Sport Sciences - Mathematics - Nov 7
Sport Sciences - Mathematics
Researchers find most fantasy sports are based on skill, not luck. If you've ever taken part in the armchair sport of fantasy football and found yourself at the top of your league's standings at the end of the season, a new MIT study suggests your performance - however far removed from any actual playing field - was likely based on skill rather than luck.
Health - Mathematics - Nov 2

Regular cytology screening (pap or smear test) is still the most commonly used HPV screening method, and can prevent cancers up to age 75 years, although benefits decline with age For the newly int

Health - Mathematics - Oct 18
Health - Mathematics

Neural network that securely finds potential drugs could encourage large-scale pooling of sensitive data.

Computer Science - Mathematics - Oct 15
Computer Science - Mathematics

"What would happen if...'" To answer that question, scientists - whether they're studying climate science or cosmology - rely on computer simulations to bring their abstract data to life in 3D.

Computer Science - Mathematics - Oct 30
Computer Science - Mathematics

New system may open up the world's roughly 7,000 spoken languages to computer-based translation.

Mathematics - Computer Science - Oct 15
Mathematics - Computer Science

Machine-learning model provides risk assessment for complex nonlinear systems, including boats and offshore platforms.

Computer Science - Mathematics - Sep 11
Computer Science - Mathematics

MIT-developed tool improves automated image vectorization, saving digital artists time and effort.

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