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Philosophy - 18.06.2013
Review of Research Calls into Question Sex Differences in Face-to-Face Mate Preferences
AUSTIN, Texas — Women say they place a priority on a potential partner's earning prospects, and men claim to value a potential partner's physical attractiveness; these sex differences have been widely studied by psychologists for decades. A recently published meta-analysis conducted by researchers at The University of Texas at Austin indicates that these differences may be more fragile than previously thought.

Philosophy - 24.04.2013
Discovering the gender of an unborn baby and giving him or her a name, may help fathers bond with their offspring
Dads who find out the sex of their unborn child and give him or her a name may find it easier to connect emotionally with their baby, a study conducted at the University of Birmingham has found. The report, entitled The Moral Habitus of Fatherhood: A Study of How Men Negotiate the Moral Demands of Becoming a Father, funded by the Economic and Social Research Council, looked at men's experiences of, and feelings about, becoming a father and mapped their journeys from the discovery of the pregnancy to the early months of fatherhood.

Philosophy - Health - 11.01.2013
Scholars call for new ethical guidelines to direct research on social networking
The unique data collection capabilities of social networking and online gaming websites require new ethical guidance from federal regulators concerning online research involving adolescent subjects, an ethics scholar from the Morgridge Institute for Research and a computer and learning sciences expert from Tufts University argue .