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Media - Mathematics - 20.02.2013
Mathematical model 'describes' how online conflicts are resolved
Mathematical model 'describes' how online conflicts are resolved
Researchers have produced a mathematical model to describe how conflicting opinions are resolved over articles that appear on Wikipedia, the collaboratively-edited encyclopaedia. The study maps the evolution of opinion over time, showing that even widely diverging opinions eventually converge. The researchers say this pattern in collective human behaviour is reminiscent of the interaction of particles in physics, such as when wind-blown grains of sand eventually create sand dunes.

Social Sciences - Media - 30.01.2013
Why some immigrants get citizenship
Study: Country of origin a 'massive disadvantage' for some immigrants, regardless of qualifications. For immigrants, the path to citizenship in many countries is filled with hurdles: finding a job, learning the language, passing exams. But for some people, the biggest obstacle of all may be one they cannot help: their country of origin.

Media - 23.01.2013
Wikipedia inadvertently causing its own decline in participation
News Release University of Minnesota research finds that changes made by the Wikipedia community to manage quality have crippled the growth they were designed to manage MINNEAPOLIS / ST. PAUL (01/23/2013) —University of Minnesota computer science researchers studying Wikipedia have found that several changes the community made to manage the quality and consistency of submissions to the popular online encyclopedia are causing its decline in contributors.