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Physics - Chemistry - Dec 7
Physics - Chemistry
Researchers at EPFL have discovered that the viscosity of solutions of electrically charged polymers dissolved in water is influenced by a quantum effect. This tiny quantum effect influences the way water molecules interact with one another. Yet, it can lead to drastic changes in large-scale observations.
Astronomy - Physics - Dec 6

NASA's Parker Solar Probe is going closer to the sun than any spacecraft has been before - Dr Daniel Verscharen (UCL Space & Climate Physics) writes about the findings so far. If you ask a child to paint a picture of the sun, you will most likely get a bright yellow circle on a piece of paper.

Physics - Electroengineering - Dec 6
Physics - Electroengineering

Band structure map exposes iron selenide's enigmatic electronic signature Using a clever technique that causes unruly crystals of iron selenide to snap into alignment, Rice University physicists ha

Chemistry - Physics - Dec 5
Chemistry - Physics

Thanks to a newly developed laser spectrometer, Empa researchers can for the first time show which processes in grassland lead to nitrous oxide emissions.

Environment - Physics - Dec 4

Climate skeptics have long raised doubts about the accuracy of computer models that predict global warming, but it turns out that most of the early climate models were spot-on, according to a look-back by climate scientists at the University of California, Berkeley, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and NASA.

Physics - Electroengineering - Dec 6

After decades of miniaturization, the electronic components we've relied on for computers and modern technologies are now starting to reach fundamental limits.

Physics - Chemistry - Dec 5

SLAC Overview - Our Mission, Vision & Values SLAC By The Numbers Director's Office - Past SLAC Directors and Deputy Directors - Wolfgang (Pief) K. H.

Astronomy - Physics - Dec 4
Astronomy - Physics

The Parker Solar Probe spacecraft, which has flown closer to the Sun than any mission before, has found new evidence of the origins of the solar wind.

Astronomy - Physics - Dec 4

A year ago, NASA's Parker Solar Probe flew closer to the sun than any satellite in history, collecting a spectacular trove of data from the very edge of the sun's million-degree corona.

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