NanoSystems Institute at UCLA to host global symposium on nanobiotechnology

Nanotechnology has shown great promise for applications in the areas of energy, information technology and the environment. In the health and medicine fields, however, its promise has progressed beyond possibility to become reality. Nanoscale research has led to techniques and devices with the potential to revolutionize health care, including imaging tools that detect cancers at the atomic level, nanomachines programmed to release drugs within specific cells, and biosensors that monitor changes from deep within body organs.

The impact of these and other developments on the current state of medicine and their implications for the future will be explored at the third annual Global Symposium on NanoBioTechnology, "New Directions in NanoHealth: Diagnostics, Therapies, Drug Delivery, NanoSafety."

Symposium topics will include: magnetic and light control of nanotherapy; tissue regeneration, cell therapy and cancer therapy; imaging and diagnostics; nanoparticles and nanotherapy; and biosensors and biomanipulations.

The annual symposium, initiated in 2007, alternates locations between the two founding institutions, the CNBI in Japan and the CNSI in America. To expand the global theme of the symposium, this year’s speakers will also include participants from Korea and Germany. Special emphasis will be given to breakthrough discoveries from laboratories in Asia, North America and Europe.

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