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Agronomy / Food Science - Health - 14.02.2013
Poor stress responses may lead to obesity in children
UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. Children who overreact to stressors may be at risk of becoming overweight or obese, according to researchers at Penn State and Johns Hopkins University. "Our results suggest that some children who are at risk of becoming obese can be identified by their biological response to a stressor," said Lori Francis, associate professor of biobehavioral health.

Agronomy / Food Science - Health - 06.02.2013
Obesity leads to vitamin D deficiency
Obesity leads to vitamin D deficiency
Obesity can lead to a lack of vitamin D circulating in the body, according to a study led by the UCL Institute of Child Health (ICH). Efforts to tackle obesity should thus also help to reduce levels of vitamin D deficiency in the population, says the lead investigator of the study, Elina Hypponen. While previous studies have linked vitamin D deficiency with obesity, the ICH-led paper, published in the journal PLOS Medicine , sought to establish the direction of causality, i.e. whether a lack of vitamin D triggers a weight gain, or whether obesity leads to the deficiency.

Health - Agronomy / Food Science - 06.02.2013
Dietary Nutrients Associated with Certain Sleep Patterns
PHILADELPHIA - " You are what you eat," the saying goes, but is what you eat playing a role in how much you sleep? Sleep, like nutrition and physical activity, is a critical determinant of health and well-being. With the increasing prevalence of obesity and its consequences, sleep researchers have begun to explore the factors that predispose individuals to weight gain and ultimately obesity.

Health - Agronomy / Food Science - 05.02.2013
Vitamin D, omega-3 may help clear amyloid plaques found in Alzheimer’s
A team of academic researchers has pinpointed how vitamin D3 and omega-3 fatty acids may enhance the immune system's ability to clear the brain of amyloid plaques, one of the hallmarks of Alzheimer's disease. In a small pilot study published in the Feb. 5 issue of the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease, the scientists identified key genes and signaling networks regulated by vitamin D3 and the omega-3 fatty acid DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) that may help control inflammation and improve plaque clearance.

Health - Agronomy / Food Science - 31.01.2013
Low-energy liquid diet offers effective weight-loss for severely obese people
A new weight-loss programme available on the NHS for severely-obese individuals offers a safer, more cost-effective remedy than gastric surgery, according to a new study. Researchers at the University of Glasgow evaluated the success and costs of the Counterweight Plus weight-loss programme which is aimed at people with a BMI greater than 40 and available through GP and Primary Care facilities.

Health - Agronomy / Food Science - 30.01.2013
Outdoor fast food ads could promote obesity, study finds
Past studies have suggested a relationship between neighborhood characteristics and obesity, as well as a connection between obesity and advertisements on television and in magazines. Now, new research from UCLA has identified a possible link between outdoor food ads and a tendency to pack on pounds.

Life Sciences - Agronomy / Food Science - 29.01.2013
Changes in epigenome control tomato ripening
Changes in epigenome control tomato ripening
Everyone loves a juicy, perfectly ripened tomato, and scientists have long sought ways to control the ripening process to improve fruit quality and prevent spoilage. A new study by researchers at the Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research (BTI) and the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Agricultural Research Service (ARS), both on the Cornell campus, reveals that epigenetics, a set of chemical changes to a plant's DNA, plays a pivotal role in tomato ripening, signaling to the fruit when the time is right to redden.

Health - Agronomy / Food Science - 15.01.2013
Extreme weight more common in developing world
Obese and overweight people are gaining weight rapidly in low-and middle-income countries while those who are severely undernourished are not experiencing similar weight gains, says a study by the University of Toronto and the Harvard School of Public Health.

Health - Agronomy / Food Science - 14.01.2013
Diet may not impact certain health outcomes in older persons
UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. Eating diets high in sugar and fat may not affect the health outcomes of older adults ages 75 and up, suggesting that placing people of such advanced age on overly restrictive diets to treat their excess weight or other conditions may have little benefit, according to researchers at Penn State and Geisinger Healthcare System.

Agronomy / Food Science - Environment - 14.01.2013
Growing evidence of global warming threat to future food supplies
Increasingly hot summer weather could cause a fall in crop yields over the next two decades unless farming techniques are improved more quickly, scientists at the University have found. High temperatures are having an increasingly damaging effect on maize (sweetcorn) in France – the largest supplier of the crop to the UK – which may explain a recent slowdown in the trend towards higher yields, according to researchers at the Universities of Leeds, Reading and Exeter.

Health - Agronomy / Food Science - 14.01.2013
Childhood obesity linked to more immediate health problems than previously thought
Childhood obesity linked to more immediate health problems than previously thought
While a great deal of research on childhood obesity has spotlighted the long-term health problems that emerge in adulthood, a new UCLA study focuses on the condition's immediate consequences and shows that obese youngsters are at far greater risk than had been supposed. Compared to kids who are not overweight, obese children are at nearly twice the risk of having three or more reported medical, mental or developmental conditions, the UCLA researchers found.

Health - Agronomy / Food Science - 09.01.2013
Medical Center Research May Explain Why Obese People Have Higher Rates of Asthma
Findings suggest that therapies that increase leptin-signaling may relieve asthma in obese people New York, NY - A new study led by Columbia University Medical Center (CUMC) researchers has found that leptin, a hormone that plays a key role in energy metabolism, fertility, and bone mass, also regulates airway diameter.

Agronomy / Food Science - 08.01.2013
Body weight and gender influence judgment in the courtroom
Body weight and gender influence judgment in the courtroom
In a study that offers insight into the depth of stigmatization of overweight and obese people, researchers at the Yale Rudd Center for Food Policy & Obesity found that weight stigma extends to the courtroom. Published online in the International Journal of Obesity, the study shows that a defendant's body weight and gender impact jurors' perceptions of guilt and responsibility.