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Earth Sciences - Linguistics / Literature - 30.10.2009
New analyses of dinosaur growth may wipe out one-third of species
BERKELEY — Paleontologists from the University of California, Berkeley, and the Museum of the Rockies have wiped out two species of dome-headed dinosaur, one of them named three years ago – with great fanfare – after Hogwarts, the school attended by Harry Potter. Dracorex (upper left) and Stygimoloch (upper right) are not distinct dome-headed dinosaurs, but young and nearly sexually mature, respectively, members of the species Pachycephalosaurus wyomingensis , according to a new study by paleontologists from UC Berkeley and the Museum of the Rockies.

Physics - Linguistics / Literature - 26.10.2009
Neutron stars is focus of Los Alamos National Laboratory Frontiers in Science lectures
Los Alamos, New Mexico, October 27, 2009—Los Alamos National Laboratory scientist Sanjay Reddy talks about the nature of neutron stars in a Frontiers in Science lecture at 7 p.m. November 3, in the Duane Smith Auditorium at Los Alamos High School. Reddy will give the same lecture November 5, 10, and 16 in Albuquerque, Española, and Santa Fe, respectively.

Linguistics / Literature - 08.10.2009
The letters of Robert Southey to go online
PA 263/09 Thousands of letters written by the controversial Poet Laureate Robert Southey (1774-1843) are to be published in full and for the first time on a free access website. Once complete The Collected Letters of Robert Southey will contain some 7,000 letters penned between 1791 and 1839. This major new edition, which will be complete in 2014, is being undertaken by a team of internationally acknowledged experts led by Dr Lynda Pratt from the School of English Studies at The University of Nottingham.

History / Archeology - Linguistics / Literature - 24.06.2009
Showcasing the secrets of Caistor Roman Town
PA 173/09 In December 2007 a team of experts, led by The University of Nottingham, unveiled an extraordinary set of high-resolution images that gave an insight into the plan of the Roman town of Venta Icenorum at Caistor St Edmund in Norfolk. The new research demonstrated that Caistor is a site of international importance — and tomorrow there will be an event to showcase the work and to clarify some of the mysteries of this buried roman town and highlight the impact of the research in developing Caistor as a cultural resource for Norfolk.

Life Sciences - Linguistics / Literature - 08.05.2009
Extraordinary Perception Deficit Sheds Light on How We See
Office of News and Information Johns Hopkins University 901 South Bond Street, Suite 540 Baltimore, Maryland 21231 Phone: 443-287-9960 | Fax: 443-287-9920 To the casual observer, the student seemed absolutely normal. Though she often made mistakes in spelling and math, those were usually ascribed to carelessness.