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Environment - Earth Sciences - Dec 2
Environment - Earth Sciences
Coral reefs are among the most diverse ecosystems in the world, protecting coastlines from erosion and supporting more than 500 million people through tourism and fishing livelihoods. But at the current rate of global warming, mass coral bleaching is expected to become more frequent and severe worldwide.
Earth Sciences - Dec 2
Earth Sciences

Precisely when will the long-lost US aircraft "Dakota" re-emerge from the Gauli Glacier? Radioactive traces from the Cold War now indicate that this will happen soon.

Earth Sciences - Environment - Nov 26
Earth Sciences - Environment

An international team of geologists, headed by members of the University of Bern, has shown for the first time that the Swiss Alps are being lifted faster than they are being lowered through erosion - and are thus growing even higher. To do this, the researchers quantified the erosion of the Alps with the help of isotopes measured in the sand of more than 350 rivers throughout the European Alps. These isotopes are formed by cosmic rays and bear information on the Earth's surface erosion.

Earth Sciences - Nov 25

Over the past 40,000 years, ice sheets thousands of kilometres apart have influenced one another through sea level changes, according to research . New modelling of ice sheet changes during the most recent glacial cycle by a McGill-led team offers a clearer idea of the mechanisms that drive change than had previously existed and explains newly available geological records.

Earth Sciences - Environment - Nov 16
Earth Sciences - Environment

Study offers clues about the fate of tectonic plates that sink deep in Earth's mantle

Environment - Earth Sciences - Nov 27
Environment - Earth Sciences

Scientists from Heidelberg University investigate which factors determine the stability of ice masses in East Antarctica

Earth Sciences - Nov 25
Earth Sciences

A team of international scientists has gained new insights into Earth's atmosphere of 4.5 billion years ago. Their results have implications for the possible origins of life on Earth.

Earth Sciences - Computer Science - Nov 23
Earth Sciences - Computer Science

Make geothermal energy safer by using supercomputer simulations.

Earth Sciences - Environment - Nov 13

Supercomputer simulations of planetary-scale interactions show how ocean storms and the structure of Earth's upper layers together generate much of the world's seismic waves. Decoding the faint but ubiquitous vibrations known as Love waves could yield insights about Earth's storm history, changing climate and interior.

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