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Innovation - Environment - 24.06.2014
Sweet Sweet Straw
The calorie free sweetener erythritol is widely used in Asia; it is also gaining popularity in Europe and America.

Physics - Innovation - 13.06.2014
Quantum Computation: Fragile yet Error-free
Quantum Computation: Fragile yet Error-free
In a close collaborative effort, Spanish and Austrian physicists have experimentally encoded one quantum bit (qubit) in entangled states distributed over several particles and for the first time carried out simple computations on it. The 7-qubit quantum register could be used as the main building block for a quantum computer that corrects any type of error.

Physics - Innovation - 04.06.2014
Shaken, not stirred: Control Over Complex Systems Consisting of Many Quantum Particles
At TU Vienna, a new method was developed to utilize quantum mechanical vibrations for high precision measurements. The well-known concept of the Ramsey interferometer is applied to a complex multi particle system consisting of hundreds of atoms. Sometimes quantum particles behave like waves. This phenomenon is often used for high precision measurements, for instance in atomic clocks.