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Environment - Earth Sciences - Sep 18
Despite climate change being most obvious to people as unseasonably warm winter days or melting glaciers, as much as 95 percent of the extra heat trapped on Earth by greenhouse gases is held in the world's oceans. For that reason, monitoring the temperature of ocean waters has been a priority for climate scientists, and now Caltech researchers have discovered that seismic rumblings on the seafloor can provide them with another tool for doing that.
Earth Sciences - Sep 18

New University of Oxford research reveals the causes of the consistently spiralling cost overruns associated with the Olympic Games and proposes that cities avoid hosting them altogether.

Earth Sciences - Environment - Sep 16
Earth Sciences - Environment

Researchers at the University of Washington, Portland State University and the University of Oregon have shown that deep-seated landslides in the central Oregon Coast Range are triggered mostly by rainfall, not by large offshore earthquakes.

Environment - Earth Sciences - Sep 11

The impacts of predator loss and climate change are combining to devastate living reefs that have defined Alaskan kelp forests for centuries, according to new research published in Science. "We discovered that massive limestone reefs built by algae underpin the Aleutian Islands' kelp forest ecosystem," said Douglas Rasher, a senior research scientist at Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences and the lead author of the study.

Environment - Earth Sciences - Sep 9

Economists frequently try to estimate the societal cost of releasing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, but few of their projections go beyond the year 2100-far short of the millennia it takes for the climate changes from burning carbon to ultimately subside.

Earth Sciences - Physics - Sep 17
Earth Sciences - Physics

Researchers have used a computer model to test a new hypothesis about the formation of the Alps while simulating seismic activity in Switzerland. This will help improve current earthquake risk models.

Earth Sciences - Environment - Sep 11
Earth Sciences - Environment

Phosphorus is essential for agriculture, yet this important plant nutrient is increasingly being lost from soils around the world. The primary cause is soil erosion, reports an international research team led by the University of Basel. The study Communications shows which continents and regions are most strongly affected.

Environment - Earth Sciences - Sep 10

Changes in the Earth's climate over the last 66 million years have been revealed in unprecedented detail by a team involving UCL researchers, highlighting four distinctive climatic states and the natural millionand thousand-year variability that Earth's climate has experienced.

Earth Sciences - Sep 8
Earth Sciences

Several minerals suffer radioactive self-irradiation and hence experience long-term changes of their properties.

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