Mathematics Jun 20
By preserving songs for centuries, American swamp sparrows show a cultural stability previously only seen in humans. Local populations of birds may have sung the same songs for hundreds of years and passed them on through the generations, according to researchers at Imperial College London, Queen Mary University of London and Duke University.
Life Sciences - Mathematics Jun 20

Probabilistic model could provide insights into what makes a human a human A new computational tool will potentially help geneticists to better understand what makes a human a human, or how to diff

Medicine - Mathematics Jun 7
Medicine - Mathematics

Field trials for a vaccine to protect cattle against bovine tuberculosis (bovine TB) would need to involve 500 herds - potentially as many as 75,000-100,000 cattle - to demonstrate cost effectiveness for farmers, concludes a study published today in the journal eLife .

Computer Science - Mathematics Jun 7
Computer Science - Mathematics

The current data-crunching approach to machine learning misses an essential element of human intelligence.

Life Sciences - Mathematics Jun 6
Life Sciences - Mathematics

Humans can perform a vast array of mental operations and adjust their behavioral responses based on external instructions and internal beliefs.

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Research Associate (m/f) / PhD Student ”Hydraulic tomography in fractured rocks“ Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt
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Vertretungsprofessur für komplex-analytische Geometrie (204) Universität Hamburg
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1 position as Postdoc candidate (ref.-no. w26-18) Technische Universität Dortmund
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