Computer Science - Mathematics - Jan 15
Computer Science - Mathematics
Tool for nonstatisticians automatically generates models that glean insights from complex datasets. MIT researchers are hoping to advance the democratization of data science with a new tool for nonstatisticians that automatically generates models for analyzing raw data. Democratizing data science is the notion that anyone, with little to no expertise, can do data science if provided ample data and user-friendly analytics tools.
Mathematics - Jan 9

A new analysis of the 2011 census has revealed that social differences among city populations significantly influence how neighbourhoods take shape. Researchers hope that their insights could help councils to make better planning decisions.

Life Sciences - Mathematics - Dec 12, 2018
Life Sciences - Mathematics

Method could illuminate features of biological tissues in low-exposure images. Small imperfections in a wine glass or tiny creases in a contact lens can be tricky to make out, even in good light.

Health - Mathematics - Nov 2, 2018

Regular cytology screening (pap or smear test) is still the most commonly used HPV screening method, and can prevent cancers up to age 75 years, although benefits decline with age For the newly introduced HPV DNA test, which offers a higher degree of accuracy, women aged 55 who have a negative te

Computer Science - Mathematics - Jan 2
Computer Science - Mathematics

System breaks down complex designs into easily modifiable shapes for custom manufacturing and 3-D printing.

Sport Sciences - Mathematics - Nov 7, 2018
Sport Sciences - Mathematics

Researchers find most fantasy sports are based on skill, not luck.

Computer Science - Mathematics - Oct 30, 2018
Computer Science - Mathematics

New system may open up the world's roughly 7,000 spoken languages to computer-based translation.

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Mathematics - 10.01
Dozent/in für Mathematik und Mathematikdidaktik (40−50 %) Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz FHNW, Muttenz
Careers/Employment - 16.01
Postdoctoral Research Associate / Research Fellow in Lie Theory University of Sydney
Careers/Employment - 16.01
(211-0029/19-2K) Professor of Statistics University of Copenhagen
Mathematics - 13.12.2018
University Assistant (post doc) Universität Wien
Computer Science/Telecom - 27.08.2013
Professur für Praktische Informatik, mit Schwerpunkt Computational Life Science Universität Konstanz
Mathematics - 16.01
Professur für "Mathematische Modellierung" Universität Bremen
Mathematics - 11.01
Mathrix Assistant Professorships in Mathematics (w1), Exzellenzcluster Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster
Mathematics - 14.01
Bourse post-doctoral en probabilite H/F CNRS, Paris
Mathematics - 10.01
Post-doctorat de deux ans H/F CNRS, Palaiseau
Mathematics - 16.01
Research Associate University of Bath
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