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Mathematics - Architecture - 08.11.2010
New study finds common brain organization among disparate mammals
Matthias Kaschube , a lecturer in physics and the Lewis-Sigler Institute for Integrative Genomics at Princeton University, has published in the Nov. 4 online edition of Science Express results of research into the factors determining development of the brain's neural circuits. He is available to discuss his research with interested members of the news media, and a copy of Kaschube's study is available upon request.

Architecture - Physics - 08.07.2010
Coral tests show fast construction pace for Polynesian temples
BERKELEY — Ancient Polynesians went from building small-scale temples to constructing monumental, pyramid-shaped temples in just 140 years, not in four or five centuries as previously calculated, according to research led by a University of California, Berkeley, anthropologist and published this week in the print edition of the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS).

Life Sciences - Architecture - 22.04.2010
Chips, worms and grey matter: more similar than you think
Chips, worms and grey matter: more similar than you think
The team of neuroscientists and computer experts from the UK, US and Germany compared the way these systems are organised and found that the same networking principles underlie all three. Using data for the large part already in the public domain, including Magnetic Resonance Imaging data from human brains, a map of the nematode's nervous system and a standard computer chip, they examined how the elements in each system are networked together.

History / Archeology - Architecture - 21.03.2010
Columbia University Establishes Global Centers in South Asia and Europe
In a coordinated effort to further enhance its global perspective in teaching, research and problem solving, Columbia University is establishing the Columbia Global Center/South Asia in Mumbai, India, and the Columbia Global Center/Europe in Paris, France.

Life Sciences - Architecture - 28.01.2010
The emerging story of plant roots
An international group of European and US scientists led by the Centre for Plant Integrative Biology at The University of Nottingham have uncovered a fascinating new insight into the unseen side of plant biology - the root. Although less visible than shoots, leaves and flowers, plant roots are critical to our lives.