Marine science for a changing world

How can the marine environment benefit our physical and mental health‘ Could understanding rip currents help save lives’ What impact will the Wave Hub have on our coast line’

These are just a few of the topics that will be discussed as the Plymouth Marine Sciences Partnership (PMSP) showcases pioneering research at its first-ever research symposium, 'Marine Science for a Changing World'.

Hosted by the Marine Institute at the University of Plymouth on Tuesday 7 April, PMSP members will showcase their marine research for the real world, as PMSP Chair, Peter Burkill explains:

"From the catchment waters to the deep-blue, the marine environment is coming under unprecedented pressure from an industrialised society, whilst climate change factors are increasingly influencing marine dynamics and ecology. We are living in a constantly evolving environment and PMSP's cutting-edge marine science research will help shape the future."

The conference themes are: understanding complex marine systems; assessing and forecasting change in the marine environment; human interaction with the oceans and sustainable use and protection of marine resources, focusing on the world-class research being developed here in the city.

Presentation topics will demonstrate research on marine science issues key to the region including the preliminary results of the PRIMaRE project to assess the potential impact of the Wave Hub and investigating rip currents that are reported to be responsible for 80% of all recorded beach incidents in the past two years. Other research presentations will reveal the abundance of marine life that has colonised the Scylla, the work of the National Lobster Hatchery and how exposure to the marine environment could alleviate public health problems.

University of Plymouth Chief Executive and Vice-Chancellor, Professor Wendy Purcell said "This symposium unites Plymouth's marine science expertise, once again reinforcing the city's pivotal position as an international centre of marine research excellence. It follows the University's highly successful Marine Institute conference last year, so I am delighted that it has inspired a city-wide showcase event - this is a positive sign of the impact and prestige of Plymouth's marine research."


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