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Advancing physics and reclaiming Indigenous roots

Kaylee Biggart is reclaiming pieces of culture that have been lost within her family while completing her PhD in physics On June 21, we pay special attention to National Indigenous People's Day, a day for all Canadians to honour and celebrate the legacy, diverse cultures and exceptional contributions of First Nations, Inuit and Métis Peoples.

New X-ray machine unveils the ’hidden layers’ of materials

On the 21 of June, the Nanolab of the University of Twente opened a new state-of-the-art research facility. The opening represents a significant advancement in the university's capabilities to pioneer cutting-edge research in photoelectron characterization and advanced materials synthesis. One of its machines - the operando HAXPES - is made possible through a 2.2 million euro grant from the NWO-large programme of the Dutch Research Council.

No black holes from light

For the last seven decades, astrophysicists have theorized the existence of "kugelblitze," black holes caused by extremely high concentrations of light.

Atomic view of a chemical catalyst during electrically charged reaction is a scientific first

Chemistry - Physics

Science + Technology Findings could enable advances in sustainable energy production, industry and design Key takeaways.

Administrative Court confirms lawful operation of the FRM II

Physics - Health

Victory against the Bund Naturschutz lawsuit. The Bavarian Administrative Court has confirmed the legality of the operation of the FRM II research reactor.

New Technology Provides Electrifying Insights into How Catalysts Work at the Atomic Level

Chemistry - Physics

A team led by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory ÜBerkeley Lab) has invented a technique to study electrochemical processes at the atomic level

Building the world’s largest telescope

Astronomy & Space - Physics

In 2014, the European Southern Observatory (ESO) began construction of the world's largest telescope, the Extremely Large Telescope (ELT), at an altitude of over 3,000 m in Chile's Atacama Desert.

Intricate processes in photosynthesis decoded using advanced electron microscopy technique

An international team of researchers visualises atomic interactions in the protein structure called photosystem II and thus uncovers fundamental biochemical processes.

An alternative way to manipulate quantum states

Physics - Chemistry

Researchers at ETH Zurich have shown that quantum states of single electron spins can be controlled by currents of electrons whose spins are evenly aligned. In the future, this method could be used in electronic circuit elements.

Physics - Jun 20

TU Delft student team Eco-Runner aims to attempt a world record with hydrogen car

TU Delft's Eco-Runner student team is currently trying to break a world record this week. With their self-built hydrogen car they want to travel more than 1360 kilometers along the route of the Elfstedentocht on only 1.45 kilograms of hydrogen without refueling. If they succeed, the Eco-Runner XIV will officially be the most efficient car in the world. The student team builds a new hydrogen car every year, but this year the car was allowed on public roads for the first time.

A Railroad of Cells

Life Sciences - Physics

Looking under the microscope, a group of cells slowly moves forward in a line, like a train on the tracks.

A ’Quantum’ Insight

Physics - Innovation

Special exhibition 'Light and Matter' makes quantum physics tangible.

Outstanding innovative work in the field of 2D materials

Materials Science - Physics

Light Awards and Personnel - Published: The honored team: Andrey Turchanin (from left), Dr. Falk Eilenberger, Dr. Antony George and laboratory manager Dr. Christof Neumann.

Selected Jobs
Chemistry - 19.06
Postdoctoral researcher Ice-interactive biomaterials Eindhoven University of Technology
Physics - 21.06
Wissenschaftler (Postdoc) für die Batterieforschung (m/w/d) Technische Universität München
Computer Science - 21.06
PostDoc positions in physics-enhanced machine learning (m/f/d) Technische Universität München
Physics - 21.06
Postdoctoral Research Assistant in Dark Matter Searches University of Oxford
Environment - 22.06
Postdoctoral Research Scientist Columbia University
Physics - 22.06
Associate Research Scientist Columbia University
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