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Earth Sciences - Chemistry - May 16
Earth Sciences - Chemistry
The Bermuda Islands - a very special terrain in the middle of the western Atlantic Ocean, not only for its white beaches, but also because the archipelago is at the top of a 4,570-metre high volcano that died out about 30 million years ago. An international team of researchers has now taken a closer look at this geological peculiarity and geochemically examined the magma rock under Bermuda for the first time.
Earth Sciences - Astronomy - May 15
Earth Sciences - Astronomy

15 May 2019 A thorough understanding of the 'solid Earth' system is essential for deciphering the links between processes occurring deep inside Earth and those occurring nearer the surface that lead

Physics - Earth Sciences - May 13
Physics - Earth Sciences

Mario Wannier, a career geologist with expertise in studying tiny marine life, was methodically sorting through particles in samples of beach sand from Japan's Motoujina Peninsula when he spotted something unexpected: a number of tiny, glassy spheres and other unusual objects.

Environment - Earth Sciences - May 8

Channels McGill University News and Events o Only 37% of the world's longest rivers remain free-flowing o Nearly 60,000 large dams exist worldwide, with more than 3,700 currently planned or under construction o Climate change is a growing threat to river health worldwide, both from direct impacts an

Earth Sciences - Palaeontology - Apr 24
Earth Sciences - Palaeontology

Around three years ago, researchers on an Antarctic expedition, including Münster University palaeobotanist Dr. Benjamin Bomfleur , made an incredible discovery in northern Victoria Land.

Earth Sciences - May 15
Earth Sciences

Cardiff University writers and researchers will bring their work to life at one of the world's best known literature festivals.

Environment - Earth Sciences - May 8
Environment - Earth Sciences

Just over one-third of the world's 246 longest rivers remain free-flowing, according to a new study published May 8 in Nature.

Earth Sciences - Palaeontology - May 2
Earth Sciences - Palaeontology

The duck-billed hadrosaurs walked the Earth over 90-million years ago and were one of the most successful groups of dinosaurs.

Earth Sciences - Apr 18
Earth Sciences

Comprehensive new earthquake catalog includes 10 times more quakes than previously identified, with a more detailed picture of stresses and structures in the earth A historic image of quake damage in Long Beach, California, 1933.

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Postdoctoral Research Associate in Noble Gas Geochemistry University of Oxford
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