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Event - 03.12.2010
Slide show: Entering a state of discovery
"Whenever people with great minds get together, there is the opportunity for a spark," said Tashia Morgridge, at left with fellow UW-Madison alum and husband John Morgridge, addressing hundreds of people during Thursday's grand opening ceremony for the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery. The Morgridges helped spark the creation of the Institutes when they joined Gov.

History / Archeology - Event - 17.11.2010
Probing Question: Was Christopher Columbus Jewish?
Probing Question: Was Christopher Columbus Jewish?
By Solmaz Barazesh Research/Penn State Five centuries after his death, Christopher Columbus remains a mysterious and controversial figure. Italy, Spain, Portugal and Greece all claim the celebrated navigator and explorer as one of their own, yet there are few accurate records pertaining to Columbus' personal life and identity.

Earth Sciences - Event - 12.05.2010
Easter Island discovery sends archaeologists back to drawing board
Easter Island discovery sends archaeologists back to drawing board
Archaeologists have disproved the fifty-year-old theory underpinning our understanding of how the famous stone statues were moved around Easter Island. Fieldwork led by researchers at University College London and The University of Manchester, has shown the remote Pacific island's ancient road system was primarily ceremonial and not solely built for transportation of the figures.

Physics - Event - 20.01.2010
Five Los Alamos researchers receive Early Career Awards
Grants to support innovation in basic science, energy security, climate change LOS ALAMOS, New Mexico, January 21, 2010?Five Los Alamos National Laboratory scientists have been awarded five-year research grants under the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act through the U.S. Department of Energy?s prestigious Office of Science Early Career Research Program, Energy Secretary Steven Chu announced recently.