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Physics - May 17
The Mona Lisa, Van Gogh's Starry Night and dozens of other images have been recreated on a quantum ‘canvas' the width of a human hair, thanks to University of Queensland physicists. The images were projected and photographed on a blob of gaseous quantum matter known as Bose-Einstein condensate.
Physics - Transport - May 16

In a unique, innovative experiment, researchers under the leadership of the University of Bern have investigated the effect of exhaust particles from aircraft turbine engines on human lung cells. The cells reacted most strongly to particles emitted during ground idling.

Physics - Career - May 13

Innovative chemistry research from 1970s receives recognition after disruption due to gender discrimination. Forty-eight years after leaving the University of Chicago, Cheryl Dembe will walk at Convocation ceremonies in June after earning her doctorate in Chemistry.

Physics - Earth Sciences - May 13
Physics - Earth Sciences

Mario Wannier, a career geologist with expertise in studying tiny marine life, was methodically sorting through particles in samples of beach sand from Japan's Motoujina Peninsula when he spotted something unexpected: a number of tiny, glassy spheres and other unusual objects.

Physics - Innovation - May 10

Bob Zwaska, a scientist at the UChicago-affiliated Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory , was watching a contestant on the cooking show Chopped spin sugar for their dessert when he realized the same principle might be applicable to accelerator targets.

Physics - May 15

15 May 2019 As far as we know, Earth's magnetic north has always wandered, but it has recently gained new momentum and is making a dash towards Siberia at a pace not seen before.

Physics - Materials Science - May 13

The Chicago Quantum Exchange , a growing intellectual hub for the research and development of quantum technology, has added Northwestern University as its newest member.

Physics - Innovation - May 13

Geneva and Granada. The European particle physics community is meeting this week in Granada, Spain, to discuss the roadmap for the future of the discipline. The aim of the symposium is to define scientific priorities and technological approaches for the coming years and to consider plans for the mediumand long-term future.

Chemistry - Physics - May 10
Chemistry - Physics

Water, despite its central place in so many processes vital to life on Earth, remains a chemical mystery in many respects.

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