away with each rock and soil sample collected by the agency's Perseverance rover is a potential boon for atmospheric scientists.

New Seawater Pathways Discovered around Antarctica

Due to warming caused by climate change, the Antarctic ice shelves are melting at an accelerated rate. Most of the melt comes from below the ice shelves, a result of warm water flowing underneath them.

Meteorite impact leaves rare rocks and evidence of extreme heat at remote lake in Quebec

Earth Sciences - Astronomy

For more than a decade, Western University planetary geologist Gordon "Oz" Osinski has led expeditions to Kamestastin Lake in Labrador. The environment is a perfect training ground because the properties and rock formations - created by the violent impact (and extreme heat) of an asteroid 36 million years ago - uniquely mimic the surface on the Moon.

NOAA forecasts above-average summer ’dead zone’ in Gulf of Mexico

A team of scientists, including a University of Michigan aquatic ecologist, is forecasting an above-average summer "dead zone- in the Gulf of Mexico covering about 5,827 square miles-an area roughly the size of Connecticut.

Laser tests reveal new insights into key mineral for super-Earths

Earth Sciences - Astronomy

High-energy laser experiments led by Johns Hopkins researchers suggest the compound could be the earliest mineral to solidify out of magma oceans in forming "super-Earth" exoplanets.

Making climate models relevant for local decision-makers

A new downscaling method leverages machine learning to speed up climate model simulations at finer resolutions, making them usable on local levels.

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