New insights into the brain regions involved in paranoia

Life Sciences - Mathematics

Through a novel approach, Yale researchers translate data from monkeys to better understand how paranoia arises in the human brain. The capacity to adjust beliefs about one's actions and their consequences in a constantly changing environment is a defining characteristic of advanced cognition. Disruptions to this ability, however, can negatively affect cognition and behavior, leading to such states of mind as paranoia, or the belief that others intend to harm us.

Peers Crucial in Shaping Boys’ Confidence in Math Skills

Boys are good at math, girls not so much? A study from the University of Zurich has analyzed the social mechanisms that contribute to the gender gap in math confidence. While peer comparisons seem to play a crucial role for boys, girls' subjective evaluations are more likely to be based on objective performance.

Gravitational waves and the geometry of spacetime

Astronomy & Space - Mathematics

Sjors Heefer explored unique solutions to an extension of general relativity as part of his cum laude PhD research.

German Research Foundation to fund two research alliances

Mathematics - Health

New Collaborative Research Centre (CRC) in Medicine / CRC in Mathematics extended. The University of Münster is delighted at approvals given for two large-scale projects.

Research Management - Mathematics - May 31

German Research Foundation (DFG) to Fund Collaborative Research Centers at Freie Universität Berlin

Three Transregional Collaborative Research Centers (CRC/TRR) to receive funding . Freie Universität Berlin has been highly successful in the German Research Foundation's (DFG) latest round of funding approvals, with three major international research associations being allocated funding.

Statisticians call for rigour and transparency in the evaluation of diagnostic tests

Report published today includes recommendations designed to establish robust processes for diagnostic tests Recommendations designed to reframe the evaluation of in vitro diagnostic tests have been published today by the Royal Statistical Society in its Series A journal.

Enter the matrixes!

Computer Science - Mathematics

Whether performed by a human or a computer, matrix multiplication is a tedious task. Researchers are battling to reduce the time and number of steps required to solve this type of operation.

Mathematics - Jun 7

Report: Red Line will increase job access in Baltimore


New Johns Hopkins model predicts how much time proposed rail line could save commuters.

New open-source platform allows users to evaluate performance of AI-powered chatbots

Researchers have developed a platform for the interactive evaluation of AI-powered chatbots such as ChatGPT.

Groundbreaking Progress in Quantum Physics: How Quantum Field Theories Decay and Fission

Physics - Mathematics

A simple concept of decay and fission of "magnetic quivers" helps to clarify complex quantum physics and mathematical structures.

How the Dalmatian got its spots

Life Sciences - Mathematics

For the first time, scientists will explore the causes of the breed's signature patterning, with implications for our understanding of all developing mammals.

Mathematics - May 29

Johns Hopkins engineers studying ship collision risk for bridges


Johns Hopkins engineers studying ship collision risk for major U.S. bridges

Janabel Xia: Algorithms, dance rhythms, and the drive to succeed

When the senior isn't using mathematical and computational methods to boost driverless vehicles and fairer voting, she performs with MIT's many dance groups to keep her on track.

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