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Environment - Innovation - 14.10.2013
A glimpse at the future of global energy supply
A glimpse at the future of global energy supply
Media Releases Energy and Environment How will the world secure its energy supply in 2050 and what are the possible economic, ecological and social, implications of different pathways and choices?

Physics - Innovation - 15.07.2013
Taking the "Random" out of a Random Laser
Random Lasers are tiny structures emitting light irregularly into different directions. Scientists at the Vienna University of Technology have now shown that these exotic light sources can be accurately controlled. The light they emit is as unique as a fingerprint: random lasers are tiny devices with a light emission pattern governed by random scattering of light.

Physics - Innovation - 08.07.2013
Heat Radiation of Small Objects: Beyond Planck’s Equations
Objects that are smaller than the wavelength of thermal radiation cannot radiate heat efficiently. A generalized theory of thermal radiation has now been experimentally confirmed at the level of a single object at the Vienna University of Technology. All the objects around us emit thermal radiation.

Innovation - Electroengineering - 10.04.2013
Aircraft Sensors without Batteries or Cables
An idea from EADS and Vienna University of Technology is taking off: in a joint project, Energy Harvester Modules suitable for aircrafts have been tested, which should supply sensor nodes with electrical power in the future. Like a nervous system in a human body, sensor networks attached to the aircraft fuselage will in future record and transmit essential data concerning the structural health of the aircraft.