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Social Sciences - 02.01.2014
El Nino tied to melting of Antarctica's Pine Island Glacier
El Nino tied to melting of Antarctica’s Pine Island Glacier
University of Washington Pine Island Glacier is one of the biggest routes for ice to flow from Antarctica into the sea. The floating ice shelf at the glacier's tip has been melting and thinning for the past four decades, causing the glacier to speed up and discharge more ice. Understanding this ice shelf is a key for predicting sea-level rise in a warming world.

Social Sciences - Business / Economics - 02.01.2014
Science authors seek better social science research transparency
Researchers from across the country gathered at a recent meeting of the Berkeley Initiative for Transparency (BITSS) in the Social Sciences discuss improving the caliber, credibility and impact of their work. On the far left is UC Berkeley economist Edward Miguel, lead author .  On the far right is the University of Virginia's Brian Nosek.

Health - Business / Economics - 02.01.2014
Having Medicaid increases emergency room visits
Unique study on Oregon's citizens sheds light on critical care in the U.S. Adults who are covered by Medicaid use emergency rooms 40 percent more than those in similar circumstances who do not have health insurance, according to a unique new study, co-authored by an MIT economist, that sheds empirical light on the inner workings of health care in the U.S. The study takes advantage of Oregon's recent use of a lottery to assign access to Medicaid, the government-backed health-care plan for low-income Americans, to certain uninsured adults.

Life Sciences - 02.01.2014
'Be different or die' does not drive evolution
'Be different or die' does not drive evolution
A new study has found that species living together are not forced to evolve differently to avoid competing with each other, challenging a theory that has held since Darwin's Origin of Species. By focusing on ovenbirds, one of the most diverse bird families in the world, the Oxford University-led team conducted the most in-depth analysis yet of the processes causing species differences to evolve.

Life Sciences - Health - 02.01.2014
Your gut’s what you eat, too
Your gut's what you eat, too Changing diet can quickly shift makeup of important microbes there, research says A s the saying goes, you are what you eat. But new evidence suggests that the same may also be true for the microbes in your gut. A Harvard study shows that, in as little as a day, diet can alter the population of microbes in the gut - particularly those that tolerate bile - as well as the types of genes expressed by gut bacteria.
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