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Innovation - 16.11.2012
Tracking facial features to make driving safer
Tracking facial features to make driving safer
For those familiar with its language, the face reflects much about an individual's identity and emotional state. Scientists are developing a tool that will be able to use facial information to make the cars of the future safer and more comfortable. Today's "intelligent" cars, equipped with multiple sensors and algorithms, can react to emergency situations, regulate speed, assist with parking and respond to voice commands.

Physics - Innovation - 12.11.2012
CERN Collider to Become the World’s Fastest Stopwatch?
Light pulses a million times shorter than previously possible: Scientists at the Vienna University of Technology are proposing a new measuring method, using equipment which will soon be available at CERN. Heavy ion collisions at CERN should be able to produce the shortest light pulses ever created. This was demonstrated by computer simulations at the Vienna University of Technology.

Physics - Innovation - 05.11.2012
Electron Microscopes With a Twist
Vortex beams, rotating like a tornado, offer completely new possibilities for electron microscopy. A method of producing extremely intense vortex beams has been discovered at the Vienna University of Technology (TU Vienna). Nowadays, electron microscopes are an essential tool, especially in the field of materials science.

Innovation - 22.10.2012
Lower Costs Thanks to Smart Plugs
Lower Costs Thanks to Smart Plugs
Residents of a new eco-development on the coast can better control and understand their energy usage, thanks to a system that allows outlets to communicate with each other through the power grid.

Physics - Innovation - 08.06.2012
Bright X-Ray Flashes Created in Laser Lab
A breakthrough in laser science was achieved in Vienna: In the labs of the Photonics Institute at the Vienna University of Technology, a new method of producing bright laser pulses at x-ray energies was developed. The radiation covers a broad energy spectrum and can therefore be used for a wide range of applications, from materials science to medicine.

Physics - Innovation - 12.03.2012
3D-Printer with Nano-Precision
Printing three dimensional objects with incredibly fine details is now possible using "two-photon lithography". With this technology, tiny structures on a nanometer scale can be fabricated. Researchers at the Vienna University of Technology (TU Vienna) have now made a major breakthrough in speeding up this printing technique: The high-precision-3D-printer at TU Vienna is orders of magnitude faster than similar devices (see video).

Life Sciences - Innovation - 06.03.2012
A Heating System with a Brain
A Heating System with a Brain
A start-up company is putting on the market a thermal regulator that uses neural networks to learn about your house as the seasons change, allowing for savings of up to 65% on fuel.

Innovation - 22.02.2012
Fiber Optics in Computer Screens
Fiber Optics in Computer Screens
A single fiber-optic can light up computer screens. This innovation put in place by a spin-off, brings energy savings of 30% while boosting processors.

Innovation - 01.02.2012
Swimming goes high tech
Swimming goes high tech
Scientists have developed inertial systems, worn in a full-body swimming suit, which can analyse the strengths and weaknesses of elite-level swimmers during workout sessions. It's a revolutionary new tool for coaches. Will scientists play a role in creating the next Michael Phelps or Laure Manaudou? Researchers from EPFL and University of Lausanne have at least taken the first step, by developing a tool that can help improve elite swimmers' workouts.